[Boo-hoo, the baby is so good, he’s actually folding clothes, and he wants to steal the baby today.]

Give this suite to a family in Ye Feng. They used to live in a farmhouse in Shanding Village, which is a bit similar.
It is also a two-story building with a small courtyard.
The rooms are all hardbound and repaired with furniture and appliances.
Ye Feng chose the largest sunshine room on the second floor, and carefully decorated the back baby living room.
Today’s live shooting also chose here.
The camera looked around in the baby’s sun room and fixed it on Ye Feng and his father.
Unicorn Chan is folding his underpants. In the morning, the sun shines on his fair skin, which makes him look more like an angel.
He folded one and gave it to Ye Feng, who asked Ye Feng to help him pack it in the small box.
In this issue, there is no link for mothers to visit classes. Before the broadcast, Bai Yanqing prepared one for them and went to class.
Now Ye Feng is sorting out the boxes and answering questions from the audience.
"We moved because a friend didn’t have a house for a long time and temporarily lent it to us."
Make the term about life, which is unnecessary.
"When we moved in, the rooms were furnished, and we bought some wallpaper and small decorations, which cost less than 1% in total. All of them are environmentally toxic baby rooms."
Speaking of this, Ye Feng stopped packing and looked up at the camera and smiled. "Don’t ask me the card. I won’t say that I didn’t play money after all."
"Brother Feng is getting worse and worse. I don’t know who to learn from."
[The manufacturer will claim the money quickly! Let Brother Feng bring you goods to ensure sales.
I think the camera just shot out of the window. This is a small villa group. I don’t know which friend is so willing to borrow such a high-end room. I also want to have such a beautiful big room.
[Isn’t the former white sister still looking for a friend to borrow a private jet? I guess it’s still that friend.
[Do you know what other three families are pulling curtains? Do you have the confidence to not pull curtains? This is a military area command! My fifth uncle lives here. It’s too difficult to go in once! 】
[Impossible. Is the person who borrowed the plane from White Sister a military person? 】
[I found the landing record of a private plane on the day of Tongshi, and an owner named Snow Plane docked]
[Snow White? Did I think of the richest wife, Snow White? 】
Ye Feng didn’t answer again, so the question of who lent him the house to live in, netizens divergent thinking, and no one expected to guess that this house was a national division.
He picked some address questions to answer, "I don’t have a cooking bag this time. There are meat, vegetables and fruits that are forbidden to enter the country. It’s too much trouble to distinguish between them. I’m going to bring more of this this this time."
With that, Ye Feng pulled three bags of rice from a distance, and the packaging was 1kg.
"This is instant rice cooked in boiling water, which is similar to instant noodles. I posted the trademark and won’t plant grass for everyone today."
I heard that this is made of plastic. Don’t eat it. It’s bad for your health.
Yes, and nothing is sold abroad, not even rice? It’s so heavy to take up more space with this.
Xiao Zhang chose two more comments and read them out. This is also his doubt.
"If I say that the rice made of plastic is processed to be higher than this kind of brewing, you may not believe that this kind of rice is cooked, broken and pressed into rice. The process is very simple. It is too fake to look crystal clear and polished."
"wow! Rice is good! " Unicorn Chan finished folding his clothes and ran to play with Ye Feng’s neck hanging.
"Mmm, delicious." Ye Feng picked Unicorn Chan in her arms and smiled at the camera.
"Just have a friend say what didn’t sell abroad? That’s too much to buy. "
"For example, there are only a handful of supermarkets selling rice when I go abroad for filming for half a year."
"Maybe the scope of the crew’s activities is limited. I didn’t see white rice in a supermarket. Even Chinese supermarkets sell yellow rice. I don’t like it."
Xiao Zhang watched Ye Feng’s 3 kilograms of rice almost fill a suitcase, and the rest of the corners were stuffed with daily life and clothes.
It’s probably just right for Ye Feng to bring these rice guests together. Plus, the program group allows each guest to bring a box, and there must be no staff for them
Xiao Zhang also did his homework before, knowing that the local staple food is bread, but there are also many Chinese who open restaurants.
I heard Ye Feng say that rice is not so common there. Now Xiao Zhang also suspects that their program group prepares meals. Maybe if there is no box lunch, it will be replaced by a common hamburger there.
I don’t know what others think. Xiao Zhang doesn’t like pasta himself. It’s uncomfortable for him to eat rice for a day.
There are not many hours before they board the plane. Xiao Zhang opens the takeaway software and chooses a supermarket that sells instant rice for him to deliver to the airport in the same city.
When you come to Xiao Zhang, you should not expect the meals of the program group. Ye Feng’s suitcase has given him a new point, at least give yourself more preparations
The first two episodes of this program are different. The guests in the first two episodes all flew from their own cities to meet in their destination cities.
This time, everyone flew from their respective cities to the capital and then took the same flight from the Capital Airport to China.
Ye Feng lives in the capital. After filming, he packed his bags and warmed up the live broadcast, he took his baby to the program group car.