Finally, you failed me?

This is?
"Kill kill!"
Li Xuandao roared in the sky like a wounded beast waving a sword and beheading it everywhere.
All light flashing poor firm but gentle burst.
Colorful cloud robbery and crazy whining are riddled with fierce shock wave, and the color is dim, as if the thunder punishment can be dispersed at any time. It is even more vulnerable, and it is often defeated by the shock wave before it condenses.
Zhu Xianxin punished nine times for being abused in front of Li Xuandao.
"Kill it, since I have to worry about it?"
"This day has been stolen by Guan Yaoguang. What do you want to stay there? Kill all the people and destroy Guan Yaoguang’s painstaking efforts."
"Everyone is an official Yao Guang Li Min, who killed everything and was an official Yao Guang"
A series of seductive sounds sounded out of nowhere.
They are like a demon whispering, like a number of shackles holding Li Xuandao’s mind to the edge of darkness.
Li Xuandao’s sword swung out and cut off the clouds from the sky. His eyes were red and he was full of poor grievances, like an abyss demon, which was terrible.
His heart is getting colder and colder, and his eyes are getting more and more ferocious.
If people fail me, they will kill everyone in the sky.
If the sky is negative, I will slay the sky.
"Brother Li!"
Suddenly, a cold sound was like a flash that cut through heavy fog and lit up Li Xuandao’s mind.
The poor magic sound dissipates instantly
All darkness recedes like a rolling wave
Silent, murderous, Li Xuandao suddenly woke up. He looked up in confusion and pursued the sound source. His brain suddenly flashed a beautiful figure.
Li Moyan!
Yes, this is Li Moyan’s voice.
This is the person who has worried him the most since his metempsychosis.
"What’s wrong with me?"
Li Xuandao looked at the cloud that had dispersed and was quickly mending the spiritual world, and his eyes flashed a blank.
"it’s a demon."
At this time, the sound of the great ancestor suddenly sounded from the body, "You have just been possessed by demons. Fortunately, you woke up when you woke up, or you will become a complete killing machine with very serious consequences."
Li Xuandao leng leng instantly wake up.
He almost forgot to punish the immortal heart, not only pointing at the soul, but also causing poor demons. But recalling the scene just now, he asked again in a low voice, "What happened to that sound just now?"
Li Xuandao’s face slowly swam out of his body, and he was suspicious and asked in a low voice, "What sound did you just mean? Why didn’t I hear it?"
Chapter 176 Promotion through the ages!
Chapter 176 Promotion through the ages!
"What the hell is going on?" Li Xuandao suddenly frowned and felt suspicious.
He can be quite sure that it was definitely not an illusion just now. Because of the illusion, the root method helped him break the demons and let him wake up instantly. But if it was not an illusion, what could he hear and the ancestors could not hear?
Think along while, Li Xuandao also don’t think white can temporarily put.
At this time, he has passed the punishment and successfully promoted to the realm of eternity, which has brought about earth-shaking changes in both spirit and mana.
In Du Jie, his spiritual world was completely destroyed, but after absorbing the power of robbing clouds, his spiritual world was condensed again and became broader and more colorful.
The sky is blue and blue, like washing the earth, dark and yellow, calm and heavy.
Rolling hills, colorful flowers, lush forests and endless rivers form a vibrant picture, which is simply different from the real world unless there is no life in this world.
In addition, there was a colorful cloud floating for nine days.
God damn it!
Li Xuandao eyes surprise heart slightly move.
If that colorful Xiangyun imitation is inspired to the shape, the command suddenly splits a golden lightning to smash the 10,000-meter Fiona Fang into pieces.