In the second game, the fighting skill began …

The fighting is still so fierce …
To the surprise of many people. Few people expected it.
The Qianqiu Sect lost three hundred slaves of the Ghost King. Destroy the Tianya Mountain team completely.
"If I had known, I would have put more soul stones!" Seeing the Qianqiu faction win as a guess. Yang Xiao can’t help some regret.
Zhang Xiaotian was going to bet a billion soul stones. But it is he to stop. Only 500 million soul stones were dropped.
"Ha ha. The information flowed out from the Xianyin School. No one can guarantee that it must be true! What if … it’s them. What about confusing? " Zhang Xiaotian shook his head. Laugh.
"alas!" Yang Xiao scratched his head. Some distress! That’s 500 million soul stones. It’s just gone.
"Xiao! You don’t have to be too present. Want to win the Soul Stone. Still afraid of no chance? " Zhang Xiaotian comfort with a smile.
"Be sure to win one more next time!" Yang Xiao bite bite. Said angrily.
"good!" Zhang Xiaotian nodded with a smile. Heart is a wry smile! It is said in the secular world. Gambling. It is a harmful thing. That’s true. Won some. Want to win more. The loser. Want to turn over a leaf! And the result? Man’s luck. It’s not always good. There is always a time to lose! Want to win more. But I lost all my books and tried to turn them over. But the loss is even worse! Ten bets and nine losses are the truth!
Winner. It’s for powerful people! Look up at dawn. Through the window. Look in the direction of the dozens of senior VIP rooms upstairs. Sneer in my heart.
They … This is the biggest winner in the fighting field!
Unfortunately. That was before!
Now To a more powerful than them depends on whether they know the inside story! Zhang Xiao, as a heavenly heart, has a faint coldness.
Information about these two teams. It’s Zhang Xiaotian. They bought it yesterday.
If there is nothing wrong with the information. Xianyimen will win!
The battle began …
The situation is fierce …
It is beyond the expectation of many people. It is also expected by a few people.
In the Gudaomen team. There are more than a dozen strong mental attacks. Whoever attacks will die! Plus they have some special magic weapons that are not available on the information. Result. At the expense of 500 people. Win easily!
"Shit! That guy. After the fighting skill is over. I will definitely go to him. Actually sold us false news! " Ordinary VIP room. Yang Xiao was livid. This time, fight. They dropped 2 billion stones on Xianyimen! Result. I lost it all.
Changing the information on the jade at will may not be all accurate! Besides. All the information on the surface is correct. That guy has already made money. How can you sell it to us? "Zhang Xiaotian light said with a smile. Lost two billion soul stone, but he didn’t have the slightest intention.
Who ate them? Who is going to spit them all out!
If it’s true. How do you find him? "Li Fugui also smiled. He is a man who has seen the scene. Two billion stones. He didn’t care either.
"But … we lost another two billion soul stones!" Yang Xiao turned red. Some awkward said. Last time because of him. You lost 500 million soul stones! This time Zhang Xiaotian is only going to | note billion soul stone. But because of him. Another billion! Result. You lose an extra billion soul stones.
"Xiao. Don’t care too much! A blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise! We lost this time. It is not necessarily a bad thing! " Zhang Xiaotian shook his head and smiled.
"Is not necessarily a bad thing? Yang Xiao one leng.
"You watch!" Zhang Xiaotian smiled mysteriously. No more talking.
"Bully me have no culture Yang Xiao blush muttered in a low voice.
"Ha ha" see Yang Xiao this side effect. Everyone was happy.
"I have long known that the ancient gate has a killer weapon!" People in the senior VIP room. Everyone laughed. This game. They won a lot more.
"The third inning is over. The fourth game begins. "
"The ninth inning is over. The tenth inning begins. "
Ten innings are over. It turns out that ten mainland teams. Have been challenged by those challenge teams! Sure enough, as Li Fugui said. Powerful people. It often doesn’t come from below. Teams within ten. Only two teams remained.
Team one is the ancient gate of the third game. The other team is the Tianshan faction in the seventh game!
Every game. Zhang Xiaotian also followed under some bets! Because of the gambling rate. After the end of the tenth inning. Lost another 3 billion soul stones.
This time. Yang Xiao also balanced some in my heart. Somehow he is not the only reason to lose money! So. He is cheerful by nature. In a short time, he became beaming again.