"Well, from today on, you are my maid. The battleship lost some warships to yaoyao, and she was responsible for managing the warships." The second half of the sentence was said to the air, and a pair of earrings appeared in the hands of yaoyao, and yaoyao’s imprisoned body was also solved

"Gong Yaoyao will try his best to serve you later. Please leave my master alone!" Yaoyao to wu day short body after a ceremony said again.
"Of course, find yourself a room on the third floor. I’ll go back to my room to study. I hope you can prepare dinner when I come out." Wu Tian said and went back to his room.
Wu day back to the room and took out a piece of paper and a pen to draw out the territory of the Great Han Dynasty, which has been barbarian and northern Dixie.
In the Han Dynasty, apart from the Central Plains, there was also a southern border, a northern border and a western border. If the southern border is classified as the southern border, the western border is classified as the western border, and the northern border is classified as the northern border, then the four influential territories are the same size.
But the master who has left yaoyao is an immortal. Of course, master yaoyao can’t be a real immortal, but at most he is a strong point of fixing the truth.
Master yaoyao is the guardian of the Great Han Dynasty, so his three forces also have their own guardian layer. When the strength is equal, the layer should be at peace, which is also a superficial peace place. Naman North Dixiyi has never entered the Central Plains.
And an emperor died after breaking a taboo. It is estimated that the other high-level guardian did it
Wu Tian guessed that it was true that the guardians could not do it, but these guardians were the big fellow’s own guardians. Speaking of which, a guardian was killed by the big fellow emperor, and the Great Emperor Wudi killed the guardians of Nanman Beidi and Xiyi by this means, so he could invade Beidi and Nanman on a large scale.
It was precisely because the guardian died that Yu Xiyi was even more arrogant and almost hit the Central Plains, which made Han Emperor urgently transfer back to the northern and southern borders, and some troops gave up the strategy of continuing to pursue Nan Man and Bei Di to alleviate the urgent need in the western region.
Wu day thought for almost an hour, and the blank paper in his hand turned into several pieces, and each piece was full of words, with all the guesses of Wu day
Because yaoyao also knows little, Wu Tian’s current method determines how many guardians there are, which may be one or a group.
But one thing is certain: the world can spread faith freely.
Then Wu Tian went out of the room and arrived at the living room on the second floor. Through a wall and a door, there was the dining room, and the dining table was now filled with all kinds of food.
Although yaoyao can’t cook, yaoyao not only gained some control of the warship after accepting the Second Ring Road, but also gained some basic common sense memories.
In yaoyao, direct cooking machines make meals by putting materials in and paying a little faith. Any food can be prepared at once. For Wu Tian, who has enough faith, these beliefs are all Mao Mao rain.
However, the distance from Wu Tianmu is still a lot worse. Wu Tian’s belief exchange system and the whole warship Unicom are now fermented with time. Jinling City’s belief in immortals is constantly passed on to Wu Tian, but Wu Tianshen has no faith except one point of belief, but the warship has become a lot bigger.
"Public dinner" yaoyao took a ceremony at Wu Tianhang and pulled the chair out of the desktop.
Wu Tianyi sat down and then made a gesture to yaoyao, but unfortunately yaoyao didn’t understand the meaning of Wu Day gesture.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five Persecution
"My gesture means to let you sit down quickly!" Wu day speak explained
When Wang Yao was about to sit down, it suddenly occurred to him that Wu Tian might be asking Master Yu something, and suddenly he was at a loss and said, "I have something to do with this man. I’ll leave first."
Say that finish yaoyao disappeared in situ.
Wu Tiansong shrugged his shoulders, a face of so-called samples for yaoyao’s thoughts. After all, yaoyao’s mind seems to have written his face.
After dinner, Wu Tian went straight back to his room and fell asleep. He didn’t cultivate immortality. Someone contributed to the faith, and there was no need to talk about narcissism. Why not sleep?
Wu day woke up early the next morning, and then an idea came to Wu day. yaoyao next door was sent directly to Wu day.
"Ah ~" yaoyao shouted to wake up sleepy Wu Day. Now yaoyao has a Chinese-style chest covering and two hills on his chest, which are very attractive. Plus, Wu Day just woke up early and wore loose pajamas, and suddenly Wu Day was even more stone-faced.
With a wave of his hand, yaoyao went back to his room, changed his field equipment, and left the warship with a small shovel. Next door, yaoyao hurriedly dressed neatly and blushed and went to Wu Tianfang to find Wu Tian in trouble, only to find that the problem had left.
On Wu day, a stone appeared. According to the perspective ability of warships, the mountain has gold, and there are two thousand tons less gold.
Hands raised, hands raised, feet of a small shovel, like a pool of mud, are easily dug out of a small pit. This small shovel is a fantasy prop of Doraemon. On how hard the stone shovel is, it will be softer than tofu in front of it.
After digging for two hours, the soil was put into the warship, which was converted into energy through the warship’s power cabin, and the dug gold was melted into a dozen gold ingots.
Later, Wu Tian dug gold during the day and then ate when it was time to eat. Unexpectedly, yaoyao reached a point of complete dependence on Wu Tian after an accident, which made Wu Tian think of a sentence: marry a chicken and marry a dog with a chicken. This little girl doesn’t like babies, does she? Hey, hey, hey, the baby really is everyone’s favorite, and everyone sees a car with a flat tire. The strongest super cool enemy is a handsome guy.
Then a voice sounded in Wu Tian’s ear, congratulating the master for emitting a belief comparable to super narcissism, and just harvesting 2 points of belief.
Well, I don’t even know what to say. Wu Tian vomited a sentence and then went on working.
Finally, on the ninth day, Wu Tianzheng was eating delicious food made by yaoyao with a fancy machine. Wu Tian couldn’t help complaining, "Alas, it’s the ninth day to dig gold every day. I only dug less than one tenth. When will it be a head?"
"Gong, can you buy some robots to dig? Doesn’t it mean that robots don’t know how tired they are?" Wu day was suddenly awakened and bought a terminator robot Arnold model.
I dug half in just one day and one night, and Wu Tian didn’t do it himself. Wu Tian did his own thing every day. When he arrived at the mine, he accumulated more gold and sent it to the warship for processing at one time.
After three days and three nights, the whole mine has become a sinkhole, and gold has become 42 million gold ingots, which are enough to buy the whole Jinling. Of course, this is a metaphor. Jinling is a city with millions of people living. If you want to buy it, you don’t have to sell it.
On this day, Wu day came to Wangfu and went to yaoyao Wangs residence. Before he entered the courtyard, Wu day heard a quarrel.
"Fairy intercedes for you to dissolve your engagement with magistrate Gong Yu. Although your engagement is dissolved, how can the magistrate leave us alone easily? You must marry magistrate Gong three days later."
Wu day recognized this sound as yaoyao’s father, the Wangs’ master, and the Master Wang’s voice. At this moment, Master Wang’s words have a little unquestionable meaning. After hearing this, Wu day was disgusted and wanted to go over and tidy up Master Wang immediately, but Wu day wanted to listen to yaoyao’s answer.
"Father, you asked your daughter not to promise that her daughter’s heart already belongs to her. Her daughter has decided to marry Wu Tiangong. You said nothing." yaoyao’s stubborn voice reached Wu Tian’s ear, and Wu Tian’s heart was as sweet as touching honey. Alas, it feels good to be loved by women.
"You’re an unfilial girl, swept off your feet by a poor student who doesn’t know where she came from, and even ignored hundreds of people in my family. Hum, after three days, you have to marry or not." Master Wang was a little flustered and said that words were full of contempt for Wu Tian.
It is also said that Wu Tian, a friend of yaoyao, has lived in the palace as a student in the past two days, but his maid has been forced to marry and he has been so despised by people. Wu Tianxian is angry.
Wu day angry consequences don’t know if yan is serious.
Wu Tian is now in a stage of choice. The first choice is to take out a limited magnetic pistol and kill the evil slaves around Master Wang, so that Master Wang can see his strength.
The second choice is to take money to kill them. Finally, Wu Tian chose an answer. Money blinded their dog eyes. Speaking of it, Wu Tian is still not very interested in killing things. Well, yes, Wu Tian likes crushing and doesn’t like killing.
Wu Tian thought that the warship was full of 42 million gold ingots, and for a second, the gold ingots appeared outside the courtyard of yaoyao, surrounded the courtyard of yaoyao, and Wu Tian also customized an ability to make these gold ingots build a wall, which can last for three hours with a certain external force.
"Lock the door of the young lady for me, and no one is allowed to let the young lady out. After three days, the young lady will get married." Master Wang’s cold voice came from the yard, followed by yaoyao crying and locking the door.
Master Wang Wu Tian seems to have always been a cold-hearted guy. After all, he was able to marry the magistrate and actually concealed his daughter’s illness. Now that her daughter is well, she is forced to marry.
Just then Master Wang came out.
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six yaoyao life
Master Wang walked out of the courtyard and suddenly felt a strong light coming. Master Wang closed his eyes and then slowly opened his eyes.
Master Wang’s eyes just opened a little, and he felt that the golden light was very striking. He raised his hand and the wide sleeves slightly blocked Master Wang’s eyes, so he could see clearly, but it was this that surprised Master Wang.
There are golden ingots in front of them and they are piled up into a high wall layer by layer.
And before the gold piled up into the wall, there was still a person, and this person is what he just said.
"Master Wang, do you think I can buy your life if these gold?" Wu Tian walked to the front of Master Wang and said airily to Master Wang.
Master Wang’s eyes have been completely opened because Wu day is near and the light reflected by gold is blocked. At this moment, Wu day is just heard.
"This gold is really enough to buy the life of my royal family, but this gold belongs to my palace. Are you sure this gold is yours?" Master Wang said with a smile
Wu Tianwen’s eyebrows pick this master Wang, which really refreshes the concept of slag in Wu Tianxin! This is the second time for such a shameless guy. The first time is when Wu Tian looks in the mirror.
"Are you sure this gold is yours?" Wu day also sneer at a way, even if you say it, it’s a retelling of Master Wang’s words.
Master Wang turned his head to several assume behind him and shouted, "Gnome male-"What are you still doing there? Give me a half-dead and throw it out of the palace. "
"Yes, sir," several assume replied, and then one by one, rubbing their hands and going to Wu Day.
At the front of the walk, who squinted and walked towards Wu Tian’s side, said with a grimace of a grin, "A poor little toad wants to eat swan meat."
"Yes and yes! But it’s just a poor man who dares to seduce a young lady. "Another dinking said that after speaking, he also took a look at his master and looked at his master with a very satisfied smile. Dinking also smiled.