"Gu Wu Upanish!" Zhuge is not bright, and his pupils contract tightly. This mysterious young man in white turned out to be a Gu Wu!

"Gu Wu gens! No wonder the young man in white wants to speak for Zhu Xiange. It is said that the Gu Wu family has always had a good relationship with Zhu Xiange. " Some people in the crowd whispered.
The sky seems to be paralyzed by a punch from a young man in white, and Zhuge is not bright, but cold light is abundant. In the face of a fierce punch from a young man in white, Zhuge is not bright and directly throws away his heroic youth.
White youth face a change, have to take back this one punch, the palm of your hand to vacate a soft force to take Yingwu youth in your hands.
But approaching, a rumbling sound came, and the white youth’s half body was directly smashed, and blood flowed. The white youth screamed and looked pale at Zhuge.
I saw Zhuge standing in the void without light and indifferently, holding the gold sniper rifle at the white youth.
"You are despicable! We agreed not to use this magic weapon. " The white youth gnashed her teeth.
"Who is mean after all? We agreed to fight alone. Why did you run up to be a big-tailed eagle?" Zhuge Liang curled his lips and said, "Since you are a Gu Wu, don’t blame me for being unkind."
As he said this, Zhuge shot again with a bang.
The young man in white face changed dramatically, and he knew the power of this magic weapon in Zhuge Liang’s hands. The feeling be nasty under, the young man in white can only throw the young man in valor who is fixed in shape around him.
"no! ! !”
The heroic youth let out a piercing scream, and his heart was very sad. First, he was used as a shield by Zhuge Liang, but now he is used as a whipping boy by his allies and friends.
After the gunshot, the head of the young Yingwu was shattered and destroyed along with the Yuan God, and it happened that he was shot in the head.
"Grandson! ! ! !” Chang Yun, who rushed out of the lake, just saw the scene of his grandson being shot dead, and immediately roared to the sky, stamped his feet and beat his chest, and roared: "Zhuge is not bright! If you kill my grandson, I’ll be at odds with you! "
"Old thing, just open your eyes. Your grandson was killed by that man in mourning." Zhuge cold hum a way.
"My grandson died in your hands, this is the old saw, what excuse do you want! ?” Chang Yun glared, and the facial features, which had been shot by Zhuge without a bright brick, still recovered.
Zhuge Liang rubbed his temples, sneering and laughing, "Whatever you think? Anyway, there are countless dead souls under Lao Tzu’s hands, and I don’t care about adding one more. "
"You …" Chang Yun was livid, almost vomiting blood by Zhuge’s not bright words.
The young people in white in Gu Wu’s family had a twinkle in their eyes. clear voice said, "Old-timer, I, the Gu Wu family, are also responsible for this matter. My family will fully cooperate with Zhu Xiange to kill this son!"
"Do you think you can walk away?" Zhuge didn’t smile and sneered, aiming at the white youth.
"Slow down ~ ~" At this time, a crisp and charming drink came, and a stunning woman in a long skirt volleyed up and appeared in mid-air. The beautiful appearance seemed to eclipse the bright moon in the sky, which was breathtaking, and even Zhuge was slightly stunned.
"This woman is so beautiful that she is not much better than the Western Emperor. It seems that Zhong Li, the eldest lady of the aristocratic family, has left the lonely moon." Zhuge stared at the stunning woman with cold light in his eyes.
People are impressed that it is the clock that leaves the lonely moon.
Zhong Li glanced at several people in the lonely moon, stopped for a moment on Zhuge Buliang, and said, "You can come to the Fallen Leaves and Flying Flowers Pavilion to show my meager sensibilities to my little girl. I don’t want to see bloodshed, so please stop."
"Stop? Hum, this boy killed my grandson, and he must not let it go at this time. " Chang Yun whispered.
That Gu Wu gens youth in white is no longer making any noise at the moment, because Zhuge’s dim gun is aimed at him.
Clock from solitary month face difficult, in fact, she has just been hiding in the dark to watch, originally thought it would be a farce, but don’t want to kill people before Zhuge Liang.
Chang Yun’s veins stood out suddenly on his forehead, and he shouted, "Miss Zhong Li, we are here to give you the face of Zhong Li’s family. Now that this has happened, I think I should ask Zhong Li’s family to give an explanation."
"How are you staying?" Clock from solitary month Diane eyebrow micro cu way.
"My grandson is really killed by your fallen leaves and flying flowers pavilion. At this time, Zhong Li’s family must come forward to uphold justice." Chang Yundao, he is very wise, knowing that it is undoubtedly extremely difficult for him to deal with Zhuge Liang now, and he has to move Zhong Li’s family to be his shield.
After all, at this time, others are weak.
"If you move out of Zhong Li’s family, you can avoid death?" Zhuge not bright laughed, cold eyes staring at Chang Yun.
When the bullet was loaded, the gold sniper rifle was transferred and aimed at Chang Yun. Zhuge did not smile and said, "Now I want you to accompany your grandson!"
"slow!" Clock from the lonely month Diane eyebrow a bunch, quickly cried, she didn’t want to kill Chang Yun Zhuge not bright in the fallen leaves flying pavilion, then maybe they will be involved, after all, this is her clock from the lonely month’s territory.
But Zhuge didn’t light up, completely ignoring the words of the clock from the lonely moon, and directly pulled the trigger.
Gunfire fell, Chang Yun was pale, and it was too late to escape now.
This shot, Chang Yun tried to dodge, but it was still hit in the chest. A horrible blood hole was bright before and after, blood trickled out, and all the internal organs spilled out.
"Ah yi ~ ~ ~" Chang Yun’s screams spread all over the fields.
Zhuge shot again before dawn, and this time he directly hit Chang Yun’s head. The head collapsed and the pale brains splashed. A golden streamer flew out, and his Yuan God was not destroyed, trying to escape.
"Bang bang!"
Because this time it was an ultra-fast moving object, Zhuge did not light up and fired three shots for fear that his marksmanship was not accurate. But I finally hit Chang Yun’s Yuan God, and his Yuan God was destroyed in a scream.
After all this, Zhuge Liang turned his gun on Gu Wu’s white youth.
Chapter 635 The same
Chapter 645 The same
His move not only changed the face of the young man in white, but even Zhong Li’s face turned white. He said, "Take your time and have something to say."
Zhuge let the words of Zhong Li’s solitary moon fall on deaf ears before dawn and shoot decisively.
The white youth’s knife-shaped eyebrows stand on end, black gas emerges on his fist, and a punch will pierce the void, creating an exotic area before his next year. The space black hole is suspended in front of the white youth like a demon giant mouth. The bullet shot by Zhuge Liang was sucked in by the space black hole.
"eh? What magical power is this? " Even Zhuge was surprised when he was not bright.
The young man in white turned slightly white, as if it was difficult for him to penetrate this exotic space.
Seeing the expression change of the young man in white, Zhuge smiled coldly and shot again. Three consecutive rumblings came, pointing the gun at the head of the young man in white.
The young man in white drinks heavily, waving his big hand to move the space black hole. This small piece of exotic space changed its position freely with the dancing of the hands of the young people in white, and all three shots fired by Zhuge Liang were sucked in.
"I see how long you can last." Zhuge didn’t smile and kept shooting.
Clock from solitary month stood on the side of the face white, she couldn’t stop it. Although Zhuge is not bright, she has never seen it, but the fierce name of this person is well known to her. If she rashly intervenes, Zhong Li’s lonely moon will definitely make a merciless move on herself.
But we can’t watch the white youth of Gu Wu clan die in Zhuge’s hands. Gu Wu clan is the most powerful ethnic group in the western regions. If this white youth dies here, even Gu Wu clan and Zhuxiange will not let it go.
Two shots were fired, and the exotic space in the hands of the young man in white collapsed after the last shot.
The young man in white spit out one mouthful blood in a mess. It seems that just displaying that magical power has a great load on his own body. At the moment, the young man in white is shaking violently, and the whole person is decadent at once.