Zhou Hanhan stopped talking again.

Wu said carefully and asked, "Gong, do you want to have breakfast? Shall I prepare one for you? "
Zhou Hanhan gave a "loss of appetite"
"Then I’ll make you a cup of coffee?"
Weeks not cold "well".
Wu hurried there.
Zhong Hanlin advised, "Don’t take it too personally. In fact, it’s also a good thing. Who can’t pass this?" I think it’s sacred to deliberately test you. Just get through it. "
Zhou Hanhan rubbed his brow wearily. "No matter what I do, I know what to do."
Zhong Hanlin was relieved.
A moment later, Wu Duan came over with a cup of fragrant coffee and handed it to Zhou Hanshou. Zhou Hanhan was absent-minded and drank his eyes. He couldn’t help glancing down the stairs and said, "Miss Gong will come soon."
Smell speech Zhou Hanhan’s eyes flashed like suddenly filled with vitality. "Are you sure?"
Wu nodded and thought that not sleeping well really affected a person’s IQ and judgment. Did Gong forget that today is the second day of junior high school? "Make sure that Fu Shao’s family will come today and have already boarded the plane."
Zhou Hanhan suddenly went back to her mother’s house on the second day of Huadu custom, so she must come forward to entertain her, so she won’t sleep until noon with longing. He sat up straight and his tone was brisk. "You also told the warmth about Fu Shaofei’s flight."
Wu "…"
How can you have the heart to let me be the bad guy if I don’t take you to such a pit? Is it easy to bully God? Can’t I be missed when I knock? I’m already in Cao Cao’s heart and I’m in Han’s heart, but you’re still charging me with this …
Section 55
"Why don’t you go?" Zhou hanhan urged
Wu can bite the bullet and go upstairs.
Zhong Hanlin watched sympathetically.
Yell at the new article again. Dear friends, please collect it. You can already find the new article.
☆ Chapter 43 Cousin is back.
Wu is struggling. He hesitated for half a ring on the second floor and couldn’t let go of the door. He turned his head and went to the back of the building. He rubbed his gun with cold consciousness. His heart was still full of courage and knocked a few times.
A moment later, the voice inside said, "What’s up?"
A listen to is warm Wu secretly breathed a sigh of relief "is a little thing, miss the Fu Shaojia has arrived at Huadu airport, and is going to Wengu to catch you to see if you should …"
Get up and get ready?
The room was silent for a while before it sounded slightly annoyed. "I know you sent people to the main entrance to wait for me to tidy up."
"Well …"
Wu finally retired except for not daring to think about his longing mood.
Ten minutes later, the warm building was wearing a pale pink sweater with a dark slim skirt with long hair on both sides and a half-pierced pill head. It looked both pure and sweet for a little girl and sexy for a woman.
Of course, for her, it is very casual to build a suit from the closet, and it is not an outsider. It is because her aunt and uncle have lived together since childhood, and they are too grand and formal, but they seem to identify.
Can be seen in the eyes of the building is a temptation.
Zhou Hanhan almost saw her breathing at the first sight, and her brain could not help but make up for some indescribable pictures. The background music was sacred last night.
He changed so closely that Zhong Hanlin was shocked when he realized it. What was the reaction? How did it look like taking aphrodisiac? Miss Wen is not exposed in her clothes. Why are you so stimulated?
Is it the sequela of last night?
Wu is also drunk and feels a little embarrassed. Alas, his idol is aloof and calm, and he is not close to women. He is as idol as Puritans. Is this person supposed to collapse?
I didn’t think too much about the warmth. I felt that Zhou Hanhan’s eyes were too hot, like she was going to melt her. It seemed that she took one look and pretended to be calm and asked casually, "Where is A Dai?"
Zhong Hanlin responded "Hehe, he ran out to play"
Warmth means having nothing to say. Although I don’t believe it, I didn’t continue to ask a few people. "Have you all eaten?"
This time, Wu scrambled to say, "I ate with Hanlin, but Gong hasn’t."
Warm glanced at the eye table after nine o’clock, and secretly scolded the sacred face. "Do you still eat or wait until noon?"
Zhou Hanhan stared at her with bitterness. "I’ll eat if you cook."
"What about me cooking?" At this time, I was fascinated to hear his’ coquetry’ words from the floor, so I naturally took it over and looked at him with a smile. "If I cook, will you lose your appetite?"
What surprised me was that Zhou Hanhan pulled his lip corner and said calmly, "How come?"