When I woke up, Su Hao had no fatigue, and Sasha kept his word. After a day of strike, I actually made delicious meals, such as fish-flavored pork, slippery tenderloin, cabbage and egg soup, and hot rice. Su Hao woke up and saw hot meals in hunger. He immediately slammed both dishes and soup into his mouth and waved at Sasha and said, "Sasha, you are really good at cooking. Thank you!"

Sasha came over to clear the table and said, "A meal like this needs to consume 1 trading point, and this money is in your charge."
Su Hao just knocked on the door and was about to take that step. Hearing this sentence, he almost vomited blood and said, "This is a pit father system" to prevent Sasha from hearing it and lowering his voice again.
Soon I found the training ground through the whole chip. The training ground is a huge city center and a huge room flower trading point, which can simulate a specific enemy, such as StarCraft Templar Warrior Earth Zerg Ripper Resident Evil Zombie. You can also customize the AI intelligence and ability of the simulated enemy as you want, but whether you simulate a specific enemy or customize the enemy, the higher the rarity and strength of the enemy, the more trading points you spend. In addition, if you have an enemy atlas, such as the "Los Angeles Devil" atlas data obtained by Su Hao, you can also enter the atlas data into the training ground to simulate the enemy.
Su Hao wanted to think about it and decided to simulate the information of the ripper, parasite and infected zombie. These are the only three species he knows and do a lot of practice.
Soon in crazy practice, Su Hao also experienced several life-threatening battles and accumulated a lot of enemy experience. To sum up, he found that parasites and infected zombies are the easiest to deal with, and their actions are very slow. However, when facing zombies, you must never let them bite. When facing parasites, you must not let their parasites parasitize, while the ripper has the characteristics of attacking high and moving fast, but its defense and health value are a short board.
This training also consumes nearly one trading point in Su Hao.
After Su Hao summed it up, Ma returned to the trading area and bought a dress that was very suitable for the current situation. The SARS war cost was 30,000 trading points. Although it was painful, it was also the lowest price that the other party could give after an arduous bargaining journey. Let’s take a look at this piece of equipment that cost Su Hao most of his family property.
SARS war (deep blue se equipment)
Wu xing yi yi
Introduce the SARS special jǐng team system, and you can also see the blood stained all over your face.
The shape of jǐng is printed with SARS badge on the back.
Defence +3 Physical Fitness +2
Effect 1 Biochemical Resistance Your defense ability increases by an additional 1 in the face of zombie and parasite attacks.
Effect 2: Anti-infection ability: Your resistance ability to virus infection and parasites increases by 3%.
Evaluate this system for parasite and virus warfare.
Evaluation grade a-
Su Hao still had a little spare money at this time, so he went to buy medicines and food, and fresh water got 4 bottles of "Spreng grass crude refining solution", a large number of high-calorie foods such as chocolate and canned meat and 125 ml of fresh water.
The first chapter Little girl in hell
When Su Hao sent the request to return to this world, he felt a heat flow in his chest spread all over his body, and the deep black hole appeared again. He walked in and shuttled like a vortex and light.
At the same time, it is clear in his ear.
"Because of the special world you live in, you are allowed to make the equipment acquired by the deputy (except far beyond the level of modern science and technology or with too fresh magic style) and put it in your department."
"In the real world, you are not allowed to disclose the information of contractors, roles, systems and sub-information to non-contractors."
"You can get all kinds of special abilities from the deputy and the contractor."
"You can stay in this world for at least 7 days and at most 15 days after leaving the contractor."
"The sub-contractor is out of sync with the real world"
Finally, after the darkness, Su Hao finally opened his eyes.
Spider webs are densely covered with mucus, and there is a smell of decay. The surrounding walls are covered with green Se solidified mucilage, which is either a dismembered body or a ripper’s two sharp forelimbs. In the spider webs, the body clothes are glued to each other, and they are torn and cracked like rags. You can’t see that the original sample is left with incomplete skeleton support.
Su Hao couldn’t bear to close his eyes, but he couldn’t help shedding a tear in the corner of his eye … because he caught a rifle tightly at the right hand of the body!
That sentence is not a corpse but a former comrade-in-arms!
He felt as if his feet were heavy with lead, but he still walked to the body.
He rummaged through his pockets. There was a photo in his pocket. The photo was of a cute but slightly wooden boy and a pure and beautiful girl.
He recognized who the dead brother was. His name was Lu Chuan, and everyone called him A Chuan.