Things have developed to this point, and it is absolutely impossible for me to die regardless of you.

In the bald head, the double knives split over and instantly Alex didn’t hide or flash, but changed a biochemical shield to stand in front of him.
Like a collision of gold and iron
Bald-headed double-edged sword is continuous, and a knife is as tight as a knife. Chopping on that shield will soon cut out several cracks.
It seems that this method is quite stupid and crazy to attack the enemy shield. Generally speaking, it seems extremely unwise, but the bald head knows quite well the ability of this shield. It is equivalent to an eternal barrier on Alex’s body. If you can’t break it, it will stand in front of you forever.
After being blocked by the shield, Alex flashed a sneer at his mouth, and his paws were inserted into the ground in a moment!
See suddenly a few spider web cracks spread out at the bald foot, and then several ground thorns rose one after another!
Ground blade killing
It is still a classic line of sight blocking+ground blade killing skill with tactics.
Black prismatic blade rose from the ground and inserted into his body one after another, hanging him high in the middle school.
So he died?
Alex’s eyes flashed a cold meaning. He saw the bald face hanging in the middle of the body with a smile.
This smile is full of ridicule.
"As expected, the truly experienced evolutionist is the method that can be easily defeated by such simple tactics," Su Hao said.
Say that finish is an emergency avoidance flash from a level 3 evolution whip gun attack.
Su Hao and Lothar, the situation here is also quite urgent. They are being besieged by six level 3 evolutionists!
Lothar marked all of them with a troll mark and relied on the attack to interfere with Lv3, which has flashed several times in a row from the evolutionary attack.
But this will not last long. When the enemy attacks frequently and methodically, their organized attacks are more threatening than those clumsy hunters.
"Hurry up, Alex! Kill him!"
Listen, urging Alex over there is also thinking about the situation.
Because of the bald head of the enemy in front of him, his ability is so weird that he has been killed and stabbed by the ground blade. It should be the end of slaying, but the face of his body just gave him a mocking smile …
The guy he stabbed was not himself!
So where is he?
Suddenly there was a sharp pain behind him.
Alex looked down and found that a blade had been inserted into his chest!
The blade pierced his chest from behind.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ….."
Laughing from behind is the bald sound.
"I didn’t expect your biochemical ability to be able to create a biochemical member and sneak into the ground at the same time. It’s a despicable ability."
At this time, he discovered that there was a faint bald smell in the ground. If you don’t observe it carefully, you really can’t smell it. This suspicion is evidence that he sneaked into the ground.
The bald man laughed. "The winner is the king and the loser is the best way to win no matter what means!"
After that, he tried hard to turn the blade inserted in Alex’s body, trying to sprain and smash his body to build a city for him.
At this time, Alex turned to look at him with ease, and his smile was more ridiculous than his bald head.
He held out his hand and grasped the blade stuck in his body.
Then he said, "In the face of the absolute strength gap, all intrigues and intrigues can hide in the shape."
At this time, the bald head finally felt something was wrong. He found that Alex’s face was not painful or even uncomfortable.
In fact, Alex was slightly injured.
You know, Alex can’t die after a nuclear bomb. How can a leading character be seriously injured and fall to the ground after being attacked by this bald head?
He gripped the bald blade tightly, then jumped high and then fell hard!
And the bald head that he put on his back also fell hard and suffered a great blow.
"You you …"
The bald man vomited blood in his mouth, but he didn’t just face the fierce attack from Alex. He found that he had no resistance at all!
Alex pulled out the blade and then cut into the bald neck with one claw!
Bloody escape
Alex pressed his bald head to the ground with one hand and turned it into claws with the other hand, scratching, cutting and killing his body crazily.
At this time, the bald head has been deeply grasped into the ground with one hand, and it has also turned into a liquid state and continuously penetrated into the ground.
This is his own power to escape.
But in the process of his continuous infiltration, he suddenly found that the depths of the ground were oozing out one by one at the same time, and this thorn was actually blocking his infiltration route!
"Do you want to escape from the ground?" Alex hit the nail on the head, and the crazy killing still didn’t stop.
Bald face is already horrified.
Because he used his ability once, Alex has already taken precautions!
"My claws are attacking you, and at the same time, I set a blade in the ground to prevent you from escaping."
"You have a way to go."
I saw several tendrils rushing out of Alex’s body, then tied him up, and then the ground blade jumped out and inserted into him at the same time.
"Don’t don’t!"
Bald crazy whining, he’s still crazy, which makes his ability to escape from the ground, but at this time it has been tied into a ball by Alex. No matter how hard he struggles, he can’t escape from Alex’s palm!
"Your ability is really good, then I won’t be polite!"
As soon as the voice fell, it was tied into a bald head, which quickly dried up and turned into several black and red lines that led to its own body.
"I didn’t expect this bald man named Meng Kuier to be an evolutionary group leader! This is really unexpected. "
Alex’s devouring ability can rob not only the enemy’s ability but also his memory.
"But when urgent, it’s not feeling these things, but killing all his little bastards first."
Chapter 50 Evolution Group Sample Recipients
After seeing their boss being swallowed up, their younger brother no longer has a fighting mind.
Because there is an insurmountable strength gap between level 3 and level 4, even the boss died tragically, and these younger brothers will have no chance to survive if they don’t run away.