Sure enough, when King Simba arrived, he looked at the heavenly heart with a golden image and said, "Why did Taoist friends attack my five masters in Simba?"

"Nothing, just a little need."
"Yes, yu enda space to combat balance, I this starry space …"
"Star Luo space, isn’t this Jinling space?" King Simba interrupted.
"That’s what you call it!"
"Well, even the star space. Taoist friends take my door, so that our army can’t win the war, and it’s too vicious. Our Simba army has not entered the golden … Star Luo space … "
As smell speech dark cool, andao, you have to know my intentions to blame, however, on the surface of infinite seriousness, "Daoyou this is bad, I invited Simba five soldiers here, is really want to stop the war between the two sides. Just imagine, this time, Daoyou won, and next time, that side will send infinite troops to come over, so will Yu Enda’s space be peaceful? Israel, the strength of both sides, fight again, the war escalation, yu enda space is in danger of collapse, that is, it is better to stop fighting … "
"Daoyou means that side …" King Simba’s eyes flashed with a brilliance.
"The friendship between civilizations is good, and the strength of that side is really going to attack, and friends are never opponents. Taoist friends, don’t think that my words are alarmist. After the war, you will send envoys to the other side and naturally understand that I am not talking nonsense. "
"Anyway, that is later. Now, Taoist friends have taken my five noble families, which has caused our war with hope of victory to fall into a dead end, killing countless soldiers in vain, and Taoist friends are hostile to me! " King Simba became aggressive, showing the power of hundreds of thousands of people who were emperors in interstellar years.
"The cause and effect of this matter is clear, and it is up to friends to choose. For the enemy, now I can fight the first world war; As a friend, I will let you go, and in exchange, the space of Yu Enda must be quiet. " Tianxin also hardened.
"Ha ha, for the enemy? Daoyou, are you qualified? " King Simba proudly said, "This starry space, Cen Cen is silent, and there is no interstellar person. With only one Taoist friend … "
"Wrong, although the star space is backward, it is enough to have my guardian. Who can’t be an enemy and who can’t be a friend in this world. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have men. I just work for others. " There was a scorn on Tianxin’s face.
"If you want to work for others, fight with me first." King Simba smell speech and face a folded.
"If you want it, please don’t!"
In fact, both of them have reasons to fight. In Tianxin’s view, the king of Simba, who is used to the Simba world emperor, will not easily stop the war of Yu Enda space. Under his command, the Simba world will continue to put troops into Yu Enda space, which is definitely a disaster. Although the forces of the ten families of the universe are boundless, there are no quasi-infinite people, and in the end, they will be invincible. Once defeated, the Simba army will inevitably advance into the 37 th world of Xingyuan, and with the current pattern of Xingyuan 37 th world, there will inevitably be greater war disasters. There is another layer of heavenly heart’s worry. He is not sure whether this Taoist knows the Emperor, but whether he knows it or not, it is not appropriate for King Simba to meet the Emperor now, as the development of all countries in our country still needs a lot of time. It is the best policy to hold him in the star space instead of the first world war.
In the view of King Simba, the heavenly heart intervened, which led to the hopeless expansion of Simba civilization and killed many soldiers. As a world emperor, this is intolerable. If he wants to back down on this matter, it must be that the person in front of him really has the ability to fight him. In this way, the expansion of Simba civilization has risen to the strategic level of "war danger", and he can convince himself to endure the temporary anger and fight another soft war.
The stars were empty, so enter the dragon was put on.
A meteorite steel sword in Tianxin broke out in a dense cold, which vividly showed the hard hit attribute of the cosmic force, and the sword pointed directly at the Taoist body of King Simba.
The multiplier of King Simba is not bad either. It is a flying sword with roaring sound and fire quality. When it hits Tianxin, Fiona Fang’s light-years away, it thunders, and it is mixed with filar silk to condense the essence of fire.
Both sides’ attacks have their own killing points. Tianxin’s meteorite steel sword has a hard sword speed, and each blow specializes in one point. Under the influence of the cosmic force of the Star Emperor at the infinite level, the king of Simba did not dare to try it, offering a small round shield to block it, and the vanity kept thinking of the huge sound brought by the collision. King Simba’s attack on Tianxin was frightening, but it was not scattered. The attack from the roaring fire flying sword was not a hard blow, but a sound attack and a fire attack. These two attacks may have a great impact on others, but when they fell into the cosmic energy space generated by the steel body armor of Tianxin, the sound attack immediately failed, and the solid flame was also stirred to death by the crazy gas …

Chapter five hundred and eighty Jinling star los
It is expected that the thunder is reactive and the fire is reactive, but the cosmic force of King Simba’s heavenly heart is fierce, but it is fierce, which gives King Simba the feeling of being unpretentious from beginning to end. But it was this reckless force that made him unable to think of a good cracking method at the moment.
He doesn’t know that the cosmic force is something from another space. Tianxin didn’t stay in that space for a long time, and there was little chance to make it move after creating the cosmic force method of the Star Emperor. Three hundred levels of cosmic force tactic, so there is not much to cooperate with the trick and posture, the universal force using skills in Wanhua Space are very rich, but they are all below the level of 298, and these skills can’t play the power of three hundred levels of cosmic force at all. Tianxin’s current cosmic sword skills are just the most basic martial arts. Of course, there won’t be any background, and the breath is full.
King Simba secretly scolded the black sheep of his family. In his eyes, Tianxin is so arrogant that there is no ring, and it is a rash behavior, no, desperate and suicidal behavior.
Tianxin is laughing internally. You are a Taoist. I left my hand as soon as I came up. Besides, there are not many martial arts tricks to cooperate with my skill. Wouldn’t that give you the opportunity? Second, the astral world limits the skill of the Taoist, but by how much, it is unknown that the cosmic force is plunging, that is, to get to the bottom as much as possible while taking the lead.
Moreover, the space of Jinling Xingluo is very similar to the space of flowers, but it is two thousand times larger than the space of flowers in scale. Therefore, in this space, Tianxin is not worried that the cosmic force will be exhausted.
An all-out shot, and the sharp meteorite steel sword saves effort, naturally gained the upper hand when the opponent was a little underestimating.
King Simba is getting more and more depressed. He is depressed in two ways, according to common sense. Just not for long. The other side’s tactics are as great as the extreme, such as the Tianhe river pouring down, so unrestrained, the strength should have been weak long ago, but it didn’t There is also the other side’s flying sword, which is sharp and its weakness. Sharpness makes the flying sword have nothing to split, but sharpness also makes the flying sword easy to fold, especially against the shield-shaped magic weapon. But the other side of the fly sword doesn’t seem to have this taboo. Chop, chop, cut, stab, everything is hard, just like impact. This half-day shot down, his small round shield is almost destroyed, but the other side’s flying sword is still cold and dense, without losing any light.
King Simba realized that he couldn’t look at the golden giant in front of him with the experience of Simba world, otherwise it would be very embarrassing. The king began to overweight, playing the thunder fire tactic and refined magic weapon that he had understood for hundreds of thousands of interstellar years.
For a moment, in the void, the instruments were in full bloom like fireworks. When the lightning strikes, the fire is condensed and compacted. The wind and cloud changed rapidly … A lightning fire in Fiona Fang, ten light years away, was generated, and the thunder rumbled, and the lines were like a stunning sword.
Whether it’s the Tao or not, this skill alone is a waste of means.
This technique of King Simba, as recognized by Tianxin, is the technique of using the world spiritual force. I didn’t expect this guy to use this technique to make the thunder fire field.
Tianxin moved back a light-year away, and the Star Emperor’s cosmic force method turned wildly, and the meteorite steel sword no longer attacked the small round shield of King Simba. In fact, it is not attacking the small round shield, but being blocked by the small round shield. The meteorite steel sword is extremely moving, and the frequency is split by hundreds of millions in an instant. Meet the almost substantial lightning and fire tongue that came at the road. In short, no longer let lightning and fire tongue touch their own meteorite steel body armor gas shield.
King Simba was angry and funny when he saw it. Angry is laughing, although thunder fire can be heard and seen, it is actually an invisible force field. It is too …
It should be said that there is nothing wrong with the idea of King Simba, but he doesn’t understand meteorite steel swords. The meteorite steel sword is a meteorite steel block cut naturally. Although it has no illusion function, its dense structure is also a natural conductor, which can release the injected cosmic force and form an invisible sword awn force field in the shape of a meteorite-like steel sword. The size of this force field depends on how much force the swordsman injects into the universe.
Previously, Tianxin attacked King Simba, because it wanted to gain an opportunity to force out the opponent’s strength. Therefore, it only hit the opponent with the strength of the meteorite steel sword itself. Now, it will naturally inject cosmic force into the meteorite steel sword to release the invisible sword mans force field. This work is more complicated and involves the distribution and utilization skills of cosmic force, so Tianxin is also smart and moves automatically in the void.
The thunder fire field is not the spiritual boundary force, but the spiritual boundary force will fit seamlessly with the Taoist knowledge, and the Taoist can concentrate on driving and simulating the spiritual boundary force because of the protection of the world. The thunder fire field is not so obedient. King Simba can form and control the thunder fire field in Fiona Fang ten light years away, relying on hundreds of arrays of special thunder fire instruments.
This point, in the struggle, Tianxin gradually realized and became more careful. He dared to cross the thunder and fire world, but he dared not really break into the other side’s mine fire field.
King Simba felt helpless when he was suddenly cautious about Tianxin. The thunder fire field was extremely powerful, but there were great advantages and disadvantages. This thing could basically keep up with his moving speed in his hands. If the other party was a quasi-boundless Taoist, he would have a way to circle the other party in the thunder fire field, but the other party was an infinite Taoist, and he could always get a little faster on the dodge thunder fire field. What’s special about this boundless Taoist is that a flying sword can defeat the giant lightning and flames released in the thunder fire field by relying on extreme vibration, which makes him give birth to himself after a long battle.
Swordsmanship sparring to feel.
That’s true. Tianxin, under the attack of King Simba’s "Wan Ma Benteng style", is grafting the principle of the distributor of Lingqi Avenue. The meteorite steel sword is not a weapon, and it can’t be divided, but it doesn’t matter. As long as the meteorite steel sword is made urgent and the vibration times of the meteorite steel sword reach a certain amount, the invisible firm but gentle will naturally have the effect of divider. It’s rare for King Simba to cooperate so much. Tianxin needs to temper the advanced cooperative use skills of cosmic force and meteorite steel sword with the boundless thunder and flame.
Originally, in the astral world, due to the limitation of astral environment, the fighting between Taoists and Taoists can be accomplished as the realm of infinite Tao, so there is no case that a high-order Taoist can kill a low-order Taoist with one punch. At this time, there is only skill to see who can make the most efficient use of his fixed strength and maximize the erosion of his opponent’s strength. If he can force his opponent to consume more than supplement, he will surely win.
King Simba thinks so, and the skills of advanced Taoists cannot be used because of the mismatch of strength and resources. However, it is also possible to combine the skills of a low-order Taoist with boundless power, and to have a quiet five hundred thousand interstellar years for him to realize and refine related instruments.
It’s just that King Simba neglected one thing, that is, the space environment. If Jinling Xingluo World is not a star cluster environment like a flower space, then his skills of showing the face of a barren Taoist are bound to show off. If he fights in the thunder and fire world, then King Simba can also add his martial arts power.
Unfortunately, it’s not. Jinling Xingluo Space is a stable constellation space. Under the full-speed rotation of the Star Emperor’s cosmic force method, Tianxin can always get the cosmic force that consumes more than it needs. The only thing to be tempered is the use of martial arts by cosmic forces.
Tianxin is still alive and kicking after more than a dozen interstellar days, and it is more and more in line with Jinling Xingluo space.
"Is this guy really the guardian here?"
King Simba’s mind began to be driven by the original words of Tianxin.
The battle continued for a few more interstellar days and then stopped. King Simba, seeing the heavenly heart, can really gain seamless strength from Jinling Xingluo space. He doesn’t think it makes any sense to fight like this any longer, so he stopped attacking.
"Good luck, Daoyou, come another day!"
King Simba smiled insensibly, collected the thunder fire field and flashed away.
After determining that King Simba left Jinling Star Falling Space, Tianxin breathed a sigh of relief, and the fight stopped just right. If we play for a few more interstellar days. Or the king of Simba will use more means, maybe he will have to remove the cosmic force method. Transshipment can be learned by nature, and sacrifice can be turned into a dragon ruler …
In this way, not only will his disguised identity be seen through, but the fighting will continue endlessly. The most important thing is, after more than a dozen battles between the stars and the earth, Tianxin realized that even if he worked to clear up the emptiness and offer a new boat sword, he was not sure that he could kill the king of Simba, and there were too many places for the other side to borrow. It’s really dangerous. If you jump into the thunder and fire world outside Jinling Xingluo space, you will be safe.
When King Simba left, it was obvious that he would not give up the space of Jinling Star Luo. Maybe next time you come. There will be a huge army behind him.
"This is a bad guy, seemingly go natural and unrestrained, even five quasi-infinite Tao also don’t. In fact, it is an excuse for entering Jinling Xingluo Space in the future. "
Tianxin felt that the king Simba had gone, and the war between Simba civilization and the ten families of the universe would soon end.
"Ha ha, no matter which side you are, I will surprise you."
Tianxin’s thoughts fly.
The Earth’s Nine-Pole Astral Calendar (2203563), the day when Simba civilization reached an armistice agreement with the ten families of the universe, is a far-reaching day. On this day, the two civilizations shared about 100,000 star fields in the space of Yu Enda, and the two sides decided to send envoys to each other. However, on the issue of the entry of "Jinling Space", the two civilizations kept silent.
Later generations commented that it is inevitable that the two civilizations will remain silent. Jinling Star-Luo Space has a guardian of the Infinite Way. At that time, the Ten Families of the Universe are facing the pressure of the emperor and the world, and they are adjacent to all the countries. Together with the Simba civilization, these three opponents are not generally strong, and all of them have a guardian of the Infinite Way. For their own safety, plus a large number of stars in the rear have not been explored, there is no "land crisis" problem. It is really unnecessary to force themselves into Jinling Star-Luo Space. It is better to strengthen its own coordinated development.