"Well, let’s go back to the land of minimalism and use it as a stronghold." The immortal emperor said.

Zhuge Buliang said, "A few seniors can go first. I want to be alone again, and by the way … I’ll take another tour in the wild fairy land."
The immortal emperor looked at the Buddha and the ancestors of the hundred families, and seemed to understand that Zhuge was not bright and left with a sigh.
Looking at the three ancestors, Daxian, leaving with all the people, Zhuge Buliang took a long breath, knowing that all the people left in vain and disappeared into this world. Zhuge Buliang suddenly shouted uncontrollably, and this voice was full of desolation, helplessness and sadness. …….
When the immortals left, chaos was returned to the outer battlefield, and everything seemed to be quiet again, but Zhuge knew that this was the quiet before the storm, which gave people a sense of oppression and suffocation. Chaos will appear again, and the next time it appears, it is the time when the war really breaks out.
Zhuge walked in the big city in the east without light, and his ears were bustling. Almost everyone was talking about the strong oppressive feeling coming from the north. The arrival of chaos is no longer a secret, and it is speculated that there are peerless strong people fighting chaos in the northern region.
Zhuge Liang did not pass through it like a passer-by, and the whispering around him did not move him. He seemed to be a ghost who did not belong to this world.
"Zhuge is not bright!"
At that time, a call came, and two figures stood in front of Zhuge Liang.
South Yue Hui, and … impermanence!
Chapter 724 The return of the demon monk (on)
Zhuge looked up at the two men and said, "Why are you two?"
South Yue Hui said: "Before, I felt a strong sense of oppression in the direction of the northern region, so I went there myself, but after I got there, I didn’t see anything except the mess, but I met impermanence there. . 。”
"Well, I see." Zhuge doesn’t nod his head.
"Are you fighting chaos in the northern region?" South Yue Hui asked.
Zhuge didn’t hide it, but said truthfully, "Yes, now the chaotic arrival body has been driven back to the outer space battlefield, but soon, he will come again."
South Yue Hui and impermanence are serious, impermanence and Zhuge are not bright, but at this critical juncture, we should take the overall situation into consideration. Chaos arrival made people panic, and they had to put aside their old grievances for the time being. Impermanence is also understand this, and in just see zhuge is not bright, south Yue Hui has quietly warned him.
"Are you hurt?" Looking at various ge not bright pale, south Yue Hui frown way.
Zhuge smiled with a wry smile and shook his head. "You don’t have to care about me. I’ll tell you a news. Now that the immortal emperor has returned, all the immortals have gone to the tiny heaven."
"The immortal emperor is back!" Upon hearing this, South Yue Hui and Impermanence looked horrified and looked at each other.
Zhuge didn’t highlight his head and said, "Go to the tiny heaven, which is a stronghold, and I will meet you soon. The war is just around the corner. The only thing we can do now is to gather all the forces and not be invaded by chaos. "
"Well, we’ll wait for you to come back." South Yue Hui nodded and turned to go.
"Is Zhuge Ming … also there?" At this time, the impermanence hoarse voice sounded, which seemed a bit sinister and dense, not people and ghosts.
Zhuge Buliang looked up at him and shook his head.
"Why? At this time, he is not willing to contribute? " Impermanence frown way.
"He has done his best …" Zhuge’s voice was tired and weak when he didn’t come to that place.
Impermanence seems to have heard a clue, eyebrows a wrinkly, whispered: "has he … cut! There is really an interesting opponent missing. " Say that finish, impermanence also don’t back to leave behind south Yue Hui, two people disappeared in a twinkling of an eye.
When it comes to Zhuge Ming, Zhuge doesn’t light up his heart and seems to have some things to deal with.
Through the transmission array in the east domain, Zhuge came directly to the south domain before dawn and returned to the Zhuge family.
As soon as Zhuge appeared before dawn, several core members of the Zhuge family suddenly poured out. Zhuge Tian was the first to run out, saying, "Dad, you are back. Are you at war with Chaos? We all felt the oppression coming from the northern region. I wanted to go, but my mother stopped me. It’s great to see Dad back now. Is Chaos driven back?"
Zhuge looked at Zhuge Tian before dawn, patted him on the shoulder and said with a smile, "I went back for the time being."
Xiang Yi-fei came forward and patted the dust off Zhuge Liang’s body. "You’re not hurt, are you? Xin-er and I have been worried about you these two days."
"Nothing, don’t worry." Zhuge nodded without light and weakness.
"You look terrible. What’s the matter?" Xiang Yi-fei keenly felt Zhuge’s dim mood, and she was a little pale, so she asked faintly.
"Hey? Uncle, didn’t you come back with you? " Zhuge Tian looked at Zhuge Liang and asked, he remembered that Zhuge Liang left with Zhuge Ming when he left. Now only Zhuge Liang himself came back, and then he looked at Zhuge Liang’s face at this time, and they suddenly understood.
Zhuge Tian’s face changed slightly and said, "Dad, isn’t uncle … uncle has …"
Zhuge Liang didn’t speak, put aside all the people and flew directly in the direction of the Heavenly Palace. Although the Heavenly Palace has a seal, Zhuge can come in and out freely without light. When he came to the Heavenly Palace, Zhuge opened his palm before dawn, only to see a gray fog floating out, which was the remnant soul of Zhuge Ming.
Without further ado, Zhuge Liang directly put away the souls of Zhuge Ming and Zhuge Muyan, turned around and left the Heavenly Palace.
In a small town in Nanyu, Zhuge did not show up in this small town. This small town is not too big, but it has a lot of people. Zhuge stood at the gate of the city before dawn, looking at the small town, and suddenly the eye in his brow left, and the golden light was pressing. Zhuge, with a snort of light, only felt that Yuan Shen was slightly stinging. He was forcibly applying the Eye-Eye Forbidden Operation, predicting something.
"Here it is." A moment later, Zhuge closed his third eye before dawn, and breathed a sigh of relief gently. Although his seven-star treasure body is strong, the forbidden art of this third eye clan is not optional, and every time it is used, it will cause him a lot of load.
Zhuge stepped into the town before dawn and entered a teahouse.
At this time, on the second floor of the teahouse, two men and two women were sitting at a table talking and laughing, visiting all kinds of snacks on the table. Two of the women, obviously pregnant, have a slightly swollen lower abdomen and are talking and laughing with each other, while the two men are hugging each other and smiling without a word.
"Sister Mei Yan, the baby in your belly should be five months old, right?" One of the women walked over.
"Well, almost." The girl named Mei Yan nestled in her husband’s arms with a sweet face.
"Hee hee hee, then it’s about time for us. My little life in my belly has been five months. I don’t know which of them came to the world first ~ ~"
"Now the vast fairy land is in chaos. It’s really hard for two little lives. I have to face this troubled world when I was born."
"Well, this is something that can’t be helped, but I believe everything will be all right. By the way, sister, why don’t we guess whether the little life in our belly is male or female? "
"Good ~ ~ With the friendship between our two families, if it’s a pair of boys, let them be brothers, if it’s two women, let them be sworn in Jin Lan, if it’s a man and a woman ~ ~ ~ Hehehe, just let them be a couple of double majors."
"Ok, that’s settled."
The two women were talking and laughing, and Zhuge, sitting in a remote corner, looked at all this cheerfully. His eye had already predicted all this. I saw that with a wave of his hand, Zhuge Muyan and Zhuge Ming’s Yuan God flew out and entered the two women’s bodies. Only Zhuge Liang knew what he had done, and others, even the two women, didn’t notice it.
Soul into the orifices, zhuge got up and left the teahouse before dawn.
In this way, it is a perfect ending for Zhuge Ming and Zhuge Muyan.
In Zhuge family.
As soon as Zhuge Liang came back, he closed himself in the phoenix flower forest. No one met each other, and they didn’t dare to disturb him. I only knew that Zhuge Liang was sad about Zhuge Ming, but I didn’t know that Zhuge Liang was meditating on something that everyone didn’t expect at the moment.
"It came too fast … too soon …" Looking at a piece of phoenix petals falling slowly, Zhuge stood under the fallen fairy pavilion before dawn and sighed faintly.
"Little pig, what are you thinking?" Xiang Yi-fei and Pang Xin-er came up.