But Qin Shaojie just put her heart back into her stomach for less than ten seconds when she heard Xu Hui say. "But it doesn’t matter. Aren’t your other girlfriends still following you? You just get along with the sunset. As long as you get along, it’s hard to say anything. I think it’s ok to apply for a reward for polygamy with the general secretary for your credit."

Qin Shaojie is almost crying. You can’t be like this. You are an old revolutionary, a soldier, not a landlord in the past. You can’t be so overbearing.
Still polygamous? If I dare to mention this to Master Yan, he will knock me to death.
"What are you two talking about?" Just then, Bai Fangmin came out of the kitchen again, with two plates in his hand.
Put the plate on the dining table, Bai Fangmin just came up and said. "Xiao Qin, did you Xu Shu start blowing his war for you again? Don’t listen to his nonsense. I’ve heard that story for more than 20 years. No one has heard it 800 times a thousand times, but each version is different. Come on, you two wash your hands and get ready for dinner. There are just two dishes left. "
"Auntie, let me help you." Qin Shaojie said, and stood up, this Bai Fangmin but life-saving straw. He is really afraid to stay with Xu Hui any longer.
If I stay any longer, I’m afraid I won’t be in contact later, but I’ll be engaged directly.
"No,no." Bai Fangmin repeatedly motioning with his hand and said. "There’s a small square helping me. Sit down quickly and you’ll be able to eat soon."
Said, and looked at Xu Hui said. "Old Xu, if you have nothing to do, go and change your clothes. By the way, call Sunset. She said she would come back. It’s after seven o’clock. Why hasn’t she come back yet? This child is really anxious."
"Ok, I’ll make a phone call." Xu Hui answered and took out his mobile phone.
"Honey, you smile sweetly, as if flowers are blooming in the spring breeze, oh ~ in the spring breeze." Xu Huigang put his mobile phone to his ear, but there was a telephone ringing at the door, which turned out to be Teresa Teng’s "Sweet Honey".
When the bell stopped ringing, the door was opened from the outside. Then, a figure wearing a green military uniform and carrying the rank of literary and art soldier on his shoulder appeared at the door.
Chapter 446 Xu Sunset
There are many words to describe a woman’s beauty, for example, people are more beautiful than flowers, her skin is like jelly, and she is ashamed of flowers when she is closed.
It was a woman who came in, Qin Shaojie thought. This is Xu Hui’s daughter Xu Sunset, right?
Indeed, Xu Sunset is a beautiful woman, with a delicate oval face, but she doesn’t look thin at all. Her hair is not long, but she is also tied into a ponytail. Her eyes, nose and mouth seem to be carved by a master artist, which makes her look particularly beautiful. Wearing a military uniform in the body makes her more dashing.
However, people are more beautiful than flowers, and their skin is better than coagulate fat. However, Qin Shaojie is a little puzzled. Did Comrade Lao Xu not only study hard in math class, but also escape from Chinese class?
If not, where is the innocence he said? Why didn’t you see it at all?
According to Xu Hui, his daughter should be a fish in a pond and a wild goose in a pond, and be ashamed of flowers when she closes her mouth and smiles.
However, the fish sank and the flowers were ashamed, but the city did not fall.
Because Qin Shaojie didn’t see a trace of pure warm smile on her face at all, it was more like a whole piece of ice just dug up from the North Pole.
"Who is he?" Xu sunset deadpan looking at Qin Shaojie asked.
Sure enough, Qin Shaojie thought, this woman’s expression is not only like ice, but even the voice and tone of voice make people feel as if they were naked in the Arctic, and then rushed to an ice water station to blow.
Cold, cold is even colder than the original Lingfang.
Fortunately, Qin Shaojie has no idea about her, so let it be cold, and he’s not going to get into bed. It’s just that Qin Shaojie secretly despised Xu Hui.
Or the commander of the Beijing Military Region, even boasting.
Just your daughter, you blew her like a piece of charcoal, but it turned out to be a piece of ice. I finally understand why you worked so hard to fix it. It turned out that no one dared to ask for it.
Qin Shaojie was right. Xu Sunset is beautiful, but her personality is too cold, just like a cactus with thorns and poison. There is a sign next to it that says: This flower is poisonous, let the right one in.
"Sunset, you can come back." Xu Hui seems to have long been accustomed to her daughter’s tone of voice, able to shrug off ha ha a smile and said. "Come on, let me introduce you. This is Xiao Qin and Qin Shaojie, also from the army."
"I don’t know." Xu Sunset conveniently closed the door, and then walked upstairs "pattering" on high heels that were not too high.
"Sunset, how so rude." Xu Hui said. "At least say hello to others. On the rank, you have to call him a head."
Sure enough, Xu Sunset stopped when he walked to the stairs, then turned around, raised his right hand with a straight face, made a ceremony for Qin Shaojie, and continued to walk upstairs without saying a word.
"Xiao Qin, I’m sorry." Xu sunset embarrassed said. "The sunset is like this. How many times I have told her, it always doesn’t work. I can’t do anything about it."
"It doesn’t matter, hehe, women should treat strangers like this, otherwise they will be easily trafficked when walking on the street." Qin Shaojie laughed.
Qin Shaojie said this, but he couldn’t understand it in his heart. Isn’t this woman a dancer in the art troupe? I don’t know what will happen to her when she dances with such an ice face.
Qin Shaojie has no doubt that if the tune is "Spring Back to the Earth", she can definitely jump into "Roses on a Snowy Night". As for why it is a rose on a snowy night, it’s simple-cold and prickly.
"Was the sunset back just now?" Bai Fangmin brought out two more plates from the kitchen.
"Yes." Xu Hui said. "This girl, very not easy to go home at a time, or with a straight face, you say a girl, how can it be cold, then how to get married? But now, it seems that she and Xiao Qin are still looking at each other. "
On my day, Qin Shaojie couldn’t help cursing, eldest brother, uncle, ancestor, where did you see that I could look at her? It seems that people didn’t even care about themselves just now, okay?
No wonder you want to be a matchmaker. Feelings are really afraid that your daughter will not get married.
"Where is the sunset?" Bai Fangmin asked.
"Maybe I went upstairs to change clothes." Xu Hui said.
As soon as the words sound just fell, I saw that I had put on a sportswear, and Xu Sunset, who took off her shoes, came down.
"Sunset, you miss your mother so much." Bai Fangmin said, and went over and took Xu Sunset’s hand and said. "It’s also a coincidence today. There are guests at home, and you are back."
Treating his mother, Xu Sunset’s cold face eased slightly and said. "Mom, let’s eat. I’m hungry."