"Line, Chou, I didn’t think you’re very clever, as long as the chairman for approval. You can go anywhere you want! You are a national treasure! " Among the three marshals on the scene, Chen Zijian is the most humorous.

All this while, Ji Chuan’s heart churned away, and he entered the alliance power layer. For decades, he hasn’t seen several old guys so excited. It seems that he is really an old friend! But … He doesn’t feel like it, and a few old guys seem to have a sense of awe. This is amazing!
"Small international, you remember, starting today, the Milky Way will blow a whirlwind of development. Just like the earth 800 years ago, it quickly entered the interstellar world with an additional sea entertainment world. If the national policy of strengthening the people is not brought out of order, the population of the Greater China Alliance will face serious loss. " Qin center of gravity long tunnel.
"Just because this legendary man is back!" International sichuan sink a track.
"Not bad."
"Qin Lao’s words are poor," a VIP said with a smile. "I, the Greater China Alliance, are now in a prosperous time in Kaiping, and the four sides are returning to the center. It’ s too late for the four foreigners to come to the DPRK, and there is no national exile. "
"Hey hey, as the group in your eyes was ruined, your dream is clear," Qin Feng cold hum 1, sideways, "international sichuan, this is the quality of the cabinet members? This makes me listen to the alliance as if it were an imperial country. "
"Qin Lao calm down," the chairman of the alliance, Yoshikawa, stared at the guy who said the wrong thing and said slowly, "The hole is just a metaphor."
"Metaphor … such a metaphor must not exist. This is the people’s country, not anyone’s country." Qin Feng kissed her. "Xiaojian, Lao Xin and Chen, let’s go. When the old man arrives, let’s go to the stars for fun. "
"Let it be, young people now …"
Qin Feng, etc. A few people died, and the vigorous figure made me feel tight. The guy named Xiao Kong was hardcore. "Chairman … isn’t it just a word? They seem unhappy! "
"You disturb their interest, of course they are not happy! Let’s go and go back to the meeting. "
Not to mention the various political ideas of the Greater China Alliance and the resulting political factions, when several big shots broke up in discord, the black star fortress also entered the star system where the heavy star was located, and completely slowed down, galloping towards the heavy star at a general speed.
Funny Dolly, Mu Ling, Shui Ling, Huo Ling and Tu Ling stopped on the star road that the Black Star Base must pass through, discussing whether to have a "five hammers to welcome the guests" and welcome the boss back with five hammers. Anyway, the Black Star Base is bigger than their star hammers.
"You said the boss will not be angry, and the big black ball can’t stand it. If it can’t stand it, it will make a big hole. What if the boss wants us to pay for it? There is also a horrible MM Li. Needless to say, this thing will definitely be regarded as a baby by her. Let’s smash her baby, and the future will be very difficult, very difficult! " Fire spirit shook his little head and cried. "I don’t think so!"
"No, don’t smash, how does the boss know that his cutest little brother is coming to meet him!" Dolly smiled softly.
"Why don’t we hit it lightly!" Muling Road.
"What’s the point? Hit it hard. The boss is not helpful. He went alone, leaving us almost peeled off by a few MM tears …" If Tu Ling jumps or doesn’t try hard, I won’t recognize him as my brother! "
"All right!" Moist and slow tunnel.
A few little spirits don’t know that their images have already been detected clearly by the optical nerve radar system in the black star base, and even their conversations have appeared in the communicator in the black star base without a drop.
"Brother, this is what you said seven spirit emperor crystal? Sure enough, he is full of spirituality, knowing that senior brother is very bad! Ok, I like it. " Qing Hong Wan Bo Jiao laughed and arbitrarily announced the property rights of the Seven Spirits.
"Sister Wan Bo, a few little guys can’t be occupied by you alone," Haixin Liuxiang also laughed.
"Brother. Are some little dolls really as good as you say? I can’t tell! Xuanyuan magic sunny face is confused. "I will definitely compete with them later."
"Sister Magic Sunny, you can’t compare. What should you do if you scare them?" Qing Hong Wan Bo disobeyed, and looked at Tianxin. "Brother …"
As a look at the silver particles on the screen, Dolly, Mu Ling, Shui Ling, Huo Ling and Tu Ling, whose funny appearance was as tight as in those days, laughed, "Wan Bo’s pool. A few little guys are scared, and things that can scare them are long gone. After a while, although you are strong, their cultivation is not lower than yours. If you form a five-element array. Whether you can stop the four elephants together is all about. In a word, strength makes the foot, otherwise don’t want to respect you a few little guys in the future … "
"Really, that needs to be learned."
"So, you go out and play with them for a while, and I’ll go to the heavy star to meet people. Hey, the black star base will be handed over to you for protection. " As a heavenly heart, he smiled and disappeared.
"Brother …" Qing Hong Wan Bo stamped his feet. "Three sisters, I went out first, and my brother died. Didn’t tell us what the attack methods of these little guys are! I’ll meet them first, and you can drive slowly in the dark, so as not to be ambushed by a few little guys. "
"I think you are anxious to see them!" Urban Jin Wei a smile, "you all go, black I a person driving. It is hard to say that you can also play a few little guys and ambush. "
"that’s good." Qing Hong Wan Bo, Hai Xin Liu Xiang and Xuan Yuan Huan Qing were happy and you’re welcome, and they dodged out of the base. Move in the direction of the five spirits of gold, wood, water, fire and earth.
Wuling Zheng
Between my words, several rainbows suddenly floated into the void. Qing Hong Wan Bo Yi Jia, people are more charming than flowers; The purple armor with fragrance in the sea heart is twice as noble and exquisite; Xuanyuan Magic Sunny is dressed in dark black armor and a cloak, and his eyes are powerful. The heroic spirit is outstanding.
"Can’t, Dolly elder brother, let’s wait here for the boss and the big black ball, how to wait for a few MM,
"Is that it is the breath of the boss. How to become MM, "wood spirit tongue-tied.
"I’ll ask," fire spirit rushed out, a flash appeared in front of the three women, hands touched his left chest and leaned down, "several MM,
"Your boss? Who’s your boss? "Qing Hong Wan Bo looked at a flaming fire spirit the size of a fist with great interest.
"The boss is the boss, the wisest and greatest boss, taller than you, with the same face shape as me, but different skin color!"
"Never seen such a person," Qing Hong Wan Bo shook his head.
"How come?" Huo Ling scooped up his little head and stared at Hong Wan Bo with bright eyes. "Obviously, the boss … MM, MM people don’t like it, but the big mm likes it very much! Forget it, I won’t bother you, you have no eyes, I’ll go back and wait for the boss. "
"Little guy, you said we had nothing?" The fire spirit just turned around, and the clear waves flashed in its way.
"No eyes!" Fire aura said, "MM, posture, although good, but far from the boss!" "
"Piss me off! I can’t believe that I have no vision, and I can’t, little guy. I want to teach you a lesson. "
"Teach me a lesson, forget it!" Fire spirit disdain tunnel. "MM can’t pretend to be a small M when she grows up, you know, be sensible …"
"Enough of your nagging, enough, and we can start fighting." Qing Hong Wan Bo was angry in his heart, and the dragon flew out with a sword.
"Hey, I can’t see that you have two brushes in this MM!" Fire inspiration should be inspired by the smell of fire, and I dare not neglect it. When the hammer of Xuan Huoling is turned in my small hand, it is illusory.
"Don’t be idle." The other four spirits are preparing to watch the drama, and the fragrance of the sea heart and the magic shine of Xuanyuan flash in front of them.
"We," the four spirits of gold, wood, water and earth pointed back to their noses in unison, surprised and tunnel.
"Of course it’s you," Haixin smiled. "I heard that you don’t respect big MM…… very much …"
"But little MM doesn’t respect us!"
"Look," Haixin Liuxiang heard again angry and funny. What is the reason? Flying swords are offered in the dark sun, and Xuanyuan Magic Sunny also offered his own flying swords in dark black.
"Good fierce MM,. u| MM unreasonable, unreasonable, much ado about nothing, out of thin air, looking for trouble … call, a flash jump, their own magic hammer.
The story of four women and seven little spirits, such as Qing Hong Wan Bo, opened the chapter. The empty sword outside the heavy star shone and hammered, and the road was tangled with the hammer shadow from time to time, and there was a roar from time to time.
Heavy star, said He Yuming, Lin Yilan, Huang Rui, Li Qiang, Jiwu, Ling Fengwu, Chaduc, Milan, and Guo Xiangdong were waiting in the Gankun Tower. Suddenly, they felt a breeze blowing, and a familiar figure appeared in front of them. Before waiting for several people to speak, the figure had been rolled up, flashed again, and suddenly appeared in the magnificent black star base. Seeing that Due Jin Wei was still there, Tianxin said, "Jin Wei, you should greet them first, and I’ll pick up Yaya." Say that finish and flicker.
The heavy stars heard no one, but their feet fell to the ground and they knew that they had changed places. There was a warbler voice in their ears. "Please sit down."
You can’t sit down when you sit down. Everyone looks up at the sound and only feels bright at the moment, fairy!
At this time, Jin Wei was dressed in a purple dress, with a beaded flying hairpin in her high-hanging hair. She was slender and well-proportioned, graceful and smiling, and she saw grace in her beauty, and she was absolutely beautiful!
"The boss is the boss," said Jiwu, Chaduc and Guo Xiangdong, exclaiming that the heavenly heart was very happy after they were amazing, and then they began to look at the environment of their space. They felt here and looked there. All three of them were good drivers of starships, and the best starship they had ever seen was the Four Dragons Starship. Although the power of the four dragons starship is enormous, it can’t compare with the black star base in any case. The three of them just moved a few steps and were completely fascinated.
Crazy Li Qiang was born with no sense of beauty. As soon as she entered the black star base, she only took a look at Du Jin Wei, and then she focused on the facilities of the black star base. Her hands and fingers pounded from time to time, and she evaluated with her own experience. Her eyes became brighter and brighter, and her face became more and more excited.
He Yuming, Lin Yilan, Huang Rui, Ling Fengwu and Milan were amazed at the beauty and calm temperament of Due Jin Wei. They had beauty, but the graceful and graceful atmosphere was lacking.
"Sister Fairy, how did you get that guy into the world of mortals?" He Yuming said subconsciously.
"Sisters don’t need to be modest. Your boss is really excellent. Not only did I come, but three sisters also came." Degree of urban Jin Wei smiles to say.
"There are three sisters," He Yuming exclaimed in surprise with Lin Yilan, Huang Rui, Ling Fengwu and Milan.
"Yes, I often hear my senior brother talk about your sisters. When I saw them today, they were all fairy pearls. No wonder my senior brother was obsessed with them and was eager to get back before the time." Jin Wei smiled, introduced herself, and greeted He Yuming, Lin Yilan, Huang Rui, Ling Fengwu and Milan one by one, calling out their identities and posing exquisite food.
"Sister Due, where are the three sisters you mentioned?" Milan looked around and restrained herself, and her warm personality immediately came up.