In other words, it’s less than six years for two people to really get along.

Six years is long, but six years is also short.
So short that with the arrival of the seven-year itch day, the two seem to be getting more and more dull.
Especially after what happened to Ya Ya and Gao Yuanyuan, this crisis became more and more serious.
To tell the truth, Yingbao was afraid.
Afraid that one day Fang Siyi would leave him.
Afraid that one day Fang Siyi will not like himself.
I am more afraid that I will never meet a man who likes me more than Siyi!
Some people say that time is the biggest killer of love. With the seven-year itch coming, Yingbao doesn’t know what will happen to the two of them in the future, and he doesn’t know what his future will be like.
This kind of vacant feeling also makes Yingbao have some sticky Fang Siyi recently.
Although I don’t know the reason, my girlfriend is so happy to stick to her Fang Siyi.
Of course, sometimes I will pay attention to it. After all, now four people are living together, so can Ya Ya and Gao Yuanyuan without stimulating them.
Fang Siyi left the flower shop by bus with a box.
Then, while slowing down, I picked up my mobile phone and looked at my Weibo.
Then the headline saw the news that I bought flowers.
After a while, I saw Yingbao just a piece of news.
"Flowers are beautiful but expensive!"
The surface is a picture.
Flowers are 999 large bouquets of roses. They look so delicate that women are crazy.
For this kind of public dog abuse, single dog said that he was hurt by 10,000 crits.
"It’s too much! How can you abuse and protect animals like this? "
"Mom asked me why I looked at my mobile phone with tears in my eyes?"
"Well, I’m so full that even dog food is disgusting these days."
Fang Siyi smiled and dropped Weibo.
Wouldn’t it be a shame for an epic "nuclear submarine" to reply like this?
Fang Siyi finally met her date tonight when she arrived at the appointed place.
Hook Fang Siyi’s neck with both hands before the woman and take the initiative to send a hot kiss.
After a kiss, I took Fang Siyi’s box with a big smile and said "thank you" sweetly.
"This is the case … but not enough …" Fang Siyi picked up the woman’s waist and strode directly into the bedroom.
Leave a series of charming smiles like silver bells
"Bad guys!"
Time flies to the 13th New Year’s Eve.
Today is a good day, that is, a happy family day and a very special day for Drea.
Today is the first day of "The Tip of the Tongue"
Many people can’t understand why Fang Siyi will arrange the film for this day. Even Master Xing will put the film on the New Year’s Eve. Who will go into the cinema to see this film?
Although the film is under the banner of family happiness, but …
Who would go to see a movie in broad daylight on New Year’s Eve?
Don’t say that even the Drea flag workers don’t know what medicine Fang Siyi sells in the gourd.
However, Fang Siyi, who knows best in this world, can also be Yingbao.
There is also Yingbao who knows why Fang Siyi will choose the New Year’s Eve.
Speaking of which, this is still an obsession of Fang Siyi.
He has always been curious.
Since it’s the Spring Festival, why do you have to arrange around New Year’s Day or simply move it after the Spring Festival!
What is it called the Spring Festival Shadow?
What else is it called a New Year’s Eve movie?
Fang Siyi has always wanted to shoot a Spring Festival film.
Now that there is such a good opportunity, isn’t it a wave?
Besides, there is nothing wrong with the Spring Festival file from the day before the beginning of the New Year’s Day.
In that case, what’s the difference between the previous day and the same day?
Generally speaking, the only advantage over New Year’s Day is that it can be put on the previous day.
Actually, the only advantage is freshness.
It is undeniable that although Fang Siyi’s Journey to the West is not a good one, it is undeniable that a star is still worth seeing.
This is also why there is no good reputation in the movie "Journey to the West", but the film in the same period is an authentic Zhou comedy routine. Although the heraldic acting didn’t support the whole drama, Huang Bo surprised people but made the drama extremely hot.
No one thought that although Huang Bo monkey appeared on the stage, although the shape was the most unlike, his superb acting skills would attract the majority of fans.
Huang Bonian is not joking.
In recent years, with the gradual normalization and specialization of artists, artists have become much weaker than before after all kinds of things were handed over to the behind-the-scenes teams such as workshops and companies.
Otherwise Fang Siyi has always said that this year’s star is not good.
Because these negative things are handed over to the behind-the-scenes team, what artists need to do is to play well, so that those stars who tore B badly in the past will become one by one. Although Bai Lianhua looks fake, I have to say that the audience is buying this set.
And the key point is that the atmosphere in the balloon is much better with this batch of stars with serious B-tearing.
The most important point is that in the next few years, new people have emerged one after another, and four stars in a drama have become two stars in a drama, freeing up many files. More and more TV dramas have been shown, and with the development of online dramas, online movies and other online channels, many new people have emerged.
Being famous has become much easier than before.
If you have the strength, if you want to find a good play, even if you have an accidental factor, you may be popular.
Compared with all kinds of suppression and tearing around the Millennium, it can be said that it is very beneficial for new artists now.
But it is not difficult to be famous and want to be red, but it is even more difficult to stay red!
Chapter 27 Meet the brave in the narrow road!
Another advantage is that with those active actors dying, those artists who used to be powerful and low-key finally began to become famous.
The most typical one is Huang Bo!