"This …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

"Is there?" Lin Keer is worried to death.
"It’s hard to say." Li Yi whispered.
"What do you mean it’s hard to say?"
"Simply put, it is this game. Whoever loses will give up pursuing our goddess Kerr." Li Yi smile happily of say.
Why is there another goddess Kerr? Isn’t it for me? Lin Keer more think more stupid.
"Who is the goddess Kerr?" Lin Keer finally decided to ask.
"Guess." Li Yi said with mirth.
"Stop it now and say it quickly." Lin Keer is a little worried, it would be great if it weren’t for himself.
"You are yourself, you are our goddess Kerr!" Li Yi learn to Lin Keer blinked.
"Bad Li Yi, you cheated me." Lin Keer also smiled.
"Who are you kidding?" Li Yi smile happily of say.
"So there is no bet?" Lin Keer asked.
"That idiot didn’t say, it should be gone." Li Yi said.
"Then can you win?" Lin Keer asked.
"This ……………." To tell the truth, Li Yi also don’t know whether I can win.
"Do you need me to cheer for you?" Lin Keer asked.
"I’m not sure at all." Li Yi smiled and said.
"What are you comparing?" Lin Keer asked.
Chapter 43 Eat instant noodles in a different way
"It’s really hard for people to think about our comparison."
"What is it?" Lin Keer is like a curious baby.
"Online games."
"Online games? I seem to have played, I have played Dream of the Three Kingdoms, and this is it. " Lin Keer spat out his tongue and said.
"Yes, we are better than the online game of Dream Three Kingdoms." Li Yi smiled and said.
"Then I’ll go and cheer for you!" Lin Keer said.
"Yes, come on, beauty, the winning rate is higher." Li Yi smile happily of say.
"I went home." Lin Keer said.
"Do you need me to see you off?" Li Yi asked with a smile.
"No need." Lin Keer Siming shook his head, because Lin Keer looked at Li Yi’s smile and knew that Li Yi wouldn’t stop until he took advantage of something.
"Boy, the technology is not at home, and people suddenly saw your obscene thoughts." Wuji, the old man, ran out and bickered with Li Yi again.
"Depend, old man, what is a obscene idea? I am the heart of picking up girls, understand?" Li Yi said in a coquettish way.
"Just you, still pick up the girl’s heart, ready to let the girl pick up!"
"Can you let the girl on the bubble? You are jealous. " Li Yi said.
This kid can’t be out of his mind again, can he? He’s a little incoherent, so don’t talk to him.
"Old man, don’t dare!" Li Yi said with a smile.
In this way, Li Yi returned home and enjoyed his time to see beautiful women.
"Xiaoyi, why do you see me after school?" Li Lu also discovered that as soon as Li Yi finished school, he didn’t do his homework and did nothing but watch himself practice.
"Look at your good looks." Li Yi said with mirth.
"Even if I’m good-looking, you can’t waste time practicing to see me." Li Lu said.
"I am talented and don’t have to spend too much time practicing." Li Yi said.
When Wuji heard this sentence, he was going to scold Li Yi.
First of all, Li Yi is not talented, but has a magic spirit in his body. Secondly, anyone who has this magic spirit can become like this. Finally, if others have this magic spirit, they will certainly practice well, which can’t be like this smelly boy.
"Even if you are talented, you have to practice hard!" Li Lu smiled and said.
In this way, Li Yi was told that she didn’t know what to do and began to practice.
Promise is going to die. I didn’t expect Li Lu to be so considerate. I just wanted this smelly boy to practice, so I let Li Lu practice with a few words. It’s awesome.
"Son, son, open the door quickly, I’m back." Li Yi was just about to practice when she heard someone shouting outside.
Mom didn’t bring her key again, so I have to open the door.
"Come, come, wait a minute." Li Yi woke up from practice and opened the door.
"Son, my friend came to see me again." Li Yi’s mother said.