The bodies of two monster beasts collapsed to the ground. Just now, Jin Yao’s sword awn directly ran through their heads and opened a blood hole between the eyebrows.

At the same time, the deafening roar pierced the night sky, dozens of dark shadows rushed out quickly, and a fierce and violent breath came head-on. The overwhelming dark shadows surrounded these disciples of Yaohai Sect.
At the moment, a disciple of Yaohai Sect was entangled in two dark shadows, his body was torn to pieces, and blood fog exploded.
"The enemy attack! Be careful! " Jin Yao shout at top of voice, his mouth spit out a Guanghua fly sword, fly sword into a golden awn tore up the air, to kill those shadows. Just like the stunning Changhong, the golden flying sword instantly tore two black shadows.
When the body falls, it is also the monster beast of two wolves.
They attacked one after another, and the brilliance of sword and magic weapon spread everywhere. Zhuge was not bright enough to look at the two black shadows that came at him. The iron sword was drawn, and the sharp sword awn was huffing and puffing, and the sword awn ran through the bodies of two monster beasts.
The deafening roar sounded, and in the dark, huge shadows emerged.
"Jin Yao, I didn’t expect to meet you here. You Yaohai Sect can’t leave alive today!" A cold roar resounded through the night sky, accompanied by a loud roar.
When everyone saw the present situation clearly, they suddenly gasped, and even Jin Yao couldn’t help but change color. Hundreds of monster beasts surrounded them, so that it turned out to be two young people, and they looked strangely imagined, but one was a head of silver and the other was a head of gold. Above their heads, they had a pair of glittering and translucent unicorns.
Zhuge Liang looked at the two young men, looking like the King of Jinjiao and the King of Silver Horn in Journey to the West.
"Jin Yao, remember me!" The young gold man’s face was grim.
"If you don’t change gold, who am I?" Jin Yao sneered and stood with a sword.
The young monster named Jin Buhuan shouted, "Jin Yao, I told you that if you dare to step half a step away from the state again, you will be saved!"
"Hum!" Jin Yao snorted: "Last time I didn’t kill you with a sword, you were lucky!"
Jin Buchang’s face showed a cruel color: "Do you think you could kill me last time if it wasn’t for other immortal sects?"
"Why? Do you want to try again? " Jin Yao’s voice just fell. Has been like a rainbow rushed to the gold, a golden sword mans light up this world.
"Today you and I are bound to win!" Gold doesn’t change with a roar, and thousands of monster beasts roar in unison behind them.
Gold does not change, and a dazzling brilliance surges up, and a long knife appears in his hand, cutting out a knife that runs through heaven and earth.
The knife mans collided with the sword mans, and the dazzling brilliance was hard to name.
Jin Yao and Jin Buhuan rose to the sky, and behind Jin Buhuan’s body, a pair of two-meter-long wings were stretched out, and the wings incited and Gangfeng was everywhere. Jin Yao, on the other hand, is stepping on a flying sword, and human practitioners can’t conquer the air until they are in their infancy.
The dazzling brilliance blooms between heaven and earth, and Jin Yao and Jin don’t change into two changhong to escape into the far sky. The sword and the knife are all over the sky, illuminating the sky.
At the same time, hundreds of monster beasts roared in unison, and insidious smile, the young silver man who stayed behind, shouted, "None left!"
Hundreds of monster beasts seem to have been ordered and rushed at the remaining Yaohai disciples with heavy steps.
"Jin Yao that bastard! I have lived in vain for decades! " Zhuge was secretly annoyed when he was not bright. Several elders of Yaohai Sect actually asked Jin Yao to lead the team. This grandson was too irresponsible. He ran away with others after being provoked by others, and he was not responsible at all.
Hundreds of monster beasts roared and rushed towards the crowd, and more than 20 disciples were born with color change.
"Everyone scattered and fled, went to Yandang Mountain, and joined the Xiuxian Sect!"
Jin Yao’s voice came from the far sky, accompanied by an earth-shattering sound of the sword. It seems that he and Jin Buhuan have launched a fierce battle.
Chapter seventy-two Suppression of silver exchange
() The people have to make it, and the monster beast army suppressed it, and the people fled in groups …
Zhuge was not bright, Shui Yue, Qing Qing and Su Nianjiao, Su Yan and his party offered a fairy sword and fled to the east of the mountain village.
"chase! Don’t let one go! " The silver youth had a cold drink, and in a short time, a few winged monsters in the monster beast army soared into the sky and chased after the fleeing people.
Insidious smile, the young silver man, said twice, "Those human women are good-looking …" After that, a pair of wings also stretched out behind the young silver man and chased them in the direction where Zhuge fled before dawn.
Zhuge fled before the light of several imperial swords, and the monster roared behind him. Zhuge cursed secretly before the light: "* *, look at the buddies, they were killed just after they debuted!" "
"Pig, don’t leave me!" At this time, a lux figure came from behind the royal sword, which was Pang Xin ‘er.
"What are you doing with me!" Zhuge not bright angrily.
"You think I want to, not just for the sake of …" PangXin son said, and casually glanced at without makeup.
Su Yan frowned slightly, but did not speak.
Zhuge is too lazy to talk to her at the moment when he is not bright, because he feels that a dangerous smell is approaching behind him.
A bright white silver light chased through the night sky, and behind Zhuge Liang, there were two disciples. There is no doubt that the two disciples were torn by the silver light, and the blood was stained in the sky, and large pieces of flesh and blood fluttered and scattered.
"I’m coming!" Qingqing’s personality is a little timid and pale with fear.
"That boy, leave these little girls behind, and I can spare you!" The silver light dispersed, and the young silver man incited his wings to stand in the void.
Zhuge was stopped by the silver youth before dawn, and they could only stop, with a face of alert.
Silver youth with a wave of his hand, a large silver-white light curtain shrouded in shui yue, clear and plain.
Zhuge shot a palm before it was bright, and the invisible air palm shattered all the silver light in the void.
"hmm?" Silver youth took a surprised look at Zhuge Liang and said, "I can’t see that you are a human kid, but I still advise you not to struggle unnecessarily and leave these little girls behind and roll as far as you can."
"impossible!" Zhuge decided before dawn: "You have never seen a woman, have you?" If you really want it, I’ll give you this girl named Pang ~ ~ ~ "
"Pig, what are you talking about!" PangXin son immediately frighten qiao face white.
"Hey, hey, hey ~ ~ ~" The silver youth sneered: "I don’t want to change the woman I like, and no one can escape, not just the girl in red, I want everyone!"
Several girls immediately turned pale with fear.
Zhuge smiled and said, "Brother, we have something to discuss. Why don’t you let them go and I’ll accompany you?"
Silver didn’t change his face, but his eyes flashed with cold light: "Kid, don’t talk to me, leave these little girls behind and roll as far as you can!"
Zhuge didn’t light ourtenant’s look suddenly changed, and suddenly he took a palm. The violent airflow surged, and a glittering white palm covered the sky and went towards the silver.
"I don’t know if I live or die, how dare you shoot me!" Silver doesn’t change Sen’s cold smile. He stretched out his hands with great conceit, trying to shake Zhuge’s attack with a fleshy hand.
As a result, the change of silver was still a mistake. He never expected that a repairman in the construction period could make such a powerful attack by Zhuge Liang’s failure to light up. The change of silver was shot out by a palm and rolled for dozens of times in mid-air.
"what! This … how can a human practitioner in the foundation period make such an attack! " Silver doesn’t change its color.
Zhuge stepped in the void without light, stepped out against the empty step, and repeatedly patted several palms. The huge palm with white light covered half of the sky, glittering and translucent as jade, as vast as the hand of God.
This time, the silver is not in exchange for arrogance, playing a dazzling silver light, just like the milky way pouring down.
It seems that there are thousands of thunders rolling, and the huge palm breaks the silver light, and the silver is once again beaten out without changing.
"This is … impossible!" Silver does not change and spits out one mouthful blood.
Zhuge Buliang sneered, "A monster beast with more than 300 years’ worth of transfiguration, who is equivalent to a practitioner in the foundation period of human beings, dares to talk big! I can handle you alone! !”
The cracked handprint was shot again, and the glittering and translucent jade palm pressed down.