As the saying goes, a drink and a peck are all leading edges. Sun Hao is concise and peerless, and the sword school is prosperous because of Sun Hao, and it is difficult because of Sun Hao.

There are three most influential figures in the history of Lingtian Sword School.
One is to send the sword ancestor to be devoted to the sword, which means "devoted to waiting for you"
Second, the third time, the first virtual hero of the Virtual Silver Armor Lingtian Sword School
Third, now Sun Haosun is agarwood, and the hero of Lei Peng’s heavenly sword star is above the ten thousand families.
Now Sun Haoke must be the last chain, and it is definitely "stranger to the sword" and "stranger to wait for you"
And Sun Hao’s fear is that once the last chain goes wrong.
Once the stranger sword can’t resist the sword potential, is there a crisis that Ling Tianjian Sect will be annihilated?
After the three chains were broken, they were suppressed by Sun Hao. The fierce sword struggled and roared from time to time like a tiger in a cage, and attacked Sun Hao from time to time.
Pulling three chains and trying to break them made Sun Hao have to move three swords to firmly suppress and stabilize the three chains so that they could slowly heal and not really break.
Fierce sword from time to time to the top trying to top Sun Hao out of trouble.
Sun Hao’s savage strength and double-sword-bone occult power work to practice by taking advantage of the situation, but a real yuan and white jade body is firmly suppressed, making the fierce sword unable to move.
Among the three most powerful swordsmen of Lingtian Sword School
There is no doubt that Sun Hao is also the strongest, or else he can’t suppress such a fierce sword, and he can’t resist the surging and vigorous fierce days. The Sword Sect will stick to the final bottom line.
Sun Hao’s body fluctuates from time to time with the impact of the peerless fierce sword.
The three swords of agarwood sword firmly hold the three chains in front.
The three chains not only have to withstand the pull of the peerless sword, but also have destructive power from a distance, which symbolizes that Ling Tianjian sent doom, which has not been completely calmed down.
What makes Sun Hao feel a little safe is that there is no special situation in the last chain, or that the last chain will only appear after the first three chains really break, but now Sun Hao has stabilized the first three chains, and the last one has been safe and sick.
Scared Sun Hao gradually settled down.
If there is no problem with the fourth chain, the Ling Tianjian Sect will encounter great difficulties, but it is absolutely necessary to complete the double sword bones and break the tomb by itself, and then the difficulties of Ling Tianjian Sect will be solved with its own appearance.
Maybe it’s not that simple.
But Sun Hao is absolutely confident that he can face the challenge.
Virtual battlefield record is proof that Lei Peng’s heavenly sword is emboldened.
The fourth chain didn’t appear. Sun Hao sank his heart and became more and more fierce. The fierce breath kept concise his double sword bones.
Dark underground sword tomb
Sun Hao sat on a peerless sword like a rock.
Unique fierce sword momentum was pressed to a little bit.
The peerless fierce sword was forced to converge a little bit.
Sun Hao’s aloes sword at the top of his head finally shines in three directions.
The three chains broke and split, and the sea sword potential, the fighter sword potential and the killing sword potential were gradually reconnected.
At this time, Sun Hao found that the three chains were closely related to himself, and he could drive the sword to adjust the binding force on the peerless fierce sword.
Calm in my heart, constantly and reasonably, every time, I adjust the fierce sword to my limit. Sun Haoshuang’s concise sword bones finally stepped on the fast lane.
The most difficult thing is that the spine is condensed little by little.
Until this day.
The peerless sword suddenly came to a standstill.
Quietly hanging the sword burial, there is no movement. The sword body is like a giant looking in horror at Sun Hao sitting on his square.
The fierce sword has become very clever as a child after the fierce spirit has converged.
Ding Yizhong’s agarwood sword sounded gently.
Sun Hao suddenly opened his eyes.
Two shirts flashed through my eyes.
Sit cross-legged and straighten up slowly from the ground
A surge of firm but gentle, a surge of arrogance, and a double momentum of self-respect and peerlessness in heaven and earth rushed in all directions as Sun Haozhi did.
This momentum is so strong.
Strong enough that Sun Hao’s peerless sword turned into a kitten and shivered.
And the three chains that bound the fierce sword once broke, and at the same time, Sun Hao’s big injury suddenly healed.
The momentum continues to spread.