"Director Qin, in the middle of the night, is playing cards. Why did you call me here?" The man walked over and looked at Qin Shaojie and asked.

It was none other than Kai Da who Qin Shaojie called to bring people.
"Well, there, take it back and don’t let him die." Qin Shaojie on the stage has no strength to move shura nunu mouth, motioned kay big back.
"Oh, Director Qin, how cruel! Who did this?" Kay looked at shura miserably, surprised and said.
"I did it, don’t talk nonsense, take people and go back to play your cards." Qin Shaojie said.
"Er … OK, right away." Kay also suddenly found that he seemed to put my foot in my mouth, and only his own director could do such a violent thing.
"Well, Director Qin, I’m leaving." Kaida is very dedicated, so he does what he should do. He seems to have to mention the dying Shura when he mentions the chicken, and he said hello to Qin Shaojie and went out. Others, he also ignore.
"Qin director? Aren’t you from the action department? " Looked at Qin Shaojie Yuan Qingfei some curious, how this rectified more than no see, he became a director?
"Ha ha, this is confidential, and you can’t talk nonsense." Qin Shaojie laughed.
Yuan Qingfei listened to Qin Shaojie say so, although curious, but also no longer ask. Said. "Look, Shao Jie, about my brother."
"Oh, he, since he is your brother, forget it. However, I have to pay back my $100 million first, and I have to give him Yan Chuang’s $500,000." Qin Shaojie looked at Yuan Baoyu and said.
"Ok, ok, I’ll do it right away." Yuan Baoyu hurriedly said.
"Ha ha, that’s it." Qin Shaojie laughed. "By the way, don’t bother structure.baiwei again, if I see you pestering structure.baiwei again, then your head …" Qin Shaojie said, and slapped him on the marble bar next to him.
1 of "bang", the pure marble bar with a thickness of five centimeters was directly broken by Qin Shaojie’s slap.
"I, I know. Me, I’ll give you a refund. " Yuan Baoyu swallowed hard and ran to the office.
This devil, don’t see you again.
Chapter 276 Fate big delivery
Now that things have been settled, there is no need to stay any longer. Soon, Qin Shaojie’s mobile phone and Yan Chuang’s mobile phone rang respectively, prompting that the money had been received.
"All right, we’ll go." In the parking lot, Qin Shaojie looked at Yuan Qingfei and said.
"Good, that I invite you to dinner when you are free. Don’t refuse. I haven’t thanked you. " Yuan Qingfei smiled.
Words just say that finish, two people’s cell phones rang at the same time.
"Where to go? National Security Bureau? " The two men said in unison, then looked at each other and hung up the phone together.
"Ha ha, Miss Yuan, it seems that fate is really wonderful." Qin Shaojie laughed.
"Yes, but you can just call me Qingfei."
"Yan Chuang, you send structure.baiwei back, and I’ll just take Yuan Qingfei’s car." Qin Shaojie looked at Yan Chuang and said. "Don’t move your mind, or I’ll break your leg."
"Hey, big brother, how dare I? Ok, I’ll send Miss Bai back right away." Yan Chuang smiled and said.
Structure.baiwei awkward look at Qin Shaojie, but finally got on the bus without saying anything.
"Let’s go, too." Qin Shaojie opened Yuan Qingfei’s door and said.
"What’s the matter, what are you doing in the National Security Bureau?" Qin Shaojie asked some wonder. Isn’t she a doctor? Although the title is a little high, but after all, I am still a doctor.
"I don’t know, I was just about to ask you." Yuan Qingfei shook his head. It seems that he also doesn’t know what to do.
Soon, the two came to the office building with the National Security Bureau brand. It’s not like special operations here. We don’t need that to hide.
"Ha ha, Shao Jie, long time no see, I miss you so much." Just walked into the gate, I saw Qin He who had not seen me for a long time came over and looked at Qin Shaojie with a happy smile.
Who said it’s been a long time? I just used your name as a trumpet. Qin Shaojie muttered in his heart. But this can’t be said, otherwise Qin He knows that he is taking his name to do bad things, and he has to risk being cheated by himself and find himself desperately.
"Yes, yes, long time no see, lead the way." Qin Shaojie skin to smile don’t smile said.
"This guy, you are still like this." Qin He doesn’t care about Qin Shaojie’s words, and leads the way directly in front. Walked upstairs, until at the door of Kong Ming’s office, just stopped.
"Ha ha, Xiao Qin, it’s been a long time." When Kong Ming saw Qin Shaojie, he also laughed and said. "You boy, you are too fierce. In one year, you will become a major general, and you will be on an equal footing with me."
"Hey, this, Kong Bureau, you know, I am lucky." Qin Shaojie smiled shyly.
"Hey? What day is it today, is it a big fate? " Qin Shaojie saw the woman sitting on the sofa, suddenly surprised and said. "Wang Yue, why are you here?"
On the sofa sat a woman with ear-length short hair and a military uniform. Qin Shaojie didn’t pay attention when he came in just now. It was only when he saw this that this woman wearing the military uniform of the rank of captain turned out to be the power policewoman, hot pepper Wang Yue.
What’s going on today? A group of people who haven’t seen each other for a long time are all together. Qin Shaojie wonder thought.
"Hey, master, it’s been a long time." Wang Yue saw Qin Shaojie recognize her, hey hey smiled. "You are so irresponsible. When my master doesn’t show up, you teach me kung fu."
"Ha ha, I, now I’m not in the charge of Qin He, so I won’t go to the special operations office." Qin Shaojie looked at a lot of black Wang Yue laughed.
This woman, really go the hard way, actually joined the special operations office.
"Yes, Xiao Wang, now Comrade Xiao Qin is not under our national security control, and the somebody else is now a major general, director of SHIELD. Take charge of one party. " Seeing Qin Shaojie, Kong Ming was in a good mood and said jokingly.
"ah? Master, are you in charge? Major General? " Wang Yue incredible looked at Qin Shaojie, two watery eyes stare bigger.
Don’t say it’s her, even Yuan Qingfei and Qin He were surprised.
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Boy, I am the senior colonel, and you are the major general. Who did you curry favor with? Qin He lamented.
"Director Kong, what department is SHIELD?" Wang Yue looked at Kong Ming and asked, she knew the National Security Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Urban Management Bureau and the Health Bureau, but she had never heard of this SHIELD. However, this name sounds, why is it so powerful? It is even more powerful than the National Security Bureau.
"This is a special department. Ha ha. Xiao Wang, don’t worry. " Kong Ming can become the director of the National Security Bureau, which is also a fine figure. Looking at Wang Yue’s eyes with light, I know what she thinks. This is to follow in the footsteps of her master.
"Kongju, I, I just want to join my master’s department." Wang Yue was seen through the mind, some embarrassed said.
"Ha ha, don’t think about it. If you think about it again, you can’t get in. Anyone who comes out of his place can single out the whole special operations department." Kong Ming laughed.
"Yes, I said, Wang Yue, can you be a little moral? Just entering the special operations department, you are thinking about mutiny. You are like this, which makes our director Qin Da feel embarrassed." Qin Shaojie teased.
"This … Master, can you tell me how to get into your S.H.I.E.L.D.?" Wang Yue seems to be still unwilling to give up.
"Hey, you’re still excited." Qin Shaojie looked at the stubborn woman in front of him and said. "Tell you plainly, you are dead, and stay in the action place."
"That’s right, Xiao Wang, just stay. I can’t put you down here." Qin He feigned anger and said. "Really, people haven’t dug the corner yet, and you fell down on your own."