But Mr. Mushroom continued, "In fact, you don’t have to do this. If we make you unhappy, you can leave here. I believe there will always be someone willing to help me solve this Millennium robbery."

Liang Ping said faintly, "I believe you have your reasons for doing that. I’m not happy about what you do. Can’t you tell me plainly? Am I really a bodyguard in your heart? Do you think I can really undertake the responsibility of protecting your personal safety?"
Mushroom suddenly smiled and said, "Of course not. I think some things may be worse to say than not to say."
"Ha ha is"
Liang Ping’s hands encircle this cloud sword, and he no longer looks squarely at Mushroom Gong. Looking farther away, Qin Lake seems to see a glimmer of hope in the gloom, and it looks like a bubble.
Mushroom Gong is also looking farther at Qinhu Lake, and her eyes are deeper than ever. After all, she didn’t explain too much to Liang Ping. She simply said, "The bronze man is immortal, and the ghost state will be in chaos. The gray wolf is an emissary sent by the emperor. It was born to defend Lingzhou. Do you know how much my heart hurts when I saw the child’s own finger plucking out his eyes? He is still a child. He is also a koo. I’m so cruel, but I don’t turn a blind eye to it. But we want to save not a mere bronze man town, but the
Liang Ping’s eyes can’t help but get wet. Because the mushroom public voice is full of sadness, every sentence is from the heart and touching heart. Isn’t it what Liang Ping thinks? Just now, it was the gray wolf. Isn’t it waiting for the mushroom public to stop it?
"Hehe, in fact, we are all the same."
I don’t know if the cold tears slide down my cheeks because I have a connection with the mushroom or because I feel pity for what happened to that child just now
Chapter 60 Soul Boat
Qin Lake tidal outcry Liang Ping tears silent mushroom public mood cold so.
The loneliness of the night is like a knife, and the night breeze can easily penetrate people’s emotions, but it can erupt without fear and surge like the tide of Qinhu Lake.
Liang Ping and Mushroom Gong were buried in this way, and the night became more and more silent.
Occasionally, things happen in the ultimate hell. Liang Ping is confused and sentimental, and Mushroom Gong seems to be deliberately dodging.
Perhaps the memory of two romantic lives is a great shame for Lingzhou mainland open mushroom male, and now she is trying to get rid of it.
Liang Ping was keenly aware of this and kept his mouth shut, showing more respect to Mushroom as much as possible.
Indeed, she longs for respect, and she needs it more than anyone else. In this world, how many men have ravaged and tortured her? I’m afraid that kind women can face up to and accept it.
Liang Ping’s tears are bits and pieces, and soon they have been fixed in that perseverance.
Suddenly a purple spell floated in the sky, which attracted Liang Ping and Mushroom Gong’s attention.
"I finally remembered that it was a soul spell, a soul spell that could help us cross the Qinhu Lake."
Mushroom male suddenly exclaimed
Liang Ping was surprised that this spell had never appeared in Chen Hai’s game settings. Is it true that this game system has not been perfected?
My heart turns a thousand times, watching the purple spell dance with the wind indifferently.
It swings with the wind, which adds a kind of naivety to people’s mood. It will fall into the lake and turn into a flat boat, and then drift to the other side of Qinhu Lake.
On the other side of Qinhu Lake is nanhu town, the border of Farmar Empire.
It is true that the shortest way from the Silver Empire to the Farmar Empire is through the Qinhu Lake, but I am afraid that this trip may not be smooth sailing.
The evening breeze suddenly stopped, and the purple soul charm lost its ability to flutter and fell on the turbulent lake.
The high tide never went straight, but the purple soul charm turned into a boat when it touched the water.
That leaf boat seems to have its own spiritual wisdom or its career mission and floats straight to Liang Ping and Mushroom Gong.
Liang Ping hesitated, but Mushroom Gong did not hesitate to take a boat.
"What are you going to let me die?"
Liang Ping, of course, didn’t think so. He coughed, "I wonder if there will be similar things happening in Tongren Town in Qinhu Lake. If there is, I hope you can inform me a little before. You should let me have a psychological preparation."
Mushroom Gong Hao hesitated to answer, "The illusion of the piano lake is reborn. I think you should already know that the surface of the piano lake we are seeing now looks very ordinary, but the soul boat will be disturbed by the old demon in the middle of the lake after it enters the middle of the lake. If the person sitting in the boat is slightly uncertain, it may ruin the boat."
"So what should we do?" Liang Ping asked faintly.
"The secret can’t reveal a lot of things. You have to experience it yourself. My career is life. Although I can roughly know some results, the process must be experienced by yourself."
Liang Pingyan is right, but the mushroom’s general will seems to indicate that there will be no life-threatening trip. After being relieved, he will not hesitate to step on the boat.
In fact, the soul boat is not drifting with the current, but countercurrent, and it can sail in the direction of nanhu town without external assistance.
This is to make Liang Ping and Mushroom Gong have some valuable rest.
Liang Ping heaved a sigh of relief is ready to take a nap in the cabin and so is Mushroom Gong.
While they were resting, the soul boat kept moving forward in Qinhu Lake, and I don’t know how long it took before the waves on the lake gradually became rough.
"pa pa"
The waves beat against the soul boat, and the boat became more and more fierce along that sound
Liang Ping suddenly woke up, looked up at the moon hanging in the middle, and hit the personal operating interface. At first glance, it was already more than 2 o’clock on March 3.
There are still four days before the public beta of Shengshi Online Games. If this key problem has not been solved during the public beta, the players were born in Yindu. I am afraid that Fu Jiajun will choose to slaughter the crazy behavior of gamers because of a large number of outsiders.
Thinking of these Liang Ping can’t help but burst into cold sweat. He is not worried about the so-called gamers. After all, they are not too big with themselves. But Lin Nuo believes that they have had some associations with themselves after all, and those people who are in Mo Yu’s house have had great benefits to themselves.