"hmm!" Zhang Xiaotian light nodded his head. Some can’t figure out the intentions of these two princesses.

"giggle! Since you are friends of our sister, you are friends of our ghosts! Welcome to the sea of the underworld. My name is Youyou, and this is my second sister next to me. My name is Yingying! " Walk slowly to the front of Zhang Xiao’s world. The belle who just spoke sounded a silvery laugh and said leisurely.
Seeing the attitude of the two princesses, Zhang Xiaotian couldn’t help but feel dazed. She wondered at the bottom of her heart if she had watched too many novels and TV series, and some of them were too allergic! However, people have said so, and he can’t be rude. At present, Zhang Xiaotian pondered for a moment and then said, "My name is Zhang Xiaotian. He is my brother Yang Xiaodi. This is … my wife Qin Wan … ".
Zhang Xiaotian pointed to the people around him and introduced them to the two Princess Ghosts in front of him.
When Qin Wan heard Zhang Xiaotian introduce that she was his wife. Face can’t help flying a blush! They are not married yet!
There are not many people who have been warned by fire and water! Except for the ice spirit and the fire spirit. There are two monsters who have reached the sixth order! Ghost beast, ghost emperor, eagle nine and Niu Tong! Zhang Dianfei, Fatty, Sanying and Lingtian, as well as Yang Xiaodi and his two housewives …
Every time Zhang Xiaotian introduced one, the two princesses greeted them warmly!
After greeting each other, the two sides stood next to Xiaoqing, quietly waiting for her to absorb the power of the underworld!
Four girls, Qin Wan, Gong Sunziyin, Li Yaner and Lin Er, looked at it curiously, and it was a picturesque sea of ghosts!
Maybe it’s because Xiao Qing is now absorbing the power of the nether world. After the two princesses greeted everyone, they didn’t get close to her, which also made Zhang Xiaotian feel a little relieved.
At this time, the two princesses were whispering to each other. And, as he spoke, he also looked at Zhang Xiao and them!
Zhang Xiaotian, however, their hearing is not bad. Although the two princesses are whispering, they can still hear clearly!
I heard faint whisper in my ear: "Hey! Invisible! Look at them, which one is Xiaoqing’s sweetheart? " .
A listen to faint asked these words, Zhang Xiaotian several people were shocked! Then, the eyes happen to coincide to the side of Ling Tian!
Ling Tian is looking at the sea of the nether world with a cold face at this time. Although she also heard the faint and invisible two princesses talking, she didn’t care. See people’s eyes rested on him, not from zheng! Just after a moment, I shook my head hard! The cultivation has become higher, the strength has increased, and I have seen so many masters, and his pride has slowly faded! The door of feelings has gradually opened, but his feelings are placed on Jiang Yun, who used to love to haunt him! What’s more, he knew that Xiao Qing didn’t have a crush on him.
"I see … should be the leading! Look how much he cares about Xiaoqing! " Gave Zhang Xiaotian a Chou, whispered back.
Zhang Xiaotian immediately big embarrassment, quickly look at Qin Wan standing by! See Qin Wanzheng looked at him with a smile on his face, this just rest assured.
"No! The leader is not handsome. How can Xiao Qing have a crush on him? I think it should be his younger brother! " Faint jiao smiled and whispered.
Zhang Xiaotian a face of embarrassment! Yang Xiao was even more embarrassed, and his eyes carefully looked aside at Li Yan’s son and Gong Sunzi’s voice.
"To say the most handsome! I think that man named Ling Tian is the most handsome, and besides, he hasn’t married yet! " I shook my head and said seriously.
"No! No! The most handsome is not necessarily the most attractive. I think that Zhang Dianfei is good! " Faint immediately retorted. Just when the two princesses, Faint and Invisible, almost teased the "man" present, a red figure jumped out.
"Xiaoqing is even!" I saw the fat boy waving his little hand. Flushed and bulging!
"Ah?" Everyone’s glasses are broken!
Even Zhang Xiaotian they were dumbfounded.
"You?" Faint and invisible two princesses opened their mouths and were dumbfounded. Look fat boy up and down!
A little doll of three or four years old! Wearing a red Chinese-style chest covering! Grow … Some fat, an irate expression, very cute!
This is the image of fat boy!
"Hum!" Seeing the expression on everyone’s face, Fat Boy was so angry that he snorted.
With this cold hum. Fat boy began to spread a faint golden light outward! And, more and more strong!
Just a moment later, the golden light came out of Fat Boy’s body, and his whole figure was shrouded in it!
Everybody. I can’t see the fat boy, only a golden light mass scattered with golden awns is suspended in mid-air!
Zhang Xiaotian opened his mouth and tried to shout something, but nothing came out!
Suddenly, the golden light disappeared! The little doll, fat, also disappeared.
Appear in front of everyone is … A white boy of fifteen or sixteen! Black head. Handsome face, two deep eyes, looking at everyone with a cold face!
See suddenly appeared in front of the white boy, they opened their mouths! Faint and invisible princess, but also can’t believe rubbed his eyes!
Looking at the familiar sign on the forehead of the boy in white, Zhang Xiaotian tentatively shouted: "Fat boy?" .
The corners of the mouth of the boy in white slightly bent a beautiful radian, and he smiled and shouted, "Boss!" " .
"You … how did you become like this?" Zhang Xiaotian asked tongue-tied, and when he heard the answer from the white boy, he was convinced that the white boy in front of him was fat. Whether it’s a spirit beast or a monster beast. When the transformation period is reached. Can be transformed into a human form! However, once the taxiing. The image is fixed! At the beginning, when Fat Boy transformed into a three-or four-year-old baby. Zhang Xiaotian also feel a little pity! Now …
"I grew up!" White boy responded and said slowly.
"Grow up?" Zhang Xiaotian paused, somehow, he felt, eyes fat like a different person! However, I can’t say what has changed!
Maybe it’s because Fat Boy has changed again! Zhang Xiao, as thought.