Chapter 122 Lindsay’s identity
"We are going to school. What will you do?"
Early the next morning, Qin Shaojie looked at Lindsay who was having breakfast and asked.
"I, can I go too?" Linsell asked in a low voice.
"This ….." Qin Shaojie embarrassed, go to school with her? That can’t be done. She’s not a student of Beijing University, and she didn’t even pay her tuition.
"Little jie, it is better to let her go. Go to our shop to kill time. " Ling Fang took Qin Shaojie’s hand and said.
Looking at poor Lindsay, she couldn’t bear to leave such a girl at home.
"Well, let’s go together. I have a shop at school. You can play there, but don’t run around." Qin Shaojie agreed, and took out a few hundred dollars and handed it to Linsell.
"Take this money, and if you lose it, you will have the money to call back."
"Thank you, Qin." When Lindsay saw Qin Shaojie’s promise, she gave her money back. She immediately jumped up happily, hugged Qin Shaojie’s neck, and sent him a kiss, which made Qin Shaojie extremely embarrassed. Shit, this foreign girl just doesn’t know what is reserved.
"Fang son, this, this is the habit of foreigners, a happy, like relatives. Look at those foreigners on TV, two parties, and kiss each other with their wives. " Qin Shaojie looked at Lingfang and explained.
LingFang smiled and said. "I know, you needless to say, although when you first went up the mountain, I was very cold to you, but from the moment I saw you, I knew that your future achievements must be extraordinary, and women are animals whose sensibility is greater than rationality. I can’t ask you to be consistent with me, but I don’t want you to be an irresponsible person. Otherwise, I will hate you to death, really, I will really hate you very much. "
Oh, my God, my senior sister, how many romance novels have I read in my spare time, and what I say smells like Qiong Yao. Qin Shaojie was surprised.
Surprised by Ling Fang’s words, but also surprised by Ling Fang’s generosity. Gradually, I felt a sense of guilt.
"Fang son, don’t worry, I am what person, you should be very clear, unless I get together, otherwise, I will never leave you. Your name is to appear in my household registration book. " Qin Shaojie hugged Lingfang and said emotionally.
"Quick, let go, someone is here." Lingfang was hugged by Qin Shaojie and panicked. I can’t help it. Lindsay is still watching. She is still not used to making out with Qin Shaojie in front of others.
"Ha ha, ok, let’s go." Qin Shaojie let go of Lingfang, and several people went out of the house.
"Ethan, long time no see, I miss you very much." Looking at Ethan standing next to the car, Qin Shaojie smiled and said hello. I haven’t seen him for several days since I went out on a mission myself.
Ethan shrugged and said I don’t miss you. But this kind of life is not bad. I thought I would live this life by killing to make money. The killer spent the rest of his life in flight until his death. When a killer is old and has no strength to kill again, then he will be killed. He is getting used to this quiet life now. Besides seeing Qin Shaojie off every day, there is nothing else. Recently, he has become addicted to online novels again. He has been holding a notebook all day looking for novels to read. He just read a novel called "My Beauty Teacher Sister" written by a man who is drunk at night, and he feels very good.
"Oh, qin, is this your driver? Where is he from? " Lindsay asked in surprise when she saw Ethan.
"Beautiful young lady, I’m English. My name is Ethan Terry." Ethan replied politely.
"Oh, what a coincidence. I’m English, too. My name is Lindsay Howard." Lindsay said excitedly. I never thought that I could meet my fellow villagers on the other side of the ocean.
Ethan listened to Lindsay’s introduction, and his eyes twitched and immediately returned to normal.
"Hello, Lindsay, please get on the bus."
Although it was only a change in less than a second, it was still seen by Qin Shaojie.
After a while, several people came to the school. Qin Shaojie found the manager on duty in the store, arranged a room for Lindsay, and went out with Lingfang.
"Ethan, wait." Qin Shaojie stopped Ethan who was about to get on the bus and leave.
"Do you know Lindsay?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"Can I say I don’t know?" Ethan shrugged his shoulders and said.
"Come on, you can’t hide it from me. Your eyes have told me that you know her."
"Well, I admit, I’ve only heard her name and never met her in person." Ethan said.
Ever heard of her name? Qin Shaojie secretly thought.
Ethan knew exactly what he used to do. A name that can be heard by the world’s number one killer must be unusual.
But one thing, Qin Shaojie is sure, she is not a star. Killer, there is no time to go to idolize. Almost all the people whose names can be remembered by him are his targets.
"Tell me, where did she come from?" Qin Shaojie asked.
"If her real name is Lindsay Howard, she should be the next heir to the Howard family in England." Ethan didn’t have anything to hide, so he just told me who Lindsay was.
"Howard family? What is the origin? " Qin Shaojie curious asked. It sounds like this Linsell home seems to be very powerful.
"Howard family, is an established family, in addition to the royal family, Howard family is Britain’s largest family, the rights in hand, money, use an idiom to describe, that is rich. Even the royal family has great respect for the Howard family. They basically control the economic lifeline of Britain. It is exaggerated to say that if the Howard family wants to make big moves, then Britain will usher in a financial crisis. "
Ethan told Qin Shaojie everything he knew. Suddenly curious asked.
"How could she be with you? Don’t tell me, are you a knight in her mind? "
Holy shit, how do you know? This girl really thinks of herself as a knight in her mind. What’s more, judging from her posture, she is not marrying herself. Qin Shaojie secretly thought.