The emperor controls the sword!

The nine-handle Xuanjian suddenly bloomed with bright light.
Wufeng corners of the mouth become warped peep out one silk contemptuous smile force cast tiger evil spirit Geng Jin firm but gentle storm Yun Fan.
Still regard Yun Fan’s upcoming attack
Wu Feng seems that the strongest attack that Yun Fan can make is the golden sword light, which should be an imperial avatar, which poses a big threat to his mysterious turtle and armor.
To pin down this door, the emperor’s avatar Yun Fan’s attack department is visible
Three tiger evil spirit firm but gentle is going to kill Yun Fan in front of Yun Fan’s force to display the emperor’s extremely Geng Jin firm but gentle to resist and display the soldier’s sword control tactic at the same time!
Suspended beside nine handle XuanBao suddenly like nine light shot to wufeng.
The virtual was drilled into nine holes and dragged out of a long virtual crack.
Nine mysterious swords kill faster than 20 times the speed of sound!
When these nine Xuanjian swords fought out, Wu Feng suddenly felt a little danger in her heart.
This shocked him very much. Now he is protected by the mysterious turtle’s armor, but he should feel the danger. Can these nine sword light attacks break the mysterious turtle’s armor?
At the moment, Wufeng is working hard to cast the tiger’s evil spirit and Geng Jin’s firm but gentle spirit. At first, he didn’t evade the idea, but the nine swords came too fast. At that time, he didn’t evade at all.
You can fight hard with the armor of the mysterious turtle!
"This must be my illusion. Even the top powers need to attack many times in a row to break the armor of the mysterious turtle. A blow from Yun Fan will definitely not break my defense!"
Wufeng’s heart is still lucky.
It takes a second at most, and he can completely defeat Yun Fan’s golden sword light and attack Yun Fan’s body with his tiger evil spirit Geng Jin firm but gentle.
Wu Feng stare big eyes look excited heart roar loud stop! Stop for a second and the victory of this World War I will belong to me!
Nine Xuan swords with handles come together and stab Wufeng’s chest with a deafening explosion.
The nine massive impacts overlap, and the attack power is up to 9 million Jin.
I’m afraid even a king who is hit by a force of 9 million Jin will have to shake his body and be unstable. What’s worse, Wu Feng?
Wufeng like a shell was blown to the rear by this blow.
Attack to Yunfan three tiger evil spirit Geng Jin firm but gentle suddenly lost control.
Wufeng burst back at the same time, the cracking sound of Xuan Gui Wu Tu Jia had already sounded.
The nine-handled Xuan Sword penetrated Wu Feng’s whole body and shot out from behind.
Stab Wufeng’s body with a big blood hole in his head.
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Chapter 26 Kill a great power like killing a chicken! (3 more commutation ticket)
Wufeng suddenly let out a scream.
Nine mysterious swords pierced his body, but many of them left his body on the rampage, destroying his meridians and vitality.
"Little Gong …!"
Wu’s several great powers were shocked by the shock.
In the battle, Wufeng has always occupied the wind, and the sudden reversal of the war situation surprised them.
Whoosh whoosh!
Wu’s four great powers reached their peak, and Wu Dang’s three Tong Xuanjing rushed at Wu Feng at the same time in the later period.
This is the future king of Wu family!
There are few long-standing forces in the southern waters, even the king’s power disappears after the king’s death.
But Kunxuandao Wu family may break this convention.
Wu Feng’s qualification will make him a king in the future, and the Wu family in Kunxuan Island will have two kings in the future.
Even if Kun Xuan’s old man dies after a thousand years, Wu Feng can still keep the Wu family in Kun Xuan Island prosperous for two thousand years.
Wu Feng is an important person to Kun Xuandao’s Wu family, and the Wu family has nothing to lose in the future.
At the same time
Kunxuandao Wujia
In a Jing Ya Ge building deep in Wu’s home, Kun Xuan, an old man, and the king of Ganyuan Sect, Rainstorm King, sat opposite each other and talked about tea.
Suddenly …
The teacup in Kun Xuan’s hand cracked.
His eyes stared, and he was surprised and angry, and he burst into terror.
In an instant, Kun Xuan, the old man, rose from the ground and rushed out of the attic in an instant, leaving at top speed in the direction of the remains of the Emperor of the Soldiers.
"What happened to Brother Wu?"
Rainstorm king look stunned also rushed out of the attic and asked
"My Wu Jia Qi Lin’s son was hit hard. Maybe Yun Fan’s little boy came out of the ruins of the Emperor Sect of the Soldiers. How could this little boy break the magical power of Wu Feng’s’ mysterious turtle and earthy armor’?"
Kunxuan old man drink a way with incredible color in his eyes.
Wu Feng Kun Xuan Dao Wu Jia’s future king is extremely important. The old man Kun Xuan gave the token a life-threatening crush, and the old man Kun Xuan could feel it immediately.
It’s obvious that Wu Feng’s life is in danger, which has broken his magical power of mysterious turtle and armor.
At this moment, a symbol of the rainstorm king was also broken. It was Duan Xuanxin, the elder of Ganyuan Sect.
Duan Xuan won’t crush the symbol unless he encounters great danger!
King Rainstorm made a big fuss about the seven sects in the mainland of China, including seven great powers of Tong Xuan, plus six great powers of Tong Xuan on this side of Kun Xuan Island, totaling thirteen.
There are three great powers in the peak, and the strength is even better than the peak. Wu Feng, such a camp should be in danger of life and death?
Whoosh Whoosh
Kun Xuan, the old man, and the rainstorm king all made great efforts to rush to the remains of the Emperor Sect of the Bing Dynasty.
Both of them reached the speed of 24 times the speed of sound and crossed thousands of meters in one second.
However, Kunxuan City is more than 3,000 miles from the western end of Kunxuan Island, and there are still about 2,000 miles from the western end of Kunxuan Island to the remains of Binghuangzong, which is more than 5,000 miles in total.
Even if the speed of two people is more than a second and more than a thousand meters, it will take more than five minutes to get to the remains of Binghuangzong.
At this time, the battle situation of the remains of the Emperor Zong was one-sided.
The power of the emperor’s sword control tactic is terrible. The nine swords have sent nine million catties of extraordinary force. Even King Wufeng’s magical power’ Xuan Gui Wu Tu Gang Jia’ can’t resist his powerful magical power, and he is even more vulnerable in front of the nine-handled Xuan Sword.
Nine swords in the sky, Qi Fei, are separated like nine lights and closed like a column.
Bang bang bang …
The four powerful magical powers of the Wu family were smashed to pieces by nine mysterious swords at the moment of attack.
Nine mysterious swords with handles shot forward with great ferocity and terror, killing Wu Chen at the peak of Wu family.
At the same time bright golden sword light across the virtual also reached 16 times the speed of sound attack cut to zong asked.
Yun Fan manipulated 51 iron fists and waved them to deal with Duan Xuan and other great powers to attack the avatar
All Tong Xuan powers that hit Wufeng’s backcourt attacked Yunfan, but Yun Fan also occupied an absolute advantage against the ten powers at the same time.
Attacking a soldier, an emperor, a sword, a tactic, an emperor’s pole, a Geng Jin, a firm but gentle sword, are all unique tricks of the emperor’s magical powers.
Defense has 51 and 51 offensive and defensive strength is the top power level.
Cooperate with even the enemy Yun Fan in the peak power can crush it.