At this moment, the man who caught lujun’s eye was none other than Lu Fu’s real master and the culprit that led to all this.

"Handsome son …"
It’s like just waking up from a dream. Lu Jia’s master is confused and looks at lujun who is tied up.
"I … what’s the matter?"
Trembling, raising his hands, Master Lujia just wanted to stretch out his hand to touch lujun, but he accidentally found himself touching each other.
"I … am I already dead?"
There was an incredible look in his eyes, and just as Master Lu continued to say something.
Only to see that lujun, who was bound, suddenly changed his face, and his previous joy was replaced by fear and disbelief.
"Dad! Sure enough, as Xuan Er said, you killed Ruier, didn’t you? !”
Rui Er’s first seven souls happened that night, and his heart suddenly changed. As soon as Lu Jun remembered those memories that were deliberately forgotten by himself.
Memories of the past flooded my mind, and at the same time, lujun’s mind seemed to have recovered a little, and he was no longer as paranoid and crazy as before.
"That’s a fox demon …"
In the face of his own questioning, he just looked incredulous. Master Lu seems to have regained his "parental" majesty. A calm tone mixed with a little hatred of iron does not produce emphasized
"I know! I knew it long ago! "
"I knew from the beginning that Ruier was not an ordinary person. How could ordinary people cure my eye disease?"
"But even if Ruier is a fox demon, it’s my media who is marrying and carrying a big sedan chair to get it back. My mother is the daughter-in-law of the Lu family!"
Angry and growling, lujun simply hates his father’s picture of "everything is hello"
Lujun seems that all kinds of frustrations in his first half of life were caused by his father’s so-called "Hello", and now even his wife has become this inexplicable reason to sacrifice.
"Do you know what Xuaner will see that dissolute Li Sheng?"
"Because that’s her resistance to you!"
Struggling to think of it, lujun seemed to have done his best all his life. The unwillingness and anger in his roaring tone made the onlookers feel generous
"We are not your puppet! We don’t need you to make a choice for us! "
Look calm stare at the top of lujun Lou master is light shook his head.
"I am your father, and I have a duty to protect you."
Yet a struggle lujun suddenly stopped struggling is a face of self-effacing knelt down.
"You call this … protection?"
Lujun listened to his high voice, and his father suddenly felt that the idea of trying to escape from this home with Ruier was sad.
Because of master Lu’s roots, it is impossible to let two people leave this home, let alone let them live together freely.
"Do you know that Ruier is pregnant with my flesh and blood?"
All my life, my emotions burned out at this moment. lujun knelt down in despair and looked up at his father, the man who dominated his generation
"It is because she is pregnant with that bastard that I can’t keep her."
From the perspective of lujun, Master Lu looks so determined and cold at the moment, as if he said he was not his grandson but a monster.
"We, Lu Jiazu, will never let that kind of Uber pollute Lu Jiayu."
As soon as Master Lu spoke this, lujun suddenly felt an unprecedented despair, a sadness for himself, his father and his family.
"I don’t want you to know all this, but who told you to come back at this time?"
Seeing that lujun showed such a desperate and sad look, Master Lu’s face could not help but flash across a faint sadness, but it was immediately replaced by habitual seriousness.
"If you come back later, things won’t …"
After saying his word, a sudden chuckle broke master Lu’s words.
"Oh, so this is the status of family in your heart."
"Oh, so this is the status of family in your heart."
"I suddenly regret letting you see Brother Jun for the last time."
Lujun that shocked eyes a white palm impressively through Lou home master chest let his pain to Yin qi dissipation.
After all, Master Lu’s soul body is shaped by Yin Qi, and there is no support of resentment and hatred.
Therefore, after the yin qi that constitutes himself is dispelled, he naturally turns into the most primitive soul form and disappears as if it had never appeared.
"Rui son? !”
Looking at the white palm, lujun suddenly widened his eyes and blurted out his wife’s name.
"Hey, look who this is?"
Listening to a light singing and laughing, a house suddenly burst into a fragrance.
"It’s not like I know the Lujia gentleman!"
Metamorphoses, the white palm turned into a graceful figure, which also appeared in front of lujun.