Because the speed of Hastings is too abnormal, it is too fast to reflect the power of order in time. This also shows that what Qin Chu needs most at present is to evolve its own law power into a field, otherwise, it will only be beaten when it meets Hastings. There is a field and there is no field, which is the difference between heaven and earth.

The flash of Haitings made all Qin Chu’s attacks fall into an empty place instantly. Unless Qin Chu can firmly lock Haitings and chase Shanghai Hastings, it is possible to attack him.
"Let you see, how big is the gap between us?" Wang Haiting, the god of light, flashed his body again. The original two places at once suddenly appeared on the side of Qin Chu, and the roll of silver light book in his hand was thrown down directly to Qin Chu.
This one is scattered, and the book of light spreads itself. On the page, thousands of different characters flow like a flood, and one civilization appears among those characters. It is all a civilization that believes in the king of light, and it is solidified by a huge amount of faith. At the same time, the book of light also grows rapidly. Qin Chu felt his eyes, all the sun, moon and stars disappeared, surrounded by layers of plough atmosphere, surrounded by infinite space, containing endless mysteries.
At this point, at the moment when Haitings unfolded the bright book in his hand, it seemed that Qin Chu was directly moved to this piece of starry sky outside the country.
Vast, shocking, infinite, eternal, HarmonyOS, epic …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Qin Chu is really profound. When he realized the law of crystal wall, he once saw that when the world was born, the grand and eternal scene of the chaotic opening of the avenue was even broader, but Qin Chu could not fully understand it. Now shrouded by the powerful breath of the God of Light, the scene of the world’s birth has once again emerged, and a brand-new understanding has exploded, and the understanding of the world’s birth has deepened a lot again.
In an instant, Qin Chu woke up, and Qin Chu’s application of the force of order was further improved.
However, it was only one third of a thousand moments that made him completely trapped. Surrounded by a very strong light breath, the light breath is so strong that he can’t open his eyes and stab his whole body like a needle, which is extremely painful. Even the power of his own order seems to be directly penetrated by this myriad of bright breath. This is the power of the first God Wang Haiting.
For the first time, Qin Chu felt the feeling of death.

Chapter 281
Chapter 281
"Ho ho ho"
Qin Chu roared loudly, trying to get rid of the repression of Guangming Book, but to no avail, there seemed to be hundreds of mountains on his head, which were pressed together, and there was an overwhelming atmosphere around him.
At first, the book of light actually used the powerful breath of terror to directly oppress the enemy. This majesty is simply endless with terror.
Click click Qin Chu feel, your body, like glass fracture. All the power, also be tightly pinned down, in an instant, it sends out a strong purifying breath of light power, let Qin Chu like a dead fish on the chopping block. From beginning to end, the real goal of Hastings is Qin Chu, and the other two members are only used to contain Hepburn and King Ram. And Hastings itself, has always been directed at Qin Chu.
Qin Chu’s attack on the god of light, Wang Haiting, had no effect, but his attack on him was a direct suppression, as if he were suppressing others.
All the magic weapons, Gang Qi, were oppressed back into Qin Chu’s body. Qin Chu’s body, the power of order is clearly extinguished, and he is oppressed to the extreme.
Qin Chu at this moment, know, the whole body was suppressed, could not move. However, the greater the power of that repression, the deeper Qin Chu’s mind is about the birth of the world. A little bit of sentiment, constantly emanating from the inside, constantly joined Qin Chu’s soul, making Qin Chu’s soul more perfect.
"This is absolutely impossible, you must resist, or you will be crushed to death alive." Qin Chu knows the present situation in his heart. If he does not take immediate measures, he will be crushed to death by Haitings.
Around his body, at this time, the light of Mars is flashing, and there is a strong explosion. The book of light, flying lower and lower, made his back hunched.
If this oppression continues, he will not last long sooner or later.
"I can’t fall yet."
Qin Chu roars, the strength in his body, although suppressed by the powerful ferocity, runs slowly, but still insists.
"Do you want to continue to struggle?" Hastings stood with a negative hand, watching Guangming Shuhua slowly suppress Qin Chu, and a smile appeared on his face. Then, he pinched out the ancient seal tactic in his hand and directly flicker to the Guangming Book, suddenly swelling up, like a man of great spirit. Strong field forces poured directly into the book of light from Hastings, which completely stimulated the magical use of this treasure.
The bright book on the boom has expanded again. Power operation has evolved mountains, seas, clouds, wind, thunder, electricity … and even the sun and the moon are spinning outside the book of light.
"Qin Chu, you can’t support for long. With your cultivation, unless you are promoted to the true god, your internal strength can move at will, otherwise you will never hurt me. My realm is beyond your comprehension. In the celestial world, no one is qualified to really fight with me. Although you are adhering to the fate of the crystal wall, it is far from enough. Now, just die for me. "
Hastings waved his hands again and again, pressing Qin Chu again. Qin Chu immediately felt the pressure increased tenfold.
He urged all his strength to run again and again, but to no avail. As Hastings said, the power of his own order, though powerful, can’t exert its powerful power under such a strong pressure. The book of light has made him smaller and smaller, and he has a feeling that he can’t move and is imprisoned in a cage.
Hastings was fluttering in white, her face was so cold, her hands spread out, and she slapped her on the bright book beneath her.
Om space trembling, vanity, suddenly appeared hundreds of thick white chains, which were all condensed by the power in the field of light, and directly connected to the book of light. The previously arranged partition layer split instantly, and the surging power was passed on, and the book of light was oppressed downward. Qin Chu’s body was compressed again and collapsed.
Qin Chu immediately felt the endless pain. The model formed by the laws of space in his body trembled, but the pieces of laws on it could not be used.
"The space is blocked and it is impossible to escape." Qin Chu wry smile, "all the laws in the body, also seems to be suppressed, can’t work. This is the strength of the first God King. I really looked down upon him earlier. "
"It’s no use, Guangming book has blocked this piece of vanity, and under the repression of Guangming book. No matter what power, you can’t escape, even if you master the crystal wall fire, "Hastings sneered proudly." Now I’m going to take the crystal wall fire out of your body. "
Hastings sneered and grabbed her hands, but the book of light actually wrapped Qin Chu.
"bad." Qin Chu felt an irresistible force, squeezing himself, his body was being squeezed crazily, and all the forces in the body were surging crazily, as if to be squeezed out. The colorful deity in my body, under such a huge extrusion force, actually began to move outside my body. And in this process, the strength in my body is almost out of control. Under such circumstances, thinking about self-explosion is tantamount to wishful thinking.
"Actually condensed into a godhead, just saved me the difficulty of refining. Crystal wall godhead, come here for me. "
Hastings grabbed it with one hand, like grabbing something. Suddenly, a strange force enveloped Qin Chu and infiltrated Qin Chu’s body from the body surface, ignoring the force of order on the body surface. Qin Chu only think, in my mind, something more, crystal wall godhead seems to be a strange force to shake, involuntary to fly out, joint crystal wall shenhuo also stirring, seems to be called away.
"Incredibly use the big summoning technique that has been ripped from me" in the endless darkness void, in the faint fluttering darkness, the charming God King smiled at what happened to Qin Chu. Using the curse of the mind, she can directly observe anything that happens around Qin Chu.
"Should I help him now?" Charming God King felt that the deity and shenhuo in Qin Chu’s body, under the action of big summoning, gradually flew away from the body, and played a helping role. "My body was destroyed, only the soul did not die, and what remained was this. For hundreds of thousands of years, it has been squeezed and controlled by Haitings … It is rumored that the crystal wall law covers everything and is in charge of creation and destruction. If I want to leave here, then I must rely on the help of the crystal wall law. "
"But, at the moment, it is not the best time for me to make moves. My power is limited here, and I don’t exert much power through soul curse. And ….. I’m now in the form of a soul, exerting my strength. If I don’t spend more than one point, I’ll lose one point. Once you make moves, you will be hit hard. Otherwise, you will be alert for Hastings, and there will be no chance. "The enchanted God King’s thoughts flashed in his heart and he did not dare to start work rashly. Because of its own limitations, if you want to start work, you must kill Haitings with one blow, otherwise, with the ability of Haitings, once you are alert, you will have no chance.
"That’s … the big summoning technique" was not far away from Hepburn. When he saw the moves of Haitings here, he couldn’t help but be frightened to disgrace. "The big summoning technique is the ability to charm the king of God. Why can Haitings also use it? No, it is rumored that the summoning technique can confuse the target’s mind and lose self-awareness. If you don’t cut off this trick at the moment, I’m afraid Qin Chu’s brother will be killed by Haitings. "
"Immortal power reverses the chaotic emperor" Qin Chu gritted his teeth, and the immortal power in the body suddenly generate up and runs retrograde. The reversal of the immortal power is an extremely terrible thing, and the strength attribute in the body will be instantly distorted, causing great harm to the body. However, for Qin Chu, the harm caused by the reversal of this immortal power is not very impressive, because Qin Chu’s physical quality is so strong that he won’t be afraid of the harm caused by the reversal. However, after the reversal of the immortal power, the immortal power in the body will burn clean all the time because of the sudden change of attributes. That is to say, for the average fairy, once the power in the body is reversed, it is a narrow escape.
Qin Chu’s body surface, suddenly burst into a black flame, the black flame, evil awe-inspiring, a heart-pounding magic gas, emanating from the body, the surrounding space, crashing tremor, the pages on the scroll of the "book of light" overhead, when touched by the black flame, the virtual shadows of the world, the origin of civilization, all collapsed in an instant.
"What can have such ability?" Hastings didn’t expect Qin Chu to have this skill. He looked at the virtual shadow of his bright book, and the civilized chapter was infected by the black magic flame. He couldn’t help but fly into a rage. His eyes seemed to have penetrated Qin Chu’s head, suddenly pointed out a little, and a thick thumb was shining, emitting a devastating atmosphere, which penetrated the protection of Qin Chu’s order and the burning magic flame.
Qin Chu’s eyebrows were struck hard. His knowledge of the sea was shaken, and he was seriously injured. Those empty shadows floating on the surface of the bright book immediately flooded in from this gap. Those virtual shadows are the concise and concentrated belief power of Guangming Book. If Qin Chu’s consciousness is wrapped, then the final outcome is to completely lose himself and become a part of the virtual shadow.
"I changed my mind, and I decided not to kill you, but to turn you into my puppet." Hastings laughed. "Come into my book of light."
However, at this moment, the colorful deity in Qin Chu’s abdomen suddenly moved, and coils of faint multicolored colors were surrounded by layers, radiating outward from the deity. Wherever he went, the virtual shadow forces that poured into Qin Chu’s body in the book of light immediately fell apart, turned into the most original soul force, and merged into Qin Chu’s soul.
"What? What’s the matter? "Hastings felt the hard and concise faith power in the book of light, and instantly fell apart in Qin Chu’s body, losing contact, and her face suddenly changed.
"Glorious Heaven and Earth" Once again, generate in the book of light showed a strong purifying breath, and arrogantly pierced Qin Chu’s body from around Qin Chu’s body. Haitings’ field strength also inherits the characteristics of speed. Once he entered the body, he immediately rampaged in the body without hesitation, wreaking havoc. If it weren’t for Qin Chu’s unusually strong body, his body would have turned into a lump of meat.