Speaking of the swamp, Wang Guang’s face couldn’t help changing. Why do you think this is?

It turns out that Wang Guang, a fellow, had been to that swamp when he first arrested Jianghu people. The monster beast was rampant in that swamp, and there was even a monster beast that was about to condense Yaodan. At that time, he was chased by a group of crocodiles. If he hadn’t run fast, he would have been swallowed up by the crocodile. The thought of the countless monster beasts hidden in the swamp made Wang Guang shudder.
"Infinite Buddha! I can’t get away from something these days. Go back and tell the family that I can’t take time to escort the caravan until I am busy for three or five years. " Wang Guang pretended to be extremely angry and shouted at the practitioner in front of him. To tell each other that they actually dislike the identity of this task.
"All right!" The spiritual practitioner took a deep look at Wang Guang, and then left by surprise, but he didn’t say a word of encouragement.
Not long after the practitioner left, another golden light came by surprise. The golden light dispersed, but it was the practitioner who had just left.
The trainer’s face looked a little ugly. He glanced at Wang Guang and whispered, "Wang Guang! The family ruler wants to see you about something. I wonder if you are free at this time? "
"Just have time, let’s go." Wang Guang, a cheeky fellow, speaks without scruple and does whatever he wants. As for the feelings of others, this fellow has never taken it to heart.
"It seems that when you are in danger, you have no time to shirk yourself. When you know that there is no danger, you have time. It’s a good calculation. " The practitioner deeply despised Wang Guang for three or five times in his heart.
Where does Wang Guang know that the other party despises himself? This fellow is shaking the dust, pretending to be a sanctimonious touch kind to prepare to meet the Laurence family.
Funnily enough, this fellow has been worshiped by the Laurence family for about a year, but this is the first time to see the power of the Laurence family.
Back to the imperial city, Wang Guang and the practitioner came to a huge manor. This manor has beautiful scenery, but Wang Guang is too lazy to watch it carefully, thinking all the way. This came to the Laurence family who was in power.
In the middle of the hall sat a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man was dressed in a splendid robe, and he was slowly tasting a cup of tea in his hand. The cup covered his face and Wang Guang could not see it clearly.
"You are Wang Guangwang, a practitioner who was enshrined by our Luo family a few days ago!" Seeing a strange practitioner come in under his own worship, the person in power immediately understood what was going on. He quickly stood up and took a few steps to salute Wang Guang’s fuels.
"Infinite Buddha! It is being original. " Wang Guangyi waved his hand and said, "I don’t know what you want to see me for?" Being original is busy practicing meditation these days, and there is little time. If you have something to say, so as not to delay each other’s time. "
"Ha ha! The Taoist priest is really a hothead. " Knowing the strange temper of these practitioners, the ruler was not angry. Instead, he burst out laughing: "So I’ll be blunt."
"Laurence family met some difficulties the other day, in order to get rid of this dilemma, we decided to unite with the prince. This is combined with the prince, but it needs the help of manpower. Therefore, after deliberation and decision, the family hopes to let you go to the prince as a link between the two. You don’t need to do anything when you go to the prince on weekdays, just protect the safety of the prince. Only in this way, you don’t have much free time to do your own thing. " The middle-aged man looked at Wang Guang with a smile and said, "I just don’t know if you are willing to do this."
"That’s all! Being original in the Luo family has been eating and drinking for many days, so it’s natural to do some work for the Luo family. That’s settled for the protection of the prince. I just don’t know how long I need to protect this prince. " Wang Guang was hooked up when he heard this. The benefits he got after being close to one of the princes were much better than those of a family.
After listening to Wang Guang’s remarks, the Luo family’s ruler pondered for a long time before whispering, "There is not much time allowed. As long as the prince changes his identity and becomes an emperor, you can leave at will."
"Become an emperor? Good means, I didn’t expect your family to have such means. " Wang Guang was stupefied at first, and then gagged and laughed: "Good! Ok! Ok! Being original will do, and you can send someone to take me to see the prince, so as to save him from being accidentally killed. In the end, neither you nor I will benefit. "
"Don’t try so hard, Taoist priest. I’ll arrange a banquet here tonight, and then the prince will come. I won’t give you a big explanation, but you can protect him secretly when the prince leaves. "
"well! It is not bad. " After Wang Guangyi heard that he didn’t need to appear in front of a crowd, his heart was still satisfied, and he felt that the power in front of him was to his own taste. In just one year, I was able to figure out some of my habits.
The two men talked about the details again, and from time to time, the night fell and the lights were on. A group of servants and handymen emerged from every corner. Some people wiped tables and chairs with rags, and some held flowers and put them on tables and chairs. At that time, the whole hall was busy, but no one came to disturb Wang Guang and the people in power in this family.
Looking at the serious and busy handymen, Wang Guang felt like an outsider. Everything here had nothing to do with him, and everything was like a moving picture scroll that people could not substitute.
I don’t know how long it took, but the whole hall was decorated with dignity and luxury, and 6 guests continued to come to the door, while Wang Guangze turned to the shadow and sat cross-legged here, waiting silently for the appearance of the prince.
Not long after, more and more guests arrived. Most of these guests are escorted by dzogchen, and some of them are tough and have the protection of practitioners.
Among the guests, one attracted Wang Guang’s attention most. A young man in his thirties was wearing a pale yellow brocade robe. As soon as he entered the hall, Wang Guang only felt a powerful and overwhelming pressure rolling towards him. This coercion is endless, and it is stronger than the coercion given by the Dan teachers he saw at the beginning.
Under coercion, this fellow’s breathing suddenly became disordered. Ups and downs between the chest and abdomen, a series of smoke emerged from his nostrils. "Infinite Buddha!" She whispered a track number, and when she came to practice to resist Na Wei’s pressure, she never thought of Na Wei’s pressure but suddenly left, which suddenly made Wang Guang feel oppressed in her heart. "dry! What a bird! It’s so funny to be original. " Wang Guang took a deep breath, and it took him a long time to smooth his own disordered breathing because of the appearance and concealment of coercion.
After breathing steadily, Wang Guang went to look at the young man carefully. But apart from the other person’s height and clothes, I can’t see his face at all. It turned out that the young man’s face was hovering with a cloud of purple smoke. No matter how strong Wang Guang’s eyes are, the purple smoke can’t penetrate. Released some mind to check in the past, only to see that the mind touched the purple smoke and suddenly disappeared without a trace. A little mind leng completely dissipated.
"It hurts to be original." When Wang Guang saw the loss of mind, he was deeply distressed. This time, I dare not take my mind to detect each other.
"It is being original and confused! The other person is obviously a prince, and the purple gas wrapped around his face must be the so-called imperial gas. With this thing, how can a practitioner dare to hurt him? Only practitioners dare to do this unless they want to be frightened out of their wits. " In a twinkling, Wang Guang remembered what the old Taoist priest had told them in Zongmen. "Don’t hurt ordinary emperors’ families. If anyone kills the emperor’s family, you don’t have to go back to Zongmen, and you don’t have to wait for Zongmen practitioners to kill them. Just commit suicide by yourself is king."
Recalling this, how dare Wang Guang make a move? This fellow secretly rolled a jar of wine with dust, and then sat in the shadow and drank it shovelfully.
All the guests arrived and the feast began. There are singing and dancing singers and actresses, and acrobatic art goes through the motions. For a time, it made people make trouble, which made Wang Guang, a practitioner who had not enjoyed secular life for a long time, suddenly recall the days when he was hanging out in the rivers and lakes.
When a singer appeared on the stage, she was so seductive that she was not much worse than the female trainer Wang Guang saw the other day.
I don’t know what happened, but two guests quarreled. Where does Wang Guang have the heart to observe this matter? He just drank the wine silently and stared at the singer mercilessly, thinking about how to abuse her at night and what posture to pose in bed to enjoy.
"There are only wine and meat songs in the banquet room. Although it sounds good, it is not refreshing. I am a gas practitioner in Huang Chaoshan. Today, I will give you a means to perform at the dinner, which is also a fun for you." While speaking, a dwarf jumped from behind a guest to the center.

Chapter 45 Shorty circles diabolical throw thunder
Chapter 45 Shorty circles diabolical throw thunder
The dwarf jumped from the dinner table to the center, which immediately attracted everyone to laugh. However, Wang Guang didn’t laugh, just said a word and looked forward to the other party’s performance.
Everyone laughed, not because he was funny, but because the picture of this short guy was really funny. Originally, he was only three feet tall, covered in fat, unable to see his neck, and round like a meatball. This jumped out from the dinner, like a meat ball bouncing. Therefore, everyone just laughed.
The dwarf ignored everyone’s laughter, just snorted, saluted and made a name, and shouted, "Ladies and gentlemen, I saw that there were only mundane performances in the banquet room, but there was no means of practicing martial arts. In order to add fun to the dinner, I personally went off to perform."
Without waiting for the host to talk, he turned around in the same place and spurted out flames in his mouth and nose. The flame wrapped around him, and suddenly the dwarf ball turned into a ball of fire and turned in the middle. The fireball jumped up and down, touching the top beam, touching the floor, and hitting the pillar from left to right. However, the wooden object was not lit, showing the ability to control fire with one hand.