Wei Zheng’s facial expression does not mean that the two teachers around Wei Zheng have no expression.

War staff voice just fell full of excitement from two people’s mouth called out …
"Destroy more than five thousand Tatar fighters and we have almost no loss ourselves … This is definitely a shock to the victory of the whole dynasty …"
"Yes … the guard will go out in this battle, and our butch army will once again make a name for itself in the whole dynasty …"
At this time Wei Zheng finally spoke …
"Happy to be happy … but not arrogant and arrogant … don’t forget that there are ten thousand late fighters and more than ten thousand infantry in front of us …"
When I heard this, the two teachers were replaced by seriousness.
He asked Wei Zheng, "Marshal, how should we fight when we get here … should we continue to stay here and wait for the Houjin Tatar to attack us or should we take the initiative to attack the Houjin Army on the opposite side …"
Wei Zheng shook his head and replied, "Tatar is not stupid … Even after this battle, the commander-in-chief of 8 Jin Army will not make a stupid decision to attack us again."
"So we can’t always take advantage of … Shuai decided that the army would rest in place for half an hour and replenish physical dry food and ammunition. After half an hour, the main movement attacked the opposite Dalai …"
Time flies. Half an hour on the battlefield passed quickly.
A suit of armor Wei Zheng has just appeared around hundreds of pairs of eyes, as if it were agreed, and gathered at the same time to wait for Wei Zheng to reach military orders
Without asking everyone to wait too long, holding a telescope to observe the Tatar for a short time two miles away, he ordered: "The handsome man will keep the army in formation and push the rear Jin Army position one mile …"
"The two divisions of the heavy artillery regiment belong to the heavy artillery battalion … choose their own artillery positions one mile before the post-8 jin j position. After the artillery is destroyed, 8 jin j may have artillery positions. At the same time, all heavy artillery battalion units choose their own artillery targets to kill the enemy, reducing the pressure on the infantry division and cavalry division …"
"In addition to the heavy artillery, all his caliber mortars followed the cavalry and infantry to attack the post-8 Jin J position …"
"The attack handsome to the military pressure … only in this way can we attract all the attention of the post-8 jin j to us and give the hidden post-8 jin j back chief of staff a fatal chance to sneak a shot in the back"
A powerful army array composed of more than 10,000 butch troops is like a mass of dark clouds as far as the eye can see, slowly advancing to the position of the backward 8 Jin Army, which has a feeling that the dark clouds are crushing the city and trying to destroy it.
After 8 jin j position just still struggle whether to risk heavy losses to continue to attack the butch army commander in chief face suddenly move butch army hesitant face directly emerge a smile.
Before he could open his mouth, a lieutenant around him stepped forward and excitedly shouted, "Your Majesty, it’s time for us to take revenge … Tiger Leopard Army, Tiger Leopard Army dares to take the initiative to attack us. We must seize this opportunity to defeat them …"
After 8 jin j commander in chief face also with a pair of excited smile …
Big affirmation way: "You’re right. This is really a good chance for us to get revenge …"
"The king ordered: the artillery team should be ready for battle … the butch army should enter the range and fire … the solid shells should be fired and scattered … all the departments should give the king a taste of being shelled …"
"Musketeer archers prepare for defense …"
"Cavalry warriors ready to kill … to butch army rushed to twenty paces distance horse attack … to us and butch army strangulation across the final victory will belong to us …"
"Is the report …"
After forming a huge army array of more than 20 thousand, Jinbu rode quickly.
Five thousand musketeers form the most common three-stage musketeers array.
Three thousand archers followed behind the musketeers, holding high their longbows and preparing to throw arrows …
Also by 8 jin j high hopes after dozens of artillery, several officers shouted by hundreds of gunners very hard to carry out.
After 8 jin j attaches great importance to more than ten thousand fighters quickly dispersed to the two wings of the army.
Soon dozens of artillery pieces were erected, and of course, the tiger and leopard troops who attacked themselves have also pushed the front to a position less than 300 steps away from themselves.
At this time, a lieutenant around him directly woke up and said, "The Royal Tiger and Leopard Army has entered the effective range of most of our artillery … If we fire, we will definitely blow them up …"
After 8 jin j commander in chief full of expectation face quickly covered by a murderous look …
Then the big order: "Artillery horse fired …"
"Boom …" After 8 jin j commander-in-chief ordered just a series of explosions, the artillery positions lined up in front of him.
With the mass mixed with a lot of black smoke, the flame spewed out from the gun muzzle and roared with all kinds of shells, just like rain, flying to the tiger and leopard army hundreds of steps away from the position.
All the Tatars watched the shells roar out and the shells didn’t disappoint them.
Only three flowering bombs fell directly into the dense musketeers of the Tiger and Leopard Army and exploded.
One solid shell is the musketeers, and the bodies are everywhere …
Chapter four hundred and sixty-seven Here comes the opportunity
Monoscope is a very luxurious equipment for ordinary soldiers in the late Jin Dynasty, but it is absolutely normal for the commander-in-chief of the late Jin Dynasty. However, with the help of the binoculars, the commander-in-chief of the Jin Dynasty clearly saw the results achieved by a round of artillery shelling.
The roar gun was full of excitement when it was still ringing in his ears, and the shouting had already roared out of his mouth.
"Good play … so continue to fire back the butch army Wang Yiding rewarded …"
The post-8 Jin j commander’s words are like a stimulant that makes hundreds of gunners suddenly hot.
Several Tatar officers in the artillery corps shouted that Zhongma began to reload the artillery in front of him.
However, their enthusiasm did not last long.
They fired the first round of artillery shells just out of the chamber, and the guns have been mounted. Tiger and Leopard Army heavy artillery positions are surrounded by thousands of gunners. Adjust the muzzle around the cannon. Adjust the muzzle and load the shells …
When the latter 8 Jin Army fired the second round of shells and once again caused a blood fog in the musket array, a total of 90 cannons had raised their own dark muzzle.
"Fire …" As soon as the head of the independent heavy artillery regiment made the head of the regiment, the standard-bearer began to wave his flag and hold it high.
Then all kinds of firing orders roared out from the mouths of their battalion commanders …
When the atmosphere of the heavy artillery position suddenly solidified, a ground shaking gun suddenly sounded.
Then sharp shells roared and the battlefield began to ring.
Ninety hot flower bombs, clouds of orange flame packages crashing out of the chamber and flying to the sky …
In a blink of an eye, these projectiles whizzed past the musket array and flew to the positions of the Tatar artillery.
At this time, a series of more shrill screams directly sounded on the battlefield.
Ninety flowering bombs are like ninety falling from the sky, and the popularity is getting faster and faster and hitting the ground.
"Boom …" Compared with the shelling effect of Tartars, the effect produced by the simultaneous explosion of 90 flowering bombs can be shaped in one word, that is, the earth shook …
The earth-shattering explosion sounded and rose with a lot of black smoke. The fireball quickly enveloped more than one-fifth of the Tatar artillery.
It is certain that the baptism of these fireballs and several shell fragments will be shrouded, and even if they are not blown into bones, they will be blown into bodies covered with moon holes.
In the face of the sudden Tathagata attack, the face of the Tatar was just covered with heat, which was directly covered by pale and panic.
Not only the ordinary gunners of the Tatar Artillery Corps had high hopes for the Hui Artillery Corps, but the commander-in-chief of the Jin Army was just satisfied and full of smiling faces, and now it has been replaced by shock and gloom …
The firing speed of the cannon, which is equipped with fixed ammunition and reloaded for the first time, is definitely not comparable to that of the old artillery in the hands of the Tatars.
After 8 jin j commander-in-chief face shocked expression has not shown the slightest signs of dissipation when the tiger leopard army shot the second round of flowering bombs has been flying again with a roar …
"Rumble …" After another series of violent shell explosions, more than a dozen artillery pieces were once again enveloped by fireballs and smoke and disappeared before entering the commander in chief …
At this time, after a gloomy face, the commander-in-chief finally woke up from the shock.
Clenched his fist and slammed the back of the war horse around him, cursing: "The cunning Han people actually made the artillery shell our artillery position at this time … I must kill them …"
After this, the first time I saw the artillery group shooting, I marched into the commander-in-chief and ordered directly with anger: "Fire at the position of the Tiger and Leopard Army … The Tiger and Leopard Army can destroy our artillery, and we can also destroy the Tiger and Leopard Army artillery …"
After 8 jin j commander in chief’s order was reached, but no one carried it out.