Qin Chu immediately woke up. Eyebrows wrinkled up, and the star-like eyes suddenly shot out of the cold mountain!

Frightened in the scary vest, what kind of eyes is this, which can give people such a complicated feeling, pity, indifference, and more! This look. He only saw the old dragon of the dragon clan in those days, and the strength of the old dragon is among the best in the dragon clan!
However, now this look is actually concentrated on a young man!
Qin Chu put star saber in the ground, and after a loud rebuke, a long raven passed!
Scary back only saw the touch of the dark light, and then only felt that the body was hit by a huge force, and then could not help but fly out. At that time, there was a great pain in the internal organs.
Click! Click!
Ben-Hur broke a board. There are several deep footprints on the ground, but the body still can’t stop retreating!
Another pressure of the earth fell from the top of the head. The god in the vest was shocked and subconsciously raised his hand to resist.
Suddenly there was a huge pain from the torn arm, and the ostrich’s back only felt the unbearable pressure from the top of its head, and then the face under its feet sank into it in an instant!
Only then did I see it. On his head, there is an extra black millstone-sized guy with strange characters engraved on it! This mountain pressure is coming from this millstone guy!
"This round falsely claims the most paid children’s day, and the language is to Mian concave muscle mouth. Things. I can’t believe I have the power to read! "Humpback secretly complain in my heart, and it’s swollen at the point. He already feels that the pressure on his head is getting bigger and bigger! At the moment, my thighs are all in the ground, and the strange things on my head. There seems to be a strange power that I can’t escape at all!
"Don’t die here?" The hunchback flashed such thoughts, click click, and at the same time there was a slight sound of broken arm bones in his ear!
There was tremendous pressure from the chest, and I felt that my insides were squeezed out!
Qin Chu looked at Ben-Hur’s difficult support, and a smile rose from his mouth.
"This person’s strength is high." Under such a heavy force, Tianyin Town can actually support it. He is an absolute tough guy! "Qin Chu to its surges with a ZanZhuo.
"Can you still support it?" Qin Chu light way.
Blood overflowed from the corners of the mouth. All the strength in the body is condensed on the limbs, where can I be distracted? The eyes are full of indomitable look.
Qin Chu hand a whisking, the top of the head of the town day seal received the general strength, but still pressure on his head.
"I don’t want to kill people, but if you want to kill me, I will naturally fight back." Qin Chu smiled slightly. "Today you are in my hands. Life and death are between my thoughts. I have the heart to spare your life, but you have to promise me one thing!"
"What is it?" In the back grind way. I guessed something in my heart.
"Be my escort!" Qin Chu said lightly, "Actually, I don’t need you to be my escort, but I can’t bear to kill you!"
It’s cold in my heart!
"His strength is higher than mine, and he wants to kill me, but it’s just a matter of raising his hand. Originally thought, I can inherit the power of Jinlong, but "after seeing the strength of Qin Chu, the shock in my heart is beyond words.
Last night, he just thought that Qin Chu was just good at hiding his whereabouts. In his eyes, Qin Chu is a talented thief. I didn’t expect that Qin Chu was an absolute robber!
In the back looked at the top of the head of the town of tianyin, the in the mind is even more shocked, because he had never seen such a mysterious weapon before!
However, the dignity of the heart. How to make him give his life to be someone else’s man? Guards, in his eyes, are lowly servants who have lost their freedom!
But "don’t agree with the consequences, but it is unbearable!
It’s easy to die, but you can’t wait to meet Jinlong again! Not reconciled!
"In those days, I died because of my freedom. If I lost my freedom today for my life, I would like to commend you. I will definitely not forgive me! " Eyes flashed decisively.
"Mother would rather die!"
Qin Chu let out a long breath: "What is the reason that you would rather die than be my guard?"
"Freedom?" Qin Chu frowned. "I didn’t record your freedom!"
"If the heart is not free, everything will not be free!" Tuo back long sigh, "after I die, the dragon ball will belong to you. I have here the Great Bright Book, with which you can resurrect the Dragon Ball! "
"Although I am dead, Jinlong can live safely, and my heart is at ease!"
"Big bright book?" Qin Chu’s eyes rested on Ben-Hur’s waist, where there was still a bag hanging. "The Great Bright Book can revive the Dragon Ball?"
"The Great Bright Book has amazing abilities, even if it just died, it can be saved!" In the back light way.
The relay of bringing back the dead is not something that Lingbao can do, is it? Qin Chu was puzzled.
Qin Chu asked Xiao Bai Xiao Bai Dao through his mind. "The Great Bright Book can release healing magic in a wide range and recover the injury quickly!"
Qin Chu immediately understand the key. It’s the means of the temple again. This must be the boasting of the temple. The ability of the Great Light Book is to release the magic of the Light Department on a large scale. It can heal the injury, but it is impossible to bring it back to life!
"The resurrection of the dragon ball? Hehe, although the dragon smells, I am not rare. Also, do you think that the Dragon Ball is so easy to resurrect? " Qin Chu said in a master’s tone, "The Great Bright Book is just a magic prop that can cure magic in the range of arrogance. Have you ever heard that light is magic and can bring people back to life? "
"How is it possible!" Shocked, Ben-Hur said slowly, "Don’t lie to me. The Great Bright Book is three treasures of the temple. How did you know it as an outsider?"
"I don’t need you to believe it, because that’s the truth!" Qin Chu sneered coldly.
"Don’t think that you are dead. I will bring this dragon ball back to life with peace of mind. " Qin Chu said coldly, "I have several ways to erase this catty, the memory of Dragon Ball consciousness, so that when it comes back to life, it will be as pure as the little dragon born on the net! I don’t want a disobedient pet around me! "
"Don’t you dare!"
"How dare I not?" Qin Chu indifferent way, the in the mind is exulting, this runs counter to the weakness of the dragon ball! In that case, that’s easy to say!
"My patience is limited. I pity you for being a talented person. It’s a pity to die like this, so I spare your life." Qin Chu said faintly, "You should have heard that there is a trick in the undead spell that can turn a living person into your own shame?"
"Do you want to turn me into your shame Lei?" Ben-Hur was frightened to disgrace.
"You don’t. That’s it! " Qin Chu threatened. "If you don’t believe me, I can make you Lei now. Your dragon ball, I will erase it. Turn into a clever pet! "
"no! I, promise you! " Tuo back depressed, Qin Chu in his eyes, has turned into a demon! He would rather die by himself. I don’t want Jinlong to be hurt at all. In order to save Jinlong, I have to live myself! Then falsely accuse the four friends of saying muscle O.
But, being my escort, you don’t eat Qin Chu’s mind. Must be a few defects on the back of the head of the town. Immediately into a collect, retract a hand, into a delicate and compact.
All this falls on the hunchback’s eyes, and I feel that Qin Chu’s ability is strong!
"The Great Bright Book can’t revive the Dragon Ball, but I can!" Qin Chu throws a shocking news, hits a stick and then gives a piece of candy. This is the king of driving under his command!
"Are you serious?" Looking at Qin Chu in the back with surprise, I have a little doubt!
Qin Chu smiled. Eyes suddenly blaster out two Yin Hua. The space in front is suddenly distorted. "Wake up the dragon ball. Need to make up its strength, the most important thing is to wake up its sleeping soul! These two points. I can make a profit! "
Qin Chu revealed his powerful soul force, hunchback immediately know, Qin Chu said absolutely rely on!
"If you can really resurrect the Dragon Ball, I would like to be your escort!" Horrible back awe.
Qin Chu gave a profound warning: "I hope you don’t forget what you said. If you violate this statement someday and let you escape to the ends of the earth, I can also kill you!" Said Qin Chu release a little was puncture. Punched into the ostrich’s back.
Ben-Hur’s body suddenly shuddered, but he gritted his teeth and said, "Yes!"
Qin Chu satisfactory nodded, master’s promise, compared with a colleague’s oath is more real. Qin Chu doesn’t believe that such a strong man who values affection and righteousness will do something that goes against his promise!
Qin Chu casually raised his hand: "Eat these three pills first!"