This princess Yukime didn’t delay a slight smile. "This is no problem. I’ll temporarily take this burden and wait for five generations of adults and my father to explain it."

Deer pill smiled slightly. "Then KINOMOTO SAKURA and Princess Ino Yukime will be handed over to you first. You take Princess Yukime to check the national treasury and there are still some things to be solved."
KINOMOTO SAKURA and Ino had just reunited with Sasuke, but they really didn’t want to leave Sasuke, but they also knew the priorities and left with Princess Yukime and Xiaoling without objection.
After Princess Yukime left, Uchiha Obito slowly walked in from the outside. Uchiha Obito said, "Is it settled?"
Lumaru nodded and said, "Now that Princess Yukime is here for the time being, I think it should be easy to solve the problem of killing the country with blood. How about Naruto?"
Uchiha Obito’s face suddenly sank. "Although Hinata Hyuga woke up, Naruto seemed very happy and didn’t show anything wrong, but I know that he didn’t want to show it in front of Hinata Hyuga, but he should be very anxious to kill the bloody country in his heart. After all, if Lin was so seriously injured, I would be very anxious to kill all those terracotta warriors. It’s because he rationally told him that it’s not time yet, but if things are solved here, I think he should not endure it any more."
Deer pill nodded. "I know, and I don’t ask for anything. I just want him to be able to hold back these days. To be honest, I also wish I could kill that bloodstained garment."
Uchiha Obito smiled slightly. "I don’t think Naruto wants you to kill that bloodstained garment. I think he prefers to do it himself."
In the next two days, Princess Yukime showed her outstanding political means, which not only stabilized the situation of killing the country with blood, but also attracted a big wave. The ministers who were dissatisfied with the blood-killing country did not do much to those die-hard princesses Yukime, but they let these people go. At that time, the people were no longer afraid and worried about the new country, but became curious.
Then Princess Yukime ordered some tax reductions and abolished many exorbitant taxes. Suddenly, the people were singing the praises of this benevolent monarch.
But many people haven’t found those loyal ministers who were killed by Princess Yukime. After a while, they disappeared. At first, some people talked about it, but Princess Yukime’s policy of optimizing the people was constantly introduced. People were immersed in this joy and gradually forgot where those ministers went in the end.
Even Uchiha Obito, an old schemer, secretly nodded and praised Princess Yukime for her means. After all, if she did it herself, although the country would not collapse, it was not as fast and efficient as Princess Yukime.
The blood-killing country changed its name to fire nation, which didn’t have any impact on the world. Many people didn’t feel anything about this dynasty change. After all, it’s chaotic here, and it’s already normal for two dynasties to change in three days.
But not everyone is indifferent. Those who have had friends with Naruto have had different reactions. They got the news first. At this time, the dean of the Dean’s Office of the Wisdom College looked up through the French window to the dazzling sun, and Carlo was behind him.
Carlo said, "Father, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, do you really want them to participate in this exchange meeting between the two houses?"
The dean turned to look at Carlo and said, "What do you think is wrong?"
Carlo worried, "But I always think that these two people are not simple. Their purpose of coming to the college should not be so simple, especially the beast tide and the blood killing of our country."
Dean waved and interrupted Carlo. "I know what you’re going to say. The beast tide incident has cast a shadow on your heart. I know you’re worried and I know it, but I don’t see it the same way as you."
Dean turned to look at the sky and said, "Carlo, this man can’t live forever. The world has been quiet for too long. Now Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha have brought fluctuations to this stagnant world. Hehe, isn’t that great? Well, that’s it. There’s the beast tide. It must be strictly forbidden. Can’t it be known? "
Carlo wanted to say something more, but seeing the dean’s appearance, he could answer, "I know that my father was not in a coma except you and me. Mo Yan knew that I had talked to Mo, and he knew the seriousness of the matter and added other problems. I’m sure he wouldn’t tell."
Dean’s adult just nodded his head and continued to look out of the window in silence. Is it true that he is calm? That’s for him to know.
Aoyunguo Duanmutian immediately laughed when he received the news. "I knew Naruto was not simple. I didn’t expect it to take long to take a country so soon. Well, it seems necessary to go to fire nation to help round up Warcraft. When I didn’t see it, I said nothing to let him escape. I must let him have a good drink."
As Duanmu Tian fell, two guards came in and Duanmu Tian laughed. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, Naruto killed the country with blood, and quickly prepared gifts and Luanjia Wang was going to the Fire Country to congratulate him."
Duanmutian was so excited that he ordered people to prepare gifts and went to the small attic in the backyard alone. Looking at the confined attic, Duanmutian sighed slightly and went to the door and said, "Five sisters are me."
Duanmulian came from the attic and said, "Third Brother, come in."
Duanmutian gently pushed open the attic door and suddenly a cold wind blew. Duanmutian frowned and went in.
Duanmu Tian met Duanmu Lian in the attic. At this time, Duanmu Lian was sitting cross-legged beside the cushion, and the energy was constantly fluctuating. A little bit of cold was constantly coming around Duanmu Lian and being absorbed by Duanmu Lian.
It was not until Duanmutian walked beside Duanmutian that Duanmutian stopped practicing and looked at Duanmutian faintly and asked, "What can I do for you, Third Brother?"
It may be because Naruto gave Duanmulian that achievement method. Now Duanmulian is getting colder and colder.
Duanmutian frowned. Duanmutian followed him a few days after Duanmutian returned to the south after the beast tide, but Duanmutian was curious to ask her first, but Duanmutian didn’t ask again.
Manglietia at the back end keeps practicing, as if nothing is in the mind’s eye, but Duanmutian is still practicing. Although he knows that something must have happened to Manglietia, and this thing must have something to do with Naruto, Duanmutian can be anxious now.
Duanmutian said, "Let’s go out with my brother for fun in a few days. We’ll go to the bloody country. Now it’s called fire nation."
Duanmulian frowned. "I’m not interested if I don’t go."
Duanmutian frowned and turned around and said, "Naruto Uzumaki’s fire country is his country. Two days ago, Naruto destroyed the blood and killed fire nation. Do you want to see yourself together?" Then Duanmutian left the attic. He knew Duanmutian would definitely go because Duanmutian’s look changed when he arrived in Naruto Uzumaki.
Duanmutian squeezed his fist and said, "Naruto, you’d better give me a satisfactory explanation or I’ll let you know why the flowers are so red." {There was a girlfriend who even talked}
Li Muyun of Zhou Guo did not show much surprise when he received the news, as if it was normal and there was nothing to be surprised about.
Li Muyun let go of the letterhead and walked slowly to the front of the map. Looking at the pale blue map of the mainland world, he said lightly, "Shall we start? I’ve been calm about the world for too long, and it’s time to make a choice. Well, I’m going to speed up, too. I have to master this country before the ninja world marches on, and it should be enough to add a few days. "
Li Muyun’s eyes seemed to be able to see through everything with a slight smile. "I hope Naruto and Sasuke don’t keep me waiting too long, hehe."
Li Muyun said, "Come and prepare the wedding gift palace to go to Huoguo Road to celebrate."
Deep in the forest of Warcraft, a white fox slowly walks around the forest, constantly changing. If Naruto were here at this time, he would find that it was his intention to save the white fox in the forest of Warcraft.
Little white fox kept changing all the way. Finally, little white fox walked into a palace deep in the forest of Warcraft and appeared in front of little white fox. Little white fox slowly walked into the palace and changed at the moment when he stepped on the palace.
I saw that the original tail behind her suddenly turned into nine white fox tails when she stepped into the palace, shaking her body and getting bigger and bigger, and finally becoming about the same age as the Nine Lamas before stopping.
Followed by a burst of energy fluctuation, the nine-tailed white fox turned into a girl of about seventeen.
At this moment, a seven old ten old man came out and looked at the girl. "Do you have anything to make when you come back, chief of the fathers? Is that red-violet ice flame really in that Naruto Uzumaki? "
The girl nodded her head. "Well, it’s clear that the red-violet ice flame is really in him."
The old man excitedly said "that"
Before the words were uttered, the girl waved her hand and said, "Elder, I’m not saying that it’s very important for me to come here this time. I found that person, the one who changed my fox family."
When the old man heard the girl’s words, he was surprised and speechless.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-nine
Fox patriarch asked excitedly, "did you really find that man?" Who is he? Where is he now? You didn’t bring him here. "The fox patriarch was very excited and his body trembled slightly.
The girl frowned slightly. She could understand the elder’s mood at this time and said something out of line. She was also understandable, but she didn’t like it.
Fox patriarch also found himself just too excited to collide with the patriarch in words, so he quickly made a apology, "I’m sorry that the patriarch just collided with the patriarch in words. I hope the patriarch doesn’t mind."
The girl shook her head and said, "I can understand that I’m not in the mood of the elders. After all, I’ve been waiting for so many years and finally I’m excited. The patriarch didn’t mean to blame the elders."