"What will kill you?" Brother Liu grimaced and pulled out the pike in his hand and looked at the man who fell to the ground and sneered, "Of course it was your token!"

Su Yingshu looked at it for a long time and found that the martial arts of the two men were almost the same, and the difference was almost the same. It would take some effort for Brother Liu to kill him if he didn’t rely on that pike.
"The two men should be stuff other disciples how to hands on? Don’t these two people have enemies? " Sue should be curious in my heart.
The man put away the other person’s bag with a smile and took a look at Su Ying’s hiding tree. Suddenly he laughed, "This senior brother has been watching it for a long time, so why don’t you come and play with his younger brother!"
Chapter 4 is too strong
Su Ying jumped from the tree and frowned. "This senior brother, I was passing by to see you fighting and being malicious."
Brother Liu brightened up at the moment and secretly looked at Su Ying. When he saw his handsome appearance, he couldn’t help laughing. "This brother invited him, so be careful. In that case, he will leave."
He slowly stepped back and saw that Su Ying didn’t follow him and turned away. When he turned around, a black light shot from his sleeve and went straight to Su Ying’s chest!
"Give me death!"
Brother Liu grimaced, as if he had seen Su Ying pass through the chest by a nail in the afternoon. "You are so immature that you dare to participate in the selection. It’s really reckless!"
But at this time, the nail didn’t move in the afternoon!
Brother Liu opened his eyes wide and couldn’t believe it. Seeing that Sue should gently lift the palm of her hand and spit out a faint qi, she fixed the nail in half like a magnet.
"You! How is it possible! " Brother Liu looked frightened and didn’t believe it. The nail was made of a stone, and a little bit of Shaqi was added. Even if it was a protective body, it could penetrate, but now it was stopped by him.
However, for a moment, I saw that Su Ying smiled coldly, "Stupid! Try the mountain, even if you want to go, I won’t let you go! "
"Hum! What about that! " Brother Liu’s pike shook, and a black gas roared towards Su Ying. Before he got close, the corrosive gas grinned. Then Brother Liu shook the pike like a general from the front, and swept towards Su Ying with great enthusiasm.
Su Ying saw this horse-chopping knife suddenly appear in his hand, and a pike collided and suddenly sparks flew.
One blow, he stood still, but Brother Liu was chopped and slipped back more than ten meters!
"What a powerful force!" Brother Liu’s horror never occurred to him that Sue should split him with a knife and crack in his jaws. This handsome young man’s body strength was so horrible!
Thousands of kilos of horse-chopping knives were light in Su Ying’s hand, and he waved them and broke them.
For a moment, Su Ying smiled coldly and came to Brother Liu with a horse-chopping knife, followed by a knife chop.
Brother Liu looks horrified. Holding the black pike with both hands will resist for a moment. When a horse-cutting saber splits the pike, it sparks again and then clicks. Brother Liu’s whole body is chopped and his legs fall into the ground.
Su Ying’s knife has taken more than a dozen dragons’ strength, but even a hill can cut and explode Brother Liu with one knife. If it were not for the same imperial practice, he would die.
Even so, he felt bad about Su Ying’s knife, but he felt that his limbs were about to break off like a hill and hit him.
As soon as Brother Liu took off his arm, he turned to one side directly, and he was shivering and panting.
He never imagined that the handsome young man in front of him should be so horrible that the true qi would not hit him back with his body alone.
Brother Liu stared at Su Ying with a gloomy face for a long time before he said, "Can you leave me alone?"
Su Ying shook her head and whispered, "That is naturally impossible."
At the same time, the horse-chopping knife attacked again and immediately came to Brother Liu to sweep it out with a knife!
Bang! Bang, bang! !
The deafening collision between gold and iron is endless. Should each knife carry a force of 10,000?
More than a dozen knives in a row have no skill at all, but every knife falls and he falls back again and again. The powerful force is even more shocking. Brother Liu’s arms burst and blood poured out.
Hoo hoo!
Brother Liu gasped and looked at Su Yingxin with resentment and despair.
"A bitch like you wants me to let you go even if she can handle her own disciples?"
Su Ying shook her head, put away her saber and suddenly shook her body for a moment, and a palm cover appeared in front of Brother Liu.
Brother Liu was hit in the head by his palm, and suddenly his head was like a cracked watermelon, dripping with blood and red and white.
"Too weak"
Su Ying shook her head and sighed with compassion. "Maybe I’m too strong."
Sue, who lost Brother Liu’s body, took out two tokens from his bag and searched it again. She found that there were hundreds of Zhongyuan stones, all of which were broken and sundry.
After packing up, Sue should jump to the tree again and sit directly. He just didn’t make moves in World War I, but even so, he hit the other side back.
This is the so-called power gap. When the power reaches an extreme, it will not be broken by the opponent’s subtle moves.
Sue should wait for him again and get 32 tokens and all kinds of bags in a row, which is quite rewarding.
Everyone has tried the sacred mountain to participate in the selection of the Monty Sect of Eternal Monty. More than 9,000 people can be selected, and even their brothers and sisters will not be spared.
Can you come to the audition? Which one is not biting? Soft-hearted here, that’s death
Su Ying naturally won’t do such a stupid thing.
"There are three days in the trial, and I’m at ease now. I’m afraid others have been killing people everywhere, grabbing cards and making big money. I have to find a way."
Sitting on a big tree, Sue should watch the vast mountains and think for a moment, and suddenly shine at the moment.
"Hey, hey, maybe I can."
Gu Xiaoxuan, a floating palace outside Shenshan, was swinging his calf and munching on a spiritual fruit. Next to him sat a middle-aged man in black robes and three elders.
At this time, there is a round mirror in front of them, and what is shown in the half mirror is the scene of testing the mountain.
The black-robed middle-aged man smiled and whispered, "These people are not qualified to enter the trial mountain, but they don’t take the initiative to attack and hide everywhere and are doomed to be beheaded or eliminated."
Another elder took one look and also laughed. "Ranked first, he has robbed one hundred and twelve tokens. His strength is profound and ferocious, which is very suitable for my holy brother."
As soon as his voice fell in the mirror, Guanghua suddenly flashed and saw a sharp-looking young man turn into a creeping blood shadow in the face of a siege of seven people, and everyone was sucked dry by him.
"Hey blood god? What is his name? Luo Xiu is good, but it’s a usable material. He’s got 162 tokens. "
With the passage of time, the token ranking has been changing. Some people have won, but more people have died. Everyone looks indifferent and stares at the mirror without any fluctuation.
They are all great monsters. When these brothers come to participate in the selection, they must be prepared to die. For these old monsters who have lived for thousands of years, it is not worth noting.
They are really the ones who can stand out from the crowd’s killing. Only such a brother can qualify as a saint disciple.
"Girl, what’s the name of that brother you said? Was there him just now? " Black middle-aged man asked.
"No" Gu Xiaoxuan shook his head and added, "His name is Su Ying"
Black middle-aged smiled and nodded "see a Sue should be"
The elder nodded his head, waved his arm and flashed a light into the mirror. He just glanced at it, otherwise, for a moment, he was one leng and then flew into a rage. "Several senior brothers, come and see what this little bastard named Su Ying is doing? !”
Chapter 5 Road robbery
As the elder exclaimed, several people directly looked at the picture in the mirror and immediately flew into a rage.
Aside Gu Xiaoxuan also looks up at his mouth and opens it slightly for a moment before he laughs and cuttlefish flutters.
See in the mirror at this time, Sue responded to a big tree folded by two or three people and directly cut it into boards. Then she actually stood on the ground and left and right boards were engraved with "If you want to leave a number plate from now on".
There is also a small board hanging from the top to cross the road and rob!
While others are lying around and chopping boards into piles to bask in the sun.