And the Buddha said, you can’t go here. It will take some days if you travel in the middle of nowhere and in the fog.

Bodhisattva set off for a westward journey
Xuanzang, the prime minister’s mansion in Chang ‘an, said goodbye to his parents and relatives, but the journey was too long, so the husband and wife decided to practice at Hongfu Temple.
Fahaijue’s younger brother seems to have changed a little more, and the change is a little dull. He has experienced great sorrow and joy, but he has not left yet, regardless of his duties.
In the eye, it is natural that Wu Ming’s ghost country is interested in Hagrid’s foreign affairs, which Yuan Shoucheng said not long ago. After all, the ghost country is there, and there is no need to find a trap for ghosts and evil spirits every day. It is a good place to accumulate merits.
Wu Ming, the second yuan god, sat in the ghost country and readily agreed to this, so he took kelp to a huge black lake in the back hill.
Several evil spirits and ghosts are escorted here by the ghosts. These are all dead. The evil ones need to bear the corrosion of the lake, and the good ones will be swallowed by the golden carp once in a while, and then they will swim straight to the depths of the lake and be sent to the reincarnation.
Fahai crossed his hands and saluted the Buddha, and then stepped into the lake, bursting with golden light to resist the evil spirit of the lake.
Wu Ming nodded slightly by the lake. This is to hide the rice bowl. Bodhisattva’s compassion should not mind, right?
Today, two younger brothers came from the mountain to see the clouds, and the teacher sent a case of silver, so it was not easy to live in Chang ‘an.
It’s not too fall in price for the two apprentices to calculate divination and receive no money on weekdays.
"Brother Zhang Bin/Lee Eon meets the master grandmaster"
Yuan Shoucheng laughed and asked.
"It’s true that you’ve practiced and become immortal, so I’ll send you two together."
Wu Minglai is still waiting for someone to meet two disciples today, but it’s time to smile slightly.
Zhang Bin and Lee Eon did not listen to the teacher’s instructions.
"this and this"
"Lead the grandmaster’s decree"
They left Chang ‘an immediately.
Yuan Shoucheng also bowed their heads and easy to calculate for a long time before some eyes suddenly smiled.
It is especially comfortable for the old dragon king of Jinghe Shuifu to enjoy the Japanese service.
But in recent years, the aquarium in Jinghe River has been seriously fished, and he has never taken it seriously. There are still countless other things that have not moved.
But in recent years, the dragon king is depressed, just like a disaster.
"Madam, I heard that it is the birthday of my nephew Yulong in a few days. Shall we go to the West Sea to celebrate my nephew’s birthday?"
Jinghe Longwangdao
Dragon mother smell speech is lightly chastising way "which have you an uncle to my nephew’s birthday I have let Laojiu go".
"Oh, oh, yes."
"What’s the matter?"
The Dragon King of Jinghe made a phone call about his depression in his heart, but his wife laughed at him for worrying about the sky and the sky, saying that he was the main manager of the river, Siyu Dalong God, or the in-laws of Xihai Dragon Palace. What could be the big disaster?
Still uneasy, the Dragon King sent Shuifu Hag to patrol the river day and night.
On this day, two figures came by the Jinghe River. A fisherman said that he had called himself Li Dingtong by a firewood.
A mountain for firewood and a river for fishing for days.
Each of them sold firewood and carp in exchange for wine money. After eating a half-baked meal in that pub, each of them brought a bottle of Jinghe to drink.
A little eagle-eyed Zhang saw a figure looming in the aquatic plants, and the opportunity came in his heart.
"Li Xiong, I think that the fame and fortune-seeking person who lost his body and died was not as good as our beautiful scenery."
Li Dingwen retorted that "Zhang Xiong is right because your water show is not as good as my mountain green"
Zhang smiled slightly. "There is a poem to prove that you listen to my recent poem."
Smoke waves, Wan Li boat, Xiao Jing, solitary Peng, Xi Shi’s sound, a few points, Sha Ou Kanle Road, Liu ‘an Luwan wife, laughing, sleeping, stormy waves, honor and disgrace troubles. "
There is a hag lying in the water grass. When I heard this, I couldn’t help nodding. "Well, the water is beautiful."
Li Dingdao: "Your water show is not as good as my mountain green. I also have a recent poem, Yue
A section of pine flowers in Yunlin is full of silence, listening to warblers’ clever tongue, such as adjusting the red, thin, green and fat. Spring is warm and leisurely, and summer time turns to be worth Qiu Lai’s easy exchange of yellow flowers and fragrant flowers, which can be played quickly in winter, and it is like being in charge of the four seasons. "
Hag secretly nodded "or mountain green"
Then I listened to the two people on the other side arguing over whether the mountain is green or the water is beautiful, and the words and chapters were linked to the poems.
Chapter 26 Yuan Shoucheng offered hexagrams.
Said that a little Li Ding two people bicker all the way to the fork will be separated.