However, they should not put their own efforts into exposing themselves prematurely.

Then the best candidate
It can also be Isoriel, right
An Isoriel
That’s enough. To be continued.
Ps, alas, I can watch again.
Everybody don’t hit me.
Page 215 is on this side.
the ninth day
It seems to have acquiesced in this fact that neither the official nor the people have any hope of confrontation.
The most intuitive performance is that the whole war college has long lost its vitality. Although it is not enough to give up the confrontation and leave, most people no longer choose to go to the street. Everyone is crowded together and screaming and cheering wildly, because it will be particularly stupid to set off in such an interesting confrontation.
People still prefer to sit in pubs and hotels, order a glass of ale that is not strong, and chat with familiar and unfamiliar people about things they have seen around the world or other things without really paying attention to the confrontation.
The official high Council reduced the host from two to one, and the guy who hosted it, that is, the man with a small moustache, talked about the situation with a unlucky expression.
The only exception is probably the Mage Tower of the War College.
Everyone was present, and no one was absent.
Everyone held their breath and stared at the crystal screen of the magical image hanging in the sky, which seemed to be more than concentration.
But the atmosphere was particularly dignified, and no one said a word.
It seems that if someone says a word, something will flash in generate.
Silence to suffocation
One day, the voice of the man with a small beard echoed slightly with the yelling in the summoner’s canyon.
This is a showdown between Demassia and Bandel City, and there is not much suspense.
There is no suspense in the ending.
Demassia wins.
No cheers and no congratulations.
The mage tower is quiet.
It was a long time before I heard a crash.
Is the highest la Livache got up.
He took a step towards the stage and suddenly stopped.
So when also stopped.
Everyone seems to have a heartbeat when they hear it.
"Ladies and gentlemen," he suddenly spoke.
La Livache, he broke the spell of time and time in one bite.
Time flows again.
Everyone breathed slightly.
Everyone can feel those eyes staring at themselves.
La Livache
The man who has ruled the War College for nearly ten years is as dignified as ever.
As deep as a prison