The dishes in it are also very heavy. Just a few eyes at Gollum make me feel physically and psychologically uncomfortable.

So she quickly said, "Don’t take me to that restaurant …"
Olga casually replied, "I wish I had never been to one ~"
Soon after
Someone full of sea water
Several fish are wandering around.
While Olga and the three of them are surrounded by a layer of barrier to block all seawater.
Only sparkling refracted light can enter the room.
Give them a good dining environment.
In addition, a small singing group composed of mermaid, Sai Ren and siren is slowly singing distant tunes in their own voices nearby.
People have an inexplicable sense of time, and their mentality can’t help but calm down.
After listening for a while with closed eyes, Alison sighed with emotion, "The atmosphere here is really good …"
Before she finished speaking, she remembered the bill here
A small plus twelve special singers with carefully selected expensive dishes.
That’s what makes her feel a little sad just to look at it. Only a guy like Olga who doesn’t treat money as money can be calm.
Olga calmly ate the steak of Warcraft in front of his mouth and nodded "I think it’s ok ~"
This little scene seems to him to be just that.
Through the memory of those gods, he has seen each other’s extreme luxury life more than once.
That kind of life supported by the whole plane, even the simplest type, is far from being comparable to the eye
One of the tens of billions of believers’ resources
Even the meat forest in the wine pool is extremely economical.
Can be used to make excellent props, precious rare metals inlaid with precious stones, local bricks to brew Millennium-old wine, and gargle to feed pets.
It’s all gay.
And Olga, who has seen those luxurious scenes, will naturally not be moved by this.
Looking at his poor appearance, Alison was silent for a moment and then suddenly said, "Although I have been taking care of you and I owe you a lot, can you promise me a request?"
There was a gap in the dish that was casually dressed. He calmly thought,’ Well, this dish is delicious …’
Then he looked at Alison with a straight face.
For the first time, the other person’s face saw a difficult look, so he said with great interest, "Let’s hear it ~"
"I hope you can help my compatriots find a place to live."
Chapter 23 Reply
Facing Alison’s request
Olga was neither surprised nor moved. She took a sip of the soup from the maid.
Look casually asked, "I remember you wanted them to settle down in the abyss? Is this giving up? "
Alison didn’t avoid what directly replied.
"It is too dangerous for most compatriots here.
Poisonous gas can kill people, energy radiation and dangerous residents, even those with the strongest strength may not be able to ensure their own safety.
There has always been a group of external activities with relatively strong strength, and more than half of our compatriots with insufficient strength are still sleeping in the "soul core"
After so many years, those compatriots who have been active outside have died of various factors.
To be able to live together but still nowhere to be seen.
I can’t feel the end if I keep dragging on like this.
The original plan can be abandoned. "
In the end, her face was also unwilling.
Although the abyss is extremely dangerous
But looking at the whole multiverse, all kinds of resources are also the richest.
It’s too poor to take two more breaths, and the energy contained in it can be worth a few days’ practice in the middle and lower planes.
If it hadn’t been poison …
This is also the reason why several people have to run in at all costs.
To put it bluntly, it is still similar to the dream method of gold rush driving them.
Under such circumstances, if Elser La Elf Kingdom can succeed and stand here, it will bring countless benefits to the whole ethnic group.
Even if a few more gods appear, it is not impossible.