Chapter III White II Chapter VII Spatial superposition
"Master, I also went to help!" Guang Chengzi was busy saying that he chose not to ask about the quirks of Chu Yanqi. He was just a slave and his master’s business. Since he didn’t say anything, he still didn’t say hello.
Chu Yanqi waved and continued to lie on the ground in a daze. After thinking for a while, he asked, "Who is Yu Shuiqing?"
“?” Infinite instinctively looked up at him.
"Not for you." Chu Yanqi said.
"Your Majesty, Yu Shuiqing is Yu Shuiqing. He ran away and I chased him out." Shark slave said honestly.
"How long have you been chasing him?" ChuYan habitat curious asked.
"With the wild calendar, it is about twenty years." Shark slave said.
"This more than 20 years, you didn’t seriously chase? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "Chu Yanqi has a feeling of distress situation in an instant. If there is a serious pursuit, nothing is that Chu Hua will not be leisurely hiding in Chu’s home for so many years without moving.
"hmm!" The shark slave was a little ashamed and honestly promised, "Your Majesty, it is simply impossible for me to capture him alive."
"He ran away when he saw you, but he thought there were three of you?" ChuYan habitat curious asked.
"Yes!" Shark slave honestly answered, but his two busy people are bluffing, and they can’t play a big role at all. Seriously speaking, only the repair is roughly equivalent to the peak of the infant spirit. If this is done, Yu Shuiqing will know immediately, slap one at a time, and take it flat and agile.
However, the shark slave didn’t want him to take a picture of his two places at once. Really, although it’s not a good practice, it’s ok to do some chores on weekdays. He’s not the pervert of Owl Slave. Anyone can be refined into a ghost messenger for him to drive.
You know, he practices a doppelganger. It’s not easy. These days, slaves are unreliable-it’s better to be in two places at once.
"You don’t want to chase him?" ChuYanQi asked.
"Yes, I don’t want to chase him at all." Shark slave workplace, laughed, "your majesty, let me follow you, you see, you now no one around to wait on, I follow you, wait on you, wouldn’t it be very good. Yu Shuiqing just let him go. Anyway, that’s the way it is. "
"What’s the matter?" ChuYanQi asked.
"If I do, you won’t let me kill him." Shark slave laughed.
ChuYanQi wanted to think, ChuHua for him, with seventeen years of parenting, although he is not a real ChuYanQi, but, when he just came to this world. When I opened my eyes, the first person I saw was him.
"How high is he?" ChuYan habitat frown asked.
"This, your majesty. How can I describe it? " Shark slave wry smile way.
"in the way that the wild is usually described." Chu Yanqi walked over and said, "Is there a realm of being a king?"
"This is for sure." Shark slave wry smile, who can be locked into the endless abyss, how can there be no realm of Dacheng king? Who can escape from the endless abyss. Not to mention it.
"When he escaped from the endless abyss, he was slightly injured and should not have recovered." Shark slave frowns. After thinking about it, he said, "Otherwise, he wouldn’t run away when he saw me."
"Oh?" ChuYanQi leng ran, he was injured?
"Yes, when he escaped from the endless abyss, I joined hands with the other two and gave him a solid one at once, but-he also completed the spatial superposition." Shark slave wry smile, if not, they will not easily get it, this man is a rare genius.
"Spatial superposition?" Both Wuji and Guangchengzi gasped and asked in surprise, "Did he major in space occultism?"
"Yes!" Shark slave smiled. "He used hundreds of spaces to stack up at that time. I followed him and lost my way."
While roasting mutton, Wuji couldn’t help shivering slightly for a while, and hundreds of spaces were superimposed? Are you kidding?
"I followed in and lost my way. He also used magic in a despicable way." Shark slave shook his head. "I almost got lost in the void."
"It’s amazing!" Guang Chengzi said, hundreds of spaces are superimposed. How did he do it? As far as he is concerned, if he can enter the realm of the king of the Holy Spirit and major in space occultism, at most, it is just the superposition of three or five spaces, and hundreds of them are simply impossible.
If anyone can do it, unless-he has become an immortal and broken through the constraints of space.
"Don’t make such a fuss." Shark slave doesn’t care at all. What’s wrong with the superposition of hundreds of spaces? He can do it, too. He was looking for someone at that time, but the other party had a deliberate calculation and let him run away. Otherwise, he won’t get away.
"Your Majesty, shall we stop chasing jade water?" Shark slave body slightly moved, came to ChuYanQi side, take out a big pillow, hold his head, let him pillow, and then he please give him holding the shoulder.
Chu Yanqi is trying to slap him open, but he doesn’t want to chase jade water, which is called "we don’t want it". He has nothing to do with him.
However, he found that although the shark slave can’t cook, he can massage, and his fingers are pinched on his shoulders, only a little hard, but it makes him feel comfortable and almost groan.
"Your Majesty, this wilderness is still very fun. I can accompany you to the East Wilderness to grab territory-although I can’t cook, I am very reliable in fighting." Shark slave is very serious.
ChuYan habitat with your eyes closed, too lazy to ignore him, anyway, he knew that he and owl slave and others are a group, and may also be a demon race, he decided long ago, the old demon’s brain has a problem, owl slave is, so is this shark slave.