Hidden dragon members go behind Jianghan one by one, like this, they can lend their own strength to Jianghan.

"Let’s share weal and woe," someone said.
"Let’s share weal and woe"
All the people said
Jiang Han stared at Qin Mufeng with burning eyes. He knew that these hidden dragons were talking about themselves, but in fact they were really Qin Mufeng!
However, after Jianghan, they will be the same to their hearts!
But since then, maybe Jianghan should change his mind and really call Qin Mufeng Uncle Qin!
Volume Five Feilong Day Chapter 39 Please fight!
Twelve members of the hidden dragon said in turn that the players like mad dogs led everyone to be firm. Jianghan’s eyes behind him looked at the edge of rage with provocation and hostility. Director Tang’s eyes were burning with fighting flames, Shen Aotian.
This is not a hidden dragon supernumerary, but a real hidden dragon, spirit of war, which was honed in the life and death of the hidden dragon Sanying!
They know that these people are here to fight for the position of captain of the hidden dragon, and what they want to do is to help Jianghan hold this position because this is what Qin Mufeng means!
People who don’t understand the hidden dragon seem to have three nameplates, but they don’t know that the three talents of the hidden dragon are the soul leaders of this team until they go deep into the hidden dragon, even if things are different, even if they are not what they used to be.
It may not be true to say Jianghan, but they have to choose Jianghan because of Qin Mufeng!
But Jianghan is really not so nice to them.
I remember three months ago, when I came to Jianghan on the first day, I single-handedly picked out the whole hidden dragon, which made the whole hidden dragon team unable to lift their heads for a long time. Later, these big guys repeatedly wanted revenge. Whoever challenged Jianghan, he refused, and then the autumn wind swept away the leaves to destroy his opponents, regardless of team friendship.
All of them have been defeated by Jianghan, and it is even less that they have not been wounded by him, but it is precisely in this way that they have a full understanding of Jianghan’s skill.
People who are strong and respect the most are stronger than themselves, and they know the gap between themselves and Jianghan.
At that time, although everyone had enough knowledge of Jianghan’s skill, they didn’t have this kind of maintenance for him. On the contrary, if they had an organic conversation, they would not let go and kick him secretly.
But now it’s different. Qin Mufeng is like a reassurance, and they don’t like Shen Aotian, or all the real hidden dragon players named Shen in 49 cities don’t like it!
Not long after director Tang saw these people express his position, his heart began to swish to fall
I’m afraid I’m really going to screw up this time
Jianghan, is he a monster? How can this short time make this group of unruly guys be dead set?
The fat director to speak was stopped by Shen Ao day eyes.
A strong sense of frustration pervaded his body and mind, and he was full of unwillingness, but this time he lost to his heart.
Jianghan is really a strong opponent.
Shen Aotian tried to recover his face calmly and greedily. He glanced at Jianghan’s chest and saw the ups and downs in his heart. Who can refuse the temptation brought by the national defense medal?
He is not broad-minded, but if he is a soldier, who doesn’t want to be a hero of saving the country? It’s a pity that time waits for no man, whether Jianghan has it or not, but it’s also impossible for Jianghan’s generation to think that some things are doomed to change from birth!
Shen Aotian’s eyes moved from Jianghan’s chest and stared at Jianghan’s eyes and said with a smile, "Jianghan, I admit that I lost this time. I don’t dispute the position of captain of Hidden Dragon. Comparatively speaking, you are more suitable to be their captain and they need you more."
"thank you"
Jianghan heart sneer at a face is bonhomie.
It would be much easy if Shen Aotian could give up voluntarily.
"But you have to promise me a request," said Shen Aotian suddenly, with thick eyebrows and crazy fighting spirit burning in his eyes.
"Huh?" Jianghan took a look at his eyes, and though he guessed what he wanted, he was still waiting for him to come out voluntarily.
"Huaxia Jianghu has always been the object that the military is keen to recruit. I have long heard that you are an excellent Jianghu player. I have always been curious …" Shen Aotian said, "Today I finally found an opportunity to fight with me?"
Jianghan leng leng is really hard to understand the courage of this man who was slapped by a poisonous woman, but then he readily agreed.
Hearing that Jianghan is going to fight with people, members of the Hidden Dragon are excited one by one. In the past three months, they have suffered a lot from Jianghan’s hands. They are somewhat afraid of Jianghan. If they don’t want to be physically abused, they can expect others to take the initiative to challenge Jianghan.
Even Xu Zhenna, deputy chief of staff, is looking forward to seeing this little contest with people, which can always make people feel excited.
Since Shen Aotian withdrew from the captain’s competition, he simply let go instead of going to the secret room with Jianghan, but he was generous enough to see Shen Aotian in the public boxing field of the base. People who went to the hidden dragon covered their mouths and snickered. They didn’t know what level Shen Aotian was, but Jianghan abused them, but the scene was like a nightmare!
This little thing is going to suffer
"I hope we can go," Shen Aotian said. He was afraid that Jianghan would feel guilty because of his withdrawal or try to make up for his hand when he played against himself.
"Don’t worry, if I can respect my opponent, I will try my best to bring him down." Jianghan shrugged and said.
A good word is still ringing in my ear. Shen Aotian has flashed out of his double clenched fists, and a right hook with a side slope of 35 degrees quickly hit Jianghan Ba.
The border wolf, a special force guarding the country gate on the southwest border of China, although the famous Chinese military department is not famous for its hidden dragons, it is also a way to make the evil forces of southwest foreign countries fear and become its captain, which shows that this Shen Aotian still has something to do.
However, if something happens again, he still meets the most treacherous wolf in Jianghan’s history. Chen Jiang, the first wolf in Jianghan’s history, is dead. This Shen Sheng cold son is not necessarily bad!
To tell the truth, Shen Ao’s degree is fast enough, which is two points faster than another degree of Qianlong’s sharp knife, but Jianghan’s eyes are still too slow
Then hit the fist quickly. Jianghan’s eyes are slower than when his fist reaches three centimeters away from his body.
Dull sound Shen Ao day whole body straight fly out to the boxing field edge crowd smashed in the past.
Strong! The force that can’t be prevent is also a force that Shen Ao has never experience before.
Shen Ao day sat down and looked at himself as painful as tearing fist pale!
"I can’t believe that there is such a big gap between us!"