"All right, all right … we’ll be happy then!" Some old guys of Sanqing Sect blushed.

Panlongcheng, xiaokangmen foreign affairs hall and land affairs hall.
Hopefully, the Taoist priest in Xin Long was a little crazy. The staff of the Land Affairs Hall smiled and said, "Don’t worry, the elderly will be blessed with land. Our door will sell it, but our door owner invites the elderly!"
"Your family is mainly experienced. Why?"
"The elders. Please follow me! "
"Where is the Lord of Ermen?" Xin Long road down the nature of Jiang Gui asked.
"It’s over there!" The staff of the Land Office pointed to the corner of the reception room. Tianxin has been waiting there for a long time, and it seems to be here.
"That’s good. Just meet your master! " When Xinlong Taoist saw that it was a public sword, he stared at his old eyes. "I want to ask him why he didn’t sell the old cave."
Xin Long Taoist, with his great-granddaughter, walked to the reception room.
Tianxin welcomes you.
Xin Long Taoist suddenly surprised. Although his cultivation has dropped from the middle level of Zhou to the middle level of Hong, his eyesight has not been lost, and he has become sharper because of setbacks. But no matter what he thinks, heavenly heart coming towards him is not like the Taoist master, "the young Taoist master. You are really the owner of the well-off door and the owner of Panlong City. Is it a master-level Taoist? " The old man asked questions hesitantly.
"Well-off door to the main yes, the duke of Panlong City is wrong. The Lord of Panlong City is Geng Hua, a lower-ranking Taoist in the world of new-level metaphysics and deep blood. As for whether I am a master, I don’t know if I am. " Tianxin smiles.
Xin Long Taoist looked at heavenly heart closely again, and his granddaughter XinQing little girl also looked at heavenly heart curiously.
A long time, Xin Long Taoist really can’t see anything. "Young man, you are inscrutable. You let your men not."
Blessed land for the old! Why do you want to do this? Are you also worried …
"Senior suspicious. I’m not worried about anything, but the currency issued by my predecessors is wrong? "
"The currency is wrong! The land that the old man took out is a real borderless coin. "
"Ha ha, the inner city that old guy should be didn’t tell the elder details. There are two kinds of money to buy in the cave of Panlong City. One is borderless currency. But this is only for those who have no way; The other is information or information carrier, and the predecessors are not ordinary people, so. Predecessors buy Panlong Cave, which can only be purchased by paying information currency! "
"Information currency, young man, be more specific."
"Elder, actually very easy to understand. The predecessors know that the well-off days are too remote, and the nearest Dragon and Yellow Days are also 10 trillion light years away, which is beyond the ability of those who are well-off and heavenly. Therefore, the information of the well-off days is very blocked. Therefore, if the predecessors want to buy the cave land in Panlong City, they should pay … Let’s put it this way, if the predecessors come from Longhuangtian, then this information currency is the profile of Longhuangtian. In short, I want the senior boundary brain … "
"You want an old world brain, young man. Do you know that the old world brain contains a lot?"
"I’m sorry, I’m not interested, that doesn’t help the development of this door. I just want everything outside, astronomy, geography, humanities … "
"Do you want to practice the law and practice the world?" Xin Long Taoist was furious.
"Not in principle, but if my predecessors are willing to give it, I will gladly accept it." Tianxin smiles. "As long as the seniors pay for this, the seniors can choose one of all the caves in the land service hall."
"Young man, don’t you feel cheated …"
"A disadvantage! I don’t think so, please take a look at this … "Tianxin was moved, the particle screen in the reception room opened, and the situation of Panlong City clearly appeared. After a few pictures, Tianxin pointed to two humanitarian people who were swimming leisurely in the business area." Do seniors know these two guys? "
"No!" Xinlong Taoist shook his head.
Tianxin heard the words and moved his mind again, and the pictures of the two guys in the head of the scene quickly fell back. In a short time, the two guys first entered the well-off world. Before Tianxin asked questions, Xin Long Taoist was already surprised, "fangs detect riding!"
"It is, predecessors, these two guys with after you wait for a line of people, your front foot into a well-off day, their hind feet will follow! Now the seniors know why I need information currency! I need to know what happened? "
"Alas … these damn guys are really pervasive! Young man, the old man will tell you everything, and he will also give you the brains of all walks of life in Balingtian. You are very alert, and the old man wants to know how you deal with these two spies. "
"Let it go!"
"Let it go?"
"Yes, these two guys are not weak, and they are all Taoist priests in the world of blood in Xuanpin …"
"Young man, you can’t let them go, they will bring war disaster to Xiaokangtian." Xin Long road nasty.
"War disaster, I just heard what my predecessors mentioned about Baling Day. Is Baling Day at war?"
"This is sadness!"