"Still dumb?" Qin Shaojie looked at Creaer who had woken up and still didn’t talk, and said. "If you don’t tell me, I’ll turn you into an electric roast bat." Qin Shaojie said, and picked up the electric batons on the table, turned on the switch and poked at Creaer.

A zi zi’s voice came, and Creaer’s body was convulsed by electricity.
"You, you can’t do this to me. It’s inhuman." Creaer, difficult said. As his hands and feet were handcuffed, he had to talk. If he wasn’t injured, the handcuffs and fetters really couldn’t help him, but he was injured and badly hurt. But now he doesn’t care about his broken wings, only thinking about how to survive, or how to let the Duke know that he has been caught and then bring someone to save himself.
"Humanitarian? Did I hear you right? " Qin Shaojie one leng. "You a smelly vampire, now tell me humanity? You are so interesting. When you suck human blood, why don’t you be humane with them? "
"I …" Creaer at that time don’t know how to answer, injustice is almost crying.
That can be the same. We are blood clan, and we live by sucking blood. If we don’t suck blood, we will gradually get old and die.
"You what you? Say or not? " Qin Shaojie continue to force asked.
The result is still the same, Creaer is still stubborn turned his head, don’t look at Qin Shaojie.
Qin Shaojie see Creaer mouth this is hard, also does not have method, if use too tough means, I’m afraid this guy will be tortured to death. On second thought, I whispered a few words on Qin He’s ear.
"Is this ok?" Qin He surprised looking at Qin Shaojie asked.
"Of course, the film school. Guaranteed useful. " Qin Shaojie sly laughed.
"All right, I’ll get ready." Qin He finished and turned out of the interrogation room.
Creaer looked at Qin Shaojie’s sly smile, and he couldn’t help shuddering. He knew that what he had to face next was definitely more inhuman treatment.
Moments later, Qin He came back with a black plastic bag.
"So soon?" Qin Shaojie some surprise Qin He speed.
"Of course, ha ha. There are vegetable sellers and hardware stores not far from the police station. It’s nothing special, it’s not done in minutes. " Qin He laughed.
"Hey, then start preparing for’ torture’." Qin Shaojie laughed.
Aside Kuang Tianming and Yuan Qingfei have long been curious. I didn’t ask just now, but now I see Qin Shaojie fiddling with the black plastic bag, so I put my head together and saw a plastic bag full of garlic, and there was an electric light on the top.
"You’re not going to give him this, are you?" Yuan Qingfei incredible asked.
Qin He and Kuang Tianming don’t know what Qin Shaojie wants to do. But Yuan Qingfei, who is also a young man, knew Qin Shaojie’s plan when he saw the plan of this bag. Yeah, that’s what happens in movies. Vampires are afraid of going with silverware. But silverware will kill them, so Qin Shaojie decided to use garlic. Yuan Qingfei looked at the lamp again. If I guess correctly, it must be an ultraviolet lamp.
Obviously, Creaer, handcuffed to a chair and silent, obviously began to tremble when he heard the word garlic.
Vampires are afraid of garlic just as some people are allergic to all kinds of pollen or food or alcohol. The pungent smell of garlic will make them lose their ability and even twitch like epilepsy. Anyway, it is absolutely uncomfortable. They can stand the pain, but they can’t stand the smell of garlic.
"Hey, be afraid." Qin Shaojie looked at Creaer, finally began to know that he was afraid, and satisfiedly smiled. "Don’t worry, there is more fun. Look, this is an ultraviolet lamp." Qin Shaojie waved the little light in his hand.
"You are a devil, you are a devil, kill me." Creaer tried to cover up his inner fear with a roar.
"It’s not good to kill you. You haven’t told me what I want to know. Come on, let’s play this first. " Qin Shaojie said, and turned on the ultraviolet light, according to the Creaer’s arm.
"Zizi", like barbecue voice spread to come out immediately, under the action of ultraviolet rays, Creaer’s forearm began to turn black gradually, and the skin began to crack.
"Ah …" Creaer shouted.
Qin Shaojie didn’t want to kill him, so he immediately removed the ultraviolet lamp.
"Less … less Jie, is this too cruel?" Yuan Qingfei, after all, is a woman. Looking at Creaer’s picture, there were still some handsome faces, but now they have five senses twisted together because of pain, and some can’t bear it.
"Cruel?" Qin Shaojie leng, looked back at Yuan Qingfei, then at Kuang Tianming and Qin He, and asked. "Is it cruel?"
In addition to Yuan Qingfei, Kuang Tianming shook his head with Qin He. This interrogation technique is simply weak in their eyes. They have done more cruel things.
"You see, they all say it’s not cruel." Qin Shaojie smiled and turned to Creaer, only to find that Creaer was looking at him angrily. If eyes can kill people, then Qin Shaojie has been chopped to pieces by now.
"Look, look at what, and then look at me feeding you all this bag of garlic." Qin Shaojie said in a cold voice.
"I … I said." Creaer finally couldn’t hold on, and before Qin Shaojie fed him, he confessed.
"eh? Are you willing to talk? " Qin Shaojie is also one leng, and he hasn’t been punished yet. How can he confess? Shook his head and said. "No, eat a petal and then recruit."
Just say it. I haven’t seen what it’s like for a vampire to eat garlic. You have to satisfy me anyway.