But half an hour later, Zhuge was surprised that the crystal skeleton appeared behind him again.

"I’m going to die!" Zhuge secretly complained before dawn, and flew hundreds of miles. When he turned around, the crystal skeleton followed him.
Zhuge was in a cold sweat before dawn, and this time he flew for a day and a night, fully flying to Wan Li. But this time, the crystal skull was more direct, and it appeared directly in front of Zhuge before he was bright, blocking his way.
"The old man’s house, you stop that now, unjust debt, who killed you who are you looking for? What’s more, I didn’t pay attention to hitting the peerless fairy medicine in your mouth. " Zhuge has completely lost his temper when he is not bright, for fear that this skull will be swept away and his cultivation will fall.
After saying this, Zhuge Liang escaped again, flying for seven days and seven nights in one breath, and his spiritual power consumption was almost the same, and he was extremely exhausted mentally. But finally, Zhuge Liang saw a huge city before dawn. In the usual sentence, it is like a wild beast crawling there.
Zhuge entered the city before dawn, and there were a large number of practitioners in the city. He was mixed with the crowd. A day passed, and finally I didn’t see the crystal skull to catch up with him. Zhuge was finally relieved when he was not bright.
Zhuge Buliang found a place to live, and the business dealings in the wild fairy land were not the lingshi of Kyushu, but a very traditional knife coin. This kind of thing is not strange when Zhuge Liang is not bright. This currency was used in the ancient Warring States period when he was on the earth in his previous life.
But after all, this is the world of practitioners, and these currencies have some spiritual power to some extent. Different levels of knife coins have different spiritual strength concentrations, and some coins can even be used as magic weapons directly. But the power cannot be compared with the real magic weapon.
I found a small courtyard to live in, and Zhuge’s tired spirit finally got a rest.
Sitting in the room, there are three enlightenment volumes in front of Zhuge before dawn. One page is the "Broken Average" volume of Taikoo Copper Gate, and the other two are obtained from the 6-child Han, which burns the enlightenment volumes of Tianjiao.
It’s just that there are not many insights gained from the enlightenment volume of Burning Heaven Religion, so it can be seen that the enlightenment volume of Burning Heaven Religion is not a grade at all.
Zhuge Liang fell into practice, recovering the consumed spiritual power.
In a blink of an eye, one night passed, and Zhuge’s dim spiritual power completely returned to its peak. Spirit also returned to its heyday.
But as soon as he opened his eyes, Zhuge immediately shouted, "Damn you! !”
In the room, the crystal skull appeared again, and I don’t know how long it has been here, suspended in front of Zhuge Liang. Only this time, the peerless fairy medicine in the mouth of the crystal skull bone disappeared.
"Stop it, okay?" Zhuge not bright sighed.
The crystal skull moves up and down, as if laughing. Suddenly, the skull rushed towards Zhuge’s unlit face, his jaw opened and he bit Zhuge’s unlit neck.
Zhuge Liang took a gasp, and the crystal skull suddenly bit Zhuge Liang’s neck. At the moment, Zhuge didn’t light up and felt the blood in his body rushing backwards, rushing towards his neck and being sucked by the crystal skull.
The original crystal-clear skull suddenly became a rare red blood, with a strange red light.
Zhuge tried to resist before dawn, but he felt that the spiritual force in his body was imprisoned and he could not move. Blood in the body rushes towards the crystal skull.
After about a few minutes, the crystal skull finally loosened and disappeared into a brilliance in the room.
Zhuge collapsed before dawn, patting his chest with fear: "This strange thing followed me for so long, just to suck my blood?"
Although the crystal skull has retreated now, Zhuge has a feeling that it will find himself again sooner or later.
Lost a lot of blood, but for now zhuge not bright * * of the earth, nothing at all. However, if the crystal skull comes to take blood at intervals, Zhuge really has no place to cry when it is not bright, so often, I’m afraid even the immortal can’t stand it.
He stayed in this city for a few days, so as to get to know some information about the universe. Fortunately, the crystal skull never appeared again.
Zhuge Liang doesn’t want to avoid him or her deliberately now. Anyway, no matter where he hides, the dead man can always find himself.
The noisy streets and alleys are no different from Kyushu, but here, Zhuge not only sees human beings. In the meantime, there are some humanoid monsters with animal heads or scales on their bodies, which should belong to the same category as the practitioners of the monster beast family.
In this wild world, human practitioners don’t seem to reject the orcs very much, and the two seem to get along very well.
A few days later, when Zhuge was about to enter the state of cultivation, a shadow shook in the room and the crystal skull flew again. Originally glittering and translucent get rid of the skull, at the moment was mixed with some blood.
Moreover, Zhuge does not show that the crystal skull has changed a little, and the bones are delicate and thin. Looks like a woman’s skull.
Without further ado, the crystal skull once again rushed up toward Zhuge.
"wipe!" Zhuge cursed before dawn, moved and disappeared in situ. The next moment, he appeared directly in the troubled times magic city.
Strolling in the magic city of the mixed world, he is going to hide here for the time being, and then go out when the crystal skull leaves himself. He proudly said, "Hum! Really think of Lao zi, then you can’t help it? If you can get in, I’ll let you suck enough. "
Strange sounds came from behind, and the crystal skull did not know when it appeared in the troubled times magic city, floating there peacefully.
"Well, can I take back what I just said?" Zhuge was completely speechless before he lit up.
I don’t know the origin of this crystal skull. No matter where Zhuge Liang is hiding, he can always be found in the first place. Zhuge Liang finally realized that he was completely targeted by the devil. It is impossible to get rid of it.
The crystal skull rushed up directly, biting Zhuge’s unlit neck, shoveling blood. Juanjuan’s blood is all integrated into the skull.
"No matter how full" feels his blood loss, Zhuge is not bright and painful.
After the crystal skull sucked the blood, it opened its mouth and spat out, but I didn’t know where to spit out a bright red medicinal material, which was fragrant and fragrant, and then flashed and disappeared in the mixed magic city.
Zhuge picked up the medicinal materials before dawn, and this herb was not a common thing at first glance. It was flowing with brilliance and intoxicating fragrance.
"This is this want me to blood? M, this dead man’s head will eat me. "
The next day, Zhuge was ready to leave the city before dawn, but there was no clear destination at that time. He collected some fairy grass in the city, and each kind of fairy grass was for enriching blood. He doesn’t know when the Crystal Skull will come next, so Zhuge should be fully prepared before dawn.
"Your uncle’s dead head, when I am promoted, take your head as a spittoon." Zhuge secretly cursed when he was not bright.
Suddenly, a large area of fairy clouds enveloped the southern sky, covering the sky and the sun, and there were thousands of lucky colors, with the sound of dragons singing and tigers whistling. In the fairy cloud, six colorful dragons are pulling a cloud, surrounded by more than a dozen women in white, all of whom are free from vulgarity.
On the cloud and above, sat a man, also dressed in white, but his face was covered with a layer of fairy fog, and he couldn’t see the halal face. It was like a mosaic. Even men like to play with yards these days.
"Dugu Xianmen takes the main route to this city, and the Lord comes out to meet you." A stunning woman stood on the fairy cloud, and the fairy sound curled up like the sound of the sky.
"Dugu Xianmen is the great power of that alliance!"
"What a grand style. Although Dugu Xianmen belongs to Fanxiu League, its strength can be compared with the largest religion in the wild, and it is said that Dugu Xianmen has close contacts with the Eastern Emperor."