I haven’t taken out the Lux soap yet. Do you want me to help you wipe it?

"Don’t dawdle, hurry up"
Zhong Yan press a way
But back to the face in the past … but already flushed almost bright red to drip blood.
At the same time, she silently said to herself, "Mom, I understand you now. I want to follow my heart. I believe that direction is right for you … to support your daughter’s choice?"
Chapter 539 Fly grass chicken
Zhong Yan took a delicious bath from Liu Yu and went back to sing and dance all the way.
To rub her back with soap.
This is definitely not
Liu Yu thinks she is a gentleman.
"Oh, by the way, Xiao Yu’s younger brother will come to see you again at this time of night."
Zhong Yan threw a glad eye at Liu Yu for half a month, which should be enough for two people to temper the tacit understanding.
"Good, you go, goodbye, nothing." I hope to take a shower and come again.
Although it is not expensive to buy this shampoo and soap from him, it is also beneficial to life to pack it at 1 o’clock.
"Let’s wash together when we have a chance."
Zhong Yan never forgot to flirt with Liu Yu when she left.
Early the next morning
Liu Yu is away from the log cabin, Wushen Peak is very huge, and it looks like a floating island with a wide area ratio.
The gate at the southern end forged by Liu Yu, also known as the South Yard Zhengsuo, is accessible by a winding stone road.
When passing by, you can also see many monks flying around with their horcruxes on their feet. For practitioners, those mountain roads are reserved for those with stupid qualifications. Most monks will ride Lingbao when they go out.
"It’s really a world of cultivating immortals. It’s so high."
Liu Yu looked up at these flying stuff and was very happy.
Playing like this on the earth will cause chaos and even subvert the socialist concept. In some cases, it will also trigger the tide, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of science.
He vaguely remembers that when Jin Yong’s martial arts novels were all over the country, the stories told were too close to reality, which led many enthusiastic young people to quit their jobs and drop out of school to find what Peach Blossom Island was, and they also wanted to learn from the characters in the novels and go to the peak of their lives.
This cultural power is sometimes terrible to think about.
At that time, Jet Li filmed Shaolin Temple, which also made many young people learn Mahayana Buddhism and practice Shaolin Kung Fu.
These are not to be learned and not desirable.
Of course, you must learn to pretend to be forced. For example, this "Rebirth is the strongest pretending to be forced" is your first choice.
Because since ancient times, deep affection can’t keep people’s hearts only by routines.
"Hey? There are pheasants on this side. "
At this time, several young monks flying overhead found Liu Yu who stopped to look up at them.
"Gee, a pheasant looks up. What’s the surprise?" One person dissatisfied and said
"It’s either me or seeing this man look awesome. Do you look at that posture, expression and expression?"
I’m a freshman anyway. What can I do?
It is normal for the college to be bullied because of its weak strength. It is normal to be aware of its weak strength.
This is the respect of the strong.
"All right, you go, don’t go too far." The boss in this team didn’t have the heart to bully a weak chicken. I heard that the new king came, and the forging section elders valued him very much. He would like to see what weak chicken people came.
Every year, many students stop at the threshold of refining gas realm after building a foundation due to qualification problems.
Monks who don’t cultivate horcruxes are doomed to be eliminated.
He heard that this new king defeated the old students, and according to the description of the scene at that time, the new king had a strong sense of god, which made many old students unwilling to be reborn and destined to be abused. If a bug broke out at this time and this "unification" was destroyed, it is estimated that many people would be unhappy to see them forging their schoolmates.
But what the hell is that?