Chapter one hundred and nine Humble cry of teasing

Wang Guang sneered in the back when the practitioners of Gale Sect fled wildly. When those people hit the black smoke barrier, this fellow had already noticed it, just to display the follow-up means and ignored them.
By the time the practitioners tried their best to escape, Wang Guang had already thrown his filthy banners into the air. I saw this fellow’s hands thrust into the old woman inlaid on the long banner, and stayed in the old woman’s body with her nails, regardless of her painful wailing. Then a puff of smoke fell on the long streamer and circled.
"Dear Taoist friends, please stay, and I will borrow your soul from you." Wang Guang, with a ferocious face, grasped the long banner and shook it in his hand, only to see ten thumb-thick black lights spouting from the nose of the old woman. These black lights were as fast as lightning, and the ten fastest practitioners didn’t have time to react, only to hear a click, and the black light cut off the heads of the ten practitioners. At that time, all the other escaped practitioners stopped in place and didn’t dare to move.
After watching the leader of the clan and several of the most powerful students being killed by the black light released by Wang Guang, the female trainer who collided with the leader plopped down on the blanket-shaped magic weapon and trembled: "Taoist friends leave me alone!" As long as Taoist friends give me a chance to live, I can do anything. " Female practitioners struggled a few times, but did not stand up. It seems that they were frightened by Wang Guang’s means.
Looking at the magic bowl that lost its owner, Wang Guang deliberately stepped forward to extract the black smoke from it, so as not to hurt the magic weapon. Unfortunately, before he could act, the magic weapon was because of the lack of master support. "Touch!" It burst with a loud explosion, and the black gas soared into the sky. The Taoist hurriedly shook the long banners to fold up those filthy smells.
"You can be willing to be original magic weapon on the material? Just like this man. " After receiving the black smoke, Wang Guang turned his head and looked around at the other practitioners. He dropped his eyes on the limp female practitioners and laughed.
Female practitioners quickly glanced at Wang Guangchang’s banners and hurriedly bowed their heads. At that time, she jumped out of Wang Guang carrying a long banner and saw the long banner clearly. An old woman with no limbs on it kept struggling and wailing, cursing the evil and ferocity of the Taoist priest, and pleading that the Taoist priest was a good man and hoped to let her go.
After listening to Wang Guang’s words, the woman’s first reaction was to refuse to resist. She didn’t want to struggle for survival and beg for death like the old woman in Changban. But on second thought, if this diabolical way really wants to throw her as a material on the long banner, where does it need to be questioned? Just arrest them. At this time, her head was no longer disabled, and she couldn’t believe whether the demon magic in front of her was not enough to cast the powerful treasure. Therefore, I suddenly raised my head and smiled: "If Daoyou didn’t need me as your magic weapon material, I wouldn’t dare to refuse, only promised."
"good! Ok! Ok! Being original likes your temper. Stand up and rest aside. I have something to ask you later. " When Wang Guang learned the answer from the female trainer, she suddenly quacked with strange laughter.
"Taoist, I am also willing to surrender to you, as long as it can keep me alive." A slightly clever practitioner knelt in midair and begged the Taoist priest to leave his hand and not take his life. Other remaining practitioners also reacted at this time, kneeling on the ground and shouting that they would be cattle and horses for Wang Guang and would never betray them.
"The Taoist priest is the kindest practitioner in the world and never kills innocent people. From now on, let me be the sword in the hands of the Taoist priest, and kill those who do evil to fight for a good reputation for the Taoist priest! " A practitioner scratched his head and thought for a long time, then stuttered and complimented Wang Guanglai.
"Infinite Buddha! Being original is a good person. Seeing that the practitioners in heaven and earth are becoming increasingly chaotic, I came up with the idea of sweeping away filth. Today, you and your men have shown me some hope. " This fellow bobs his head and touts himself shamelessly. No one is as good as a man who only touts himself as a little moral in the world. "People who are so soft-hearted as being original are rare nowadays."
Seven or eight surrendered practitioners nodded repeatedly. How dare they refute half a sentence? Some people saw their companions flatter Wang Guang, which made the Taoist priest full of joy, so they also racked their brains to flatter him. Pity these practitioners, who are usually engaged in looting houses and making a living by killing people and setting fires. Where can there be any flattering statements? I tossed and turned just a few words. Finally, after Wang Guang was bored, he stopped wanting more.
"What’s your name? Why do you want to surrender? " Wang Guang stretched out his hand and pointed out that the female trainer who knelt down had a strange face of inquiry. When this fellow was fighting with people in the Qingfeng-xiangguang fracture mountains, even if the other party couldn’t resist it, it was at most an escape, and he wouldn’t say anything about surrender. I didn’t expect to see so many clan practitioners who kept surrendering today, just asking themselves to let them live, which caused his curiosity to soar and wanted to know.
"The subordinate’s surname is Xiao, and the layman’s single name is a jade word. He hesitates to have a low mana and never has a Taoist number." The woman was relieved secretly, and immediately called Wang Guangdao like other practitioners: "Taoist, you don’t know, weak and humble practitioners like us are bent on pursuing immortality, and no one wants to die." As long as we can live and have the opportunity to pursue longevity, we will use all means to fight for it. "
Wang Guang wondered, and some disbelieved at other practitioners. Those practitioners nodded their heads, saying that they all want to live in order to have a chance to fight for an immortal career, and no one wants to die early and lose their hope of immortality.
"Good one for longevity, good one for longevity, ridiculous!" Wang Guangda laughed: "When someone cried during the banquet and asked why he was crying, the man replied,’ There is no hope of eternal life, so his heart is sad." During the period, other companions were dejected, and when asked, the same answer was given; Others don’t care, saying,’ that longevity is a flower in the mirror, a moon in the water, and no one can get it. It’s just a rumor that the foolish man is stupid to cultivate immortality. " "
"I was puzzled in my heart that day, and I thought about Taoist classics to find the answer. The book wrote:’ Immortality is just a kind of welfare when practitioners absorb the essence of the sun and the moon and absorb the aura of heaven and earth to fight against various disasters.’ Being original doesn’t believe me, but he asks my heart again. My heart responds:’ Swallowing the aura of heaven and earth and absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon is only for strengthening myself and not being bullied by others. Where is it for longevity?’ "
"The answer is different, but what’s the harm? Working hard for several years or even a hundred years is not to make yourself longer, but to make yourself more capable and not be bullied by others. Thousands of reasons are just these two essences. "
Wang Guang mumbled for a long time, and finally smiled strangely: "If you want to survive, it’s not necessary, but there is still a little requirement for being original. Now let’s see if you can promise."
"Please say, Taoist, as long as Taoist can let me live, I can do anything." There are practitioners who ask questions in a hurry.
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Chapter one hundred and ten The insidious evil refines the long banners
"Ha ha, this thing is easy to handle. You just need to have sex with this woman. If you can satisfy this woman, being original will let you live. If you can’t, there is no need for being original to say anything!" Wang Guang grimaced, pointed to the woman on the long banner and said. (Niu Wen’s novels ~ reading novels online)
Seven or eight gale practitioners listened to Wang Guang’s request, and suddenly they were speechless. A gas practitioner swallowed hard and said, "Since the Taoist priest ordered us, we will do our best to meet him. I only hope that the Taoist priest will not forget his promise."
Wang Guang secretly sneered: "I have never gone back on my word, so you can rest assured." After that, this fellow reached out a finger and made a long trail. I saw the old woman with a paddle crawling, and the old woman inlaid on it fell from the long paddle, and the black light wrapped around the old woman wriggled, all of which were hidden in her body and disappeared.
"Who are you? Are you here to save me? Take me away quickly, that demon is so cruel that ordinary people can’t resist him at all. " After all the black light on the old woman got into her body, she suddenly saw unknown practitioners around her to watch. She felt ashamed when she remembered that she was naked. However, after she felt no physical pain, she suddenly thought that these people had broken Wang Guang’s long gauze and released herself. Therefore, I am grateful and ashamed.
The practitioners around looked at the old woman strangely, and the old woman thought that these people resented her for attacking them on the long banners, so she quickly said, "Dear Taoist friends, don’t blame me. I was trapped on the long banners by that demon, so I couldn’t see, but I couldn’t hear." I hope you don’t panic when you are manipulated by the demon road to attack you. " The old woman explained in panic. She was afraid that these practitioners would not save her, and she didn’t want to die here like this at all.
"Infinite Buddha! If you don’t do it, when will you wait? Don’t you want to show your ability in front of being original? " Wang Guang, who was hiding aside, saw the old woman’s performance and suddenly laughed strangely. He casually pointed out to a practitioner: "You haven’t moved between the three breathing rooms, so don’t blame being original and ruthless."
Wang Guang’s speech was heard by the old woman. The old woman screamed like a spectre, twisting her body at random to see the demon road that tortured her endlessly, but no matter how she wriggled on the ground, she couldn’t see the Taoist figure. "diabolism! Demon road! What have you done with my magic? Give me my magic back. "
Wang Guang was too lazy to pay attention to the old woman’s barking like a mad dog. He just urged the practitioner to carry a gun into battle. Seeing that he couldn’t resist, the spiritual practitioner gritted his teeth and took it off, without taking care of the old woman’s loose skin and evil face. After using secret methods, he began to charge.
The practitioners around me only feel sick when they look at the behavior of the same guy with a meat ball. But it’s a little less disgusting to think that it’s your turn soon.
"It is also a good woman. I can’t say that her previous status is extremely noble. This kind of woman made me take advantage of it last time." A practitioner closes his eyes and doesn’t look at the charge of his roommate and meatballs. He just keeps comforting himself in his heart so that he won’t be so disgusting.
At first, the old woman struggled to curse, but after the trainer charged for a long time, her body reacted. A trace of black smoke fell from the long trail of the Taoist priest, and the two men met and merged into the old woman’s body. With the help of these black smoke, the old woman was even more emotional and seemed extremely crazy for a time.
"Taoist, these filthy smells won’t hurt us!" A practitioner was a little bolder and stepped forward to ask Wang Guanglai uncertainly.
"Hum! Being original wants to hurt you, where is it necessary to be so complicated? Get ready, this boy is not good at kung fu, he has been eliminated. " As soon as Wang Guang’s voice fell, the struggling practitioner felt a twinge of weakness all over, and he mobilized the practice to lock the essence. Never try to have no effect, he only felt a suction of the earth spread out from the old woman’s nakedness, and at that time he couldn’t hold it and collapsed completely.
Never had a comfortable let him indulge in it without moving, and didn’t hear the screaming around him. The spiritual practitioner forgot the ferocity of the diabolical way, forgot that he was forced by others, and just slowly fell asleep on the old woman.
Other practitioners exclaimed loudly when they saw that the body of their fellow students gradually turned into a skeleton. One by one, the frightened old women looked at the crawling on the ground, but also felt the cruelty of Wang Guang. It’s really impossible for ordinary people to make a woman and a loser look like this and humiliate them again.
"It’s your turn." Wang Guang stepped forward, kicked the skinny body aside, and casually pointed out a strange man who practiced Qi. He said with a smile, "I hope you can use the strength of your predecessors to make this woman reach the peak, otherwise you will end up exactly like the one just now, and there will be no change."
Wang Guang’s words haven’t finished, but the trainer who was instructed made a long cry and rushed up to start the man’s behavior just now. The result remained the same as that predicted by Yaodao, and soon she became a corpse on the old woman and lost her life in beauty.
When other practitioners saw two fellow students, they were all in such a state of panic, but they didn’t know what to do. Wang Guang pointed out one casually, and the man hesitated a little, then rushed up crazily. Finally, the skeleton-like body was kicked away by Wang Guang.
Later, several practitioners also went up and died. When there were only three practitioners left, Wang Guang pointed out a way: "Don’t hesitate, hurry up, it’s hard to say that you can make this woman reach the peak with the help of other people."
"Why should friends deceive me? This woman has been refined by someone! " The trainer straightened up and pointed to the meat ball that had changed into a girl’s touch on the ground. "No matter how many people go up, this woman will absorb all the JingXie, and there is no way out."
"Infinite Buddha! Why should Taoist friends be so pessimistic? Others can’t do it, and you can’t say that you can. " Wang Guang grimaced with money, his hands were long and waving, and a little black smoke went into the old woman’s nakedness, and pink smoke came out of her mouth and blended into the long banners. At that time let a person look very strange.
"It’s a good calculation for you to forge a magic weapon and let me wait as a material." The practitioner sat down on the ground, staring blankly at Wang Guangdao: "If you don’t kill me, just kill me. I will never help you increase the power of the magic weapon. " Then close your eyes and don’t move. It seems that Wang Guang is at his disposal.
"good! Ok! Ok! In that case, being original is not importuned. " Seeing that this man has made up his mind, Wang Guang doesn’t care about anything: "My magic weapon has changed after being tempered by your classmates. With or without you, the power of my magic weapon will always improve. I wanted to give you a wonderful way to die. I never thought you didn’t need it, so I’ll change it. "
While speaking, a pink smoke came from the long streamer in my hand, which not only had no foul smell around, but also had an attractive fragrance. I saw that the smoke changed into a chain and wound around the head of the practitioner, and two strands of black smoke wound around the other two practitioners. In this way, Wang Guang is worried that they will escape and waste their time in arresting.

Chapter one hundred and eleven Pink smoke Jinding ancient Buddha
Chapter one hundred and eleven Pink smoke Jinding ancient Buddha
After seeing Wang Guang’s tactics, the three surviving practitioners reacted differently. (Niu Wen’s novel ~ reading the novel online) The man sitting on the ground opened his mouth and spit out a bright bead. This bead rose in the wind, and soared to the size of a bowl in the blink of an eye and hung on another practitioner, letting the red smoke wrap itself around it.