After that, Hou Pingping turned to her father and asked, "Dad, how do you feel?"

"That’s it. You have to toss us all the way over here. I’ve asked about this root cause over there, and there’s no cure."
"How do you know if you don’t try? Teacher Li has cured many cancer patients, and even foreigners have come to him specially. Maybe we can’t cure the disease there."
"Alas …" Dad sighed and said nothing.
"Pingping, don’t worry about him. Your dad just shut up. The day you said let us come over, you took it to look for that teacher Li, and he went to our provincial hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to inquire about the old doctor. When he heard that he could find this teacher Li, he also recommended him to come over and let him see that he was in a hurry."
"Why do you say this, old woman?" Father Lu said discontentedly.
"Pingping, was that classmate of yours just now Miss Li’s daughter?"
"That’s her, her brother and sister are now in the army general hospital. Wenhui is now in the laboratory. Her brother is also a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine."
"That affirms that somebody else’s father’s medical skill is so powerful that he must train his son to take over."
"Dad, you’re wrong. I heard Wen Hui say that at the beginning, Teacher Li really didn’t think about what Wenxuan wanted to do when he took over. Let them choose their own sister and brother, and later Wenxuan wanted to learn Chinese medicine."
"Wenxuan?" Mother Lu looked at her daughter suspiciously.
"Pingping, you don’t like this Wenxuan, do you?"
"Mom, don’t talk nonsense. People are married and have children."
As the saying goes, a mother who knows her daughter knows that there is something wrong with her daughter.
But Lu’s father interrupted Lu with a wave and his mother continued to ask.
"Pingping that we don’t go to somebody else’s home to visit a teacher Li? No matter what my illness can be regarded as, when you graduate, you have to be introduced to the pharmaceutical institute by the workers’ home here, and we have to thank you for it. "
"Today, we don’t need to go directly to the hospital to register and see Miss Li. When you are ready to leave later, I will ask Wen Hui if I can invite Miss Li to dinner."
Lu Ping has now decided to stay in 49 cities after graduation. Although her parents are reluctant, it is obviously much better for her daughter to stay here in the pharmaceutical institute than to go back.
And Lu Ping can enter the pharmaceutical internship or Li Chu said hello to Song Tangyuan last year.
"That’s fine." Dad nodded. "Just arrange it as you see fit. Your mother and I will listen to you."
"Don’t worry, Dad, you two are just visiting."
Early the next morning, Lu Ping took her parents to the General Hospital.
After hanging up the number in the outpatient hall, Wen Hui led them directly to the clinic.
"Dad Luping, mom and dad are coming."
When Lu Dad and Lu Ma saw Li Chu, who had been told by her daughter many times, her eyes were full of wonder.
Is this meow the same age? How do you feel that you are a few years older than Pingping Mobile?
"Welcome two people to visit the 49 cities!"
Li Chu smiled and shook hands with Lu Dad and Lu Ma and asked them to sit down.
He has seen this kind of gaze many times and has already had the epidemic force.
"Miss Li has given you trouble, and thank you for helping our Pingping United internship unit."
"You’re welcome. The children are all good. I also made a message. The main reason is that Luping has taken a fancy to her in the pharmacy."
We are chatting here. The consulting room door was pushed from the outside and Zhao Zhijun came in.
"Lord Wen Hui is also."
"Hello, Brother Zhijun"
"What’s the matter with Zhijun?"
"Three people came to see you from behind the master. I saw a work permit, and one of them was the director Zhang of the museum."
"The museum? Which museum? " Li Chu is a bit stupid. He really doesn’t know anyone from the museum.
That master Cao was known earlier when he was a master.
"It’s the one on the west side of your house."
"Where are people now?"
"I asked them to sit in a small meeting on the second floor first."
"Didn’t you say anything?"
"I asked what cultural relics it was."
"Ok, you tell them that I still have patients here and ask them to wait for a while." Li Chu heard Zhao Zhijun pick an eyebrow when he went to the cultural relics
It won’t be for your own blue and white bowl.
But how can such a big museum be interested in its own broken bowl?
See Zhao Zhijun made a ceremony and walked out of the clinic. Dad was a little embarrassed and said, "Miss Li, why don’t we come back to your place another day and have guests?"
"I’ll see you first if it doesn’t matter." Li Chu smiled and waved and then pointed to the desk pillow. "Put your right hand away."
For him, if it is not particularly urgent, he will finish seeing the patients at hand and then do that thing, even if the person who is waiting now is the same.
Lupa lung cancer is really a malignant disease caused by the invasion of positive qi deficiency and evil toxin.
It is much more serious than the cancer patients he treated before.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Treatment
This also aroused Li Chu’s interest, and he also wanted to see whether it was possible to cure this malignant tumor that ranked first or second.
"Are you still working?"
"I just finished the retirement formalities and my age is approaching. I have already retired to the second line. Only then did I find out that I was sick and simply retired."
Li Chu nodded and thought for a moment and said, "To tell you the truth, I’m not sure about this disease. I mean, try it, but even if you can’t recover, it’s no problem to prolong your life and make you suffer less pain."