Ten years of sword refining seems like a long time, but if Tianxin’s refining ability can’t soar in these ten years, it is still very difficult to complete the expected purple iron sword.

For this reason, Tianxin finally decided that the biggest illusion form of purple iron sword was the body of 100,000 light years. The minimum illusion form is determined as the three-foot sword body, that is, the constant state. The shaping of the sword is in the charge of Macro Eye. The internal structure of the sword is handed over to the eye, and the control of the sword is handed over to the eye for neuron connection.
Everything is step by step, and it is easy to master. After all, the purple iron sword is not an all-soul blood test. The fighting all-soul blood test can’t remember how many times, and the technical all-soul blood test is the fourth time since Daewoo Star Domain.
Have no concept of time, and devote yourself to it. The internal energy in the body turns wildly, and the power of clearing away deficiency and Tao comes out completely. The tactic of blood refining of all souls moves extremely between the fingers, and a Taoist seal tactic hits the purple iron sword. The power of clearing emptiness and Taoism carried by the seal tactic is inextricably linked under the guidance of spiritual knowledge.
Time seems to freeze. The purple iron sword grows slowly, and around the purple iron sword, huge potholes appear, and the heavenly heart floats in the lifeless sky. With a faint brilliance, the clear emptiness of Tao Li poured down on the purple iron sword. Tianxin’s manner is sometimes thoughtful, sometimes rigorous, and sometimes relaxed. Sometimes I have a long exam, and sometimes I am happy …
In the illusion, thirteen years passed quietly.
"Gan Kun is infinite, the heavenly sword spreads and knots!"
Tianxin’s last soul blood was refined and printed, and the purple iron sword with a posture of 100,000 light-years suddenly became a three-foot sword and flew to Tianxin’s hand. Tianxin shook his hand and threw it into the sky. After chasing the sword, he slipped into the sky.
It should be said that the purple iron opens the heavenly sword to meet the requirements of heavenly heart. But after dancing in the sky, Tianxin discovered many strangers. For example, the toughness of the purple iron sword has reached a new height, and the sharpness can break the steel in the New Territories. The purple iron sword is very clever, and the HarmonyOS purple light at the core of the sword has grown to the size of the blue ball. Obviously, the most essential part of the earth and stone has been melted away for thousands of light-years and given to HarmonyOS purple light. The growth of the spirit has accelerated the recovery of Zi Tiejian’s self-refining. It seems to have digested the blood refining method of Tianxin, and well understood the thinking of Tianxin. It is more intimate with Tianxin than before, and it feels like a person’s left and right arms.
These are good strangeness, and bad strangeness means that Tianxin must step up its cultivation. The final state of Zitie Kaitian Sword is 100,000 light-years state, but Tianxin can only expand to 100 light-years with all its skills. It is expected that the ultimate state of this purple iron sword will not be fully realized before Tianxin reaches the level of Yu.
Another bad strangeness is that the long-range strike speed of the purple iron sword is a little slower because of insufficient land, and the long-range distance is not enough. If you really want to throw it away, the purple iron sword may not fly back. This is still a problem of insufficient cultivation.
However, fortunately for Tianxin, although it takes a lot of effort to open the heavenly sword with purple iron, it can still take a day and a half to fix it with Tianxin now. The purple iron sword can’t be very magical now, and the speed and distance are not enough. It doesn’t matter, as long as the purple iron sword in the form of a hundred light years now can be used freely. The problem that you can’t fly back when you are far away can be solved. Embed a boundary brain, and then embed the blood-blue micro-world. Then, use the spiritual knowledge to guide, navigate the boundary brain, and the blood-blue micro-world to provide power, and just call it back, or simply move it behind the blade.
Tianxin stopped thinking about it, and took the purple iron sword. Now the four tasks in the second stage have been completed. The next step is the third stage, to test the local airspace, predict the degree of difficulty, and refine adventure items to overcome possible difficulties. This stage is also a stage of detecting, reviewing, coordinating and even fine-tuning everything.
"More than forty years have passed, and the third stage is set at fifty years!"
Fifty years is not long, and it is not short. To say long is that this time span is really not small, to say short is that Tianxin has too many things to do, and he must travel all over the periphery, collect data and choose a breakthrough. Moreover, during this period, he must also practice the world diligently, and try his best to combine several powerful instruments, such as Jiutian Hualian, Sunday Dharma and Zitie Kaitian Sword, with the greatest power. In addition, the two skills of "blue sky breaking the boundary" and "real eye" must also be explored, especially "real eye", which is absolutely indispensable for him to break out of the sky. It is also necessary to prepare and skillfully use suitable adventure items in advance! Ready-made goods will save time and reduce risks compared with the existing problems found and refined. This is the common sense of the adventure industry and cannot be made a mistake!
What should be refined first in the third stage?
Of course, various types of optical nerve radars, higher-power holographic information receiving systems, and small high-power detection satellites should also be prepared. It’s time to supplement the nuclear material super nuclear bomb.
Followed by a set of standard adventure equipment.
In fact, in the next 50 years, Tianxin did the most practice, because in the process of mastering purple iron to open heavenly sword and the skill of "breaking the blue sky", he took lifeless earth and stone trees as targets, so that lifeless earth and stone trees were cut off to about 60 star fields, and all these strata were classified into Sunday dharma circles. Rao is that the space of the Sunday dharma circle is empty, and all the objects stored in the dharma circle are floating, but the weight increases, which means the increase. The earth-rock forest is not the world, and there is no spiritual force, so it must be driven by more efforts. So Tianxin practiced crazily in the world.
In addition to cultivation, it is to wear spiritual armor in the outer circle of the emperor’s arrival, to let go of spiritual knowledge and "real eyes", and then to pass the data into the brains of 7,776 departments in spiritual armor, and to calculate it nervously. Sure. In this process, it is inevitable to separate the spiritual knowledge and the power of clearing away deficiency to inspect the evolution of 7,776 broken-shell mysterious blood worlds in the spiritual armor.
There is not much time really used to prepare supplies, and with the means of Tianxin now, as long as it is not related to research and development, refining is not fast. What’s more, all kinds of models of neural radar, small satellites and nuclear super nuclear bombs, Tianxin only refines the core part, and the rest of the standard accessories and assemblies are made into production lines and handed over to bionic robots for manufacturing and completion. What Tianxin has to do is just to add a little divine knowledge.
The last thing that makes Tianxin pay attention to is food. Attribute energy food is to be produced in large quantities, and it is a pity not to produce it because there are so many materials in the sky. And energy drinks …
In a hundred years, everything seemed quiet except Tianxin, who was crazy about it.
However, in the same ancient times, the sky is falling, and war has begun to appear. All the twelve heavens and the earth set off support for the surrounding heavens and the earth, announcing the official confrontation between all the heavens and the fangs army. The Rhubarb Monty Luodong Trial Association even changed the trial place of advanced Taoists from Qianyun Canyon to the two worlds closest to Dahuangtian.
The comprehensive involvement of the capital in the sky has made the tusk army complain bitterly, especially the four jade generals of flow, flower, fall and water in the direction of rhubarb and summer. Because the mage from Dahuangtian and the Taoist in summer seem to know what the army is, what the cluster means, and what the war is all about.

Chapter four hundred and seventy-three Broke the shell and grow wild.
It is the Taoists in summer who are most uneasy about the four generals: Liu, Hua, Luo and Shui. War, no matter when it is fought, is a resource. For the mage of Dahuangtian, the world stone is a resource; The same is true for Taoists. The world is the only magic weapon for Taoists to save their lives and win. In the previous wars to conquer the heavens and the earth, the tusk army always gained the upper hand. But from the dragon and yellow days, the tusk riding began to encounter the most deadly blow, that is, the tusk world was taken away.
This is unthinkable. You should know that the world that one person practices intensively is never suitable for other Taoists. The world is not a cold weapon, but anyone can make it. But this incredible thing happened. In the summer, Taoists took the lead in launching a world war against the Fang army, and the situation became more and more fierce. The mage of Dahuangtian recently began to be interested in the Fang Xuan blood world.
"Everything is caused by the internal rules in those two editions!" General Shuiyu gnashed his teeth. "My fangs rode in the battle of Dragon and Yellow Heaven a hundred years ago, and once lost tens of thousands of high-level worlds."
"Two hundred years ago, the same thing happened in the battle of Balingtian in our department. Two tusk hunters and a tusk detective riding world were taken away, and one tusk detective riding was killed." General Liu Yu seconded and sink a track. "It’s just that the siege of Baling Day was at a critical moment, and the general was reported late, so he didn’t focus on this matter! Later, this general sent Fang Fang to investigate and search for five Taoists who robbed Fang Fang’s world, but so far there is no clue. Now, it seems that those Taoists have arrived, and they are all in the sky. "
"General’s point is that, according to our secret spy exploration, there is an abandoned heaven and earth (well-off day) near Longhuangtian, and there is a Panlong ghost town in the field that day, and the features of the city are very consistent with the building articles in the endless edition. Therefore. Basically, it can be confirmed that the internal energy of the two editions originated from that heaven and earth, and the failure of our Fang army should also be attributed to the Taoist of this heaven and earth. These cunning guys, after discovering that they can’t fight with our department, they first step away … "
"It seems that it should be detailed child.when the emperor. These two editions of Internal Energy Scriptures are rich in war content, so we must ask the Emperor to send more troops, otherwise once the whole of them are accepted, our fangs army will have no hope of winning them, and the deployment for hundreds of millions of years will be destroyed. " General Liu Yu-Zhang Kuo has a serious face.
"It is inevitable to send more troops. The problem is how to stop the Taoist in summer and the mage in Dahuangtian from robbing the world where I ride with my fangs." Shuiyu looks ferocious. "We will do the same to each other and rob their world. Even if we can’t use it, we can reduce their combat power!"
"No, Shuiyu, what do you mean?" Three generals, including Liu Yu, were surprised.
"A hundred years ago, our secret spy sent back two versions of Internal Energy Scripts. I once organized a manual study and found that if someone can understand the two versions of the internal classics, even those who have no way can cross the world of fangs and mysterious blood. You don’t have to wait for a thousand years, and you can enter the ranks of flood-level top-level people within a year. "
"There is such a thing. I’m afraid your understanding is not simple? " Liu Yu and other three generals quickly grasped the main points in Shuiyu’s words.
"Not simple. If Taoists have been practicing the Infinite Internal Energy Scripture since childhood, it will be more effective for them to cross the shallow blood world under the guidance of the External Internal Energy Scripture, and they will be able to transform the shallow blood world of others into their own in 20 years. You say it’s terrible, but it’s not terrible. The two editions of Internal Energy Scripts were introduced a hundred years ago, and you can calculate how many children have accepted the Internal Energy Scripts. At present, the mage and Taoist in Dahuangtian and summer rob the world of fangs and mysterious blood. If we give them twenty years, only these two worlds will exist. We will usher in more than hundreds of millions of flood-level middle and high-level young people. "
"Can we follow suit?" Liu Yu asked with a gloomy face.
"No," Shuiyu shook his head. "It’s very strange to start the internal energy book of the external revision world edition, if it’s from the pornographic world. There is no difference between the internal knowledge of the external world edition and other methods of practicing the world. If you want to practice the world of Xuanxue across ranks, you must have a resentment in your heart. "
"Resentment and anger …"
"Yes. I, a tusk soldier, give directions to the mountains and rivers, and I am in high spirits. Where is the resentment, and I don’t know much about the internal nature of the endless version, so even if I grab the high-quality world, I can only seal it up and not apply it. "
"Can that be recommended to the Young Tusk Army Base?" General Liu Yu’s face became more gloomy.
"According to the current research results, can’t. If we recommend it to the young soldiers, the young soldiers will no longer be tusk fighters. Needless to say, or we can be cruel to the young soldiers and cause their resentment, so as to provide them with the stolen world for cultivation, but this is more dangerous, so that the young soldiers who grow up will be the first to attack the base. The natural purpose of internal energy is to let people have strength in hand and vent all their grievances. "
"This …"
"The only thing to be thankful for is that the external revision of the world edition is invalid for the green world, that is, even if the enemy steals the green world, there is no way to practice!"
"Two versions of internal energy scripture to the emperor? Maybe the army can … "
"Thirty years ago has been spread! This time, I wouldn’t have mentioned it if it weren’t for the mage and Taoist robbing the world in the summer.
On winning or losing! "
The war between the tusk army and the heavens and the earth, which are dominated by the sky, has entered a new level because of the two editions of internal laws. If Tianxin knows, it may be dumbfounding.
Infinite version of Inner Canon encapsulates the three principles and integrates the three civilizations. Generally speaking, as long as the boundless person practices the Inner Canon from an early age and cultivates the Tao through the Inner Canon, then the code of conduct in other places is three systems, and the standard for judging everything is three systems. This is the basis of practicing the internal classics in the world edition, and it is also the basis for those who have no way to cross the world of Xuanxue. The three systems pay attention to self-improvement and counterattack in case of adversity, thus opening the door to Lihui. Sanzhi pursues influence, not fist. Sanzhi’s fist will only condense when it meets Eritrea. Eritrea is puzzled, the giver will not be robbed, and Sanzhi’s fist will never be released. In this case, it is Tianxin who endows the person without Tao with the ability to cross-cultivate the mysterious blood world in the revised version of the Internal Classic. Even so, this ability is only suitable for those who have a deep understanding of the nature of the infinite version, and only those who can understand the nature can master the essentials of cross-cultivation of the mysterious world.
This may be a kind of "anger", but it is by no means the "resentment and anger" mentioned by the fangs army! The former is healthy qi, and the latter is shaqi!
It’s just that Tianxin has no time to refute the research conclusion of the Fang-tooth army’s Shuiyu Department. He is now trapped in the magic array of a big space where the emperor is in the sky, struggling to break out of the sky.
The large space magic array that isolates the emperor from the outside world is different from the blue vortex space magic array of the Guanghuang relics in the summer when the emperor is in the sky. This difference was known when Tianxin first broke into the array.

The first difference is the power source. In summer, the force source of the blue vortex space array of Guanghuang relics is geocentric force, while the force source of the large space magic array around the emperor’s arrival in the sky is not geocentric force, but boundless airspace. In the composition of geocentric power and power. The most active stars are biased; However, in the boundless airspace, chaotic element information, star element information and other trace elements information constitute a relatively stable existence. In other words, in the face of the blue vortex space magic array supported by geocentric forces, Tianxin may be broken. However, for Tianxin, who is now practicing for heaven, it is impossible to crack the magic array in a large space. We can only follow the situation, take advantage of loopholes and seize the opportunity of that moment!
The space magic array of Guanghuang remains is in the form of vortex flow, while the large space magic array is in the form of quiet and silent dead space. Without a trace of vitality, the stable state of space can even be compared with the most stable star field in Xingyuan world. This is the second difference between the two space magic arrays. Therefore, it is doomed that the actions taken by Tianxin are different. The space magic array of Guanghuang ruins tests strength more than mood. As long as you hold on, the blue vortex will send you out, so those who fall into the trap can just let it be; On the contrary, the test of the state of mind is greater than the strength. In the face of the silent and empty space, it is obviously impossible for the trap to be quiet. If you don’t act, you can only stay where you are forever, but you can’t move. You must forget your strength. Gather your mind, spread your knowledge, and pay attention to the changes in the magic matrix.
The so-called polar motion is followed by extreme silence. Such as the earth, both revolution. Spinning again, the speed is still very amazing, but people on earth can’t feel the earth moving. Now this large space array is such a principle. Its extreme motion is hidden behind extreme silence. Being in the office is hard to detect. Tianxin was also noisy for quite a while, only to think through this level.
At the beginning, Tianxin dressed in the spiritual armor of the spiritual world started the ancient transmission mechanism embedded in Hualian for nine days, and ran for a whole day. According to the calculation of 10 trillion light-years per hour, after 24 hours, Tianxin could enjoy some transmission results. But the result is just the opposite. Tianxin failed to move out of the space. This is absolutely wrong. Tianxin is sure that there is nothing wrong with its outward migration direction. Perhaps the thickness of this space is more than 240 trillion light years, which is understandable, but the stability of the space has not changed after a day of transmission, which is suspicious.
Give up the transmission, Tianxin started the world’s spiritual armor, condensed the real eye, and took thousands of space illusions into more than 7,700 brain circles in armor. Another day passed, and as a result, Tianxin almost didn’t faint. It turned out that his first day’s movement was all in a daze, and his outward movement direction did not know when it turned into an orbital direction. The outward migration is outward migration, but after moving to a certain level for a certain period of time, the large-space dead space phantom array quietly changed his outward transmission to orbital transmission, that is, he ran to death and was also circling around the emperor.
Such a failure, although embarrassing, is not surprising to Tianxin.
Surprisingly, he seems to be stuck on this orbital plane. In the next few days, no matter how he tried, he just moved sideways and didn’t get out of this orbital plane, just like a satellite wandering on the orbital plane.
You can see the importance of the world at this time. I don’t know how big it is, but after I entered it, I knew it was a dead space without vitality. Of course, this is relative to the vitality of the infinite world. When a Taoist practices in the infinite world, the vitality of the universe is violent, and how much he can absorb depends mainly on the cultivation of the Taoist; However, in the big fantasy space, the Taoist is exhausted, and he can’t recruit a trace of vitality. The body interest consumed during practice is thousands of times greater than the vitality gained. Internal energy is one of the best at accepting yuan, but it’s dead here.