It’s so cool that I haven’t enjoyed this powerful magic weapon of immortal power for many years. Haha, look at the magic weapon and bear the immortal power poured by Li Yueling.

Kunlun mirror’s laughter entered the back of his head as if he had just been shot with heroin.
It’s the size of a palm. kunlun mirror suddenly flew up, but it changed to the size of a hundred feet when he met each other. Before the mirror shone, it was not directly connected to the sky with strong light.
At that time, the evil wind stopped bleeding and the sea disappeared in the sky, and even the fight was inextricably linked. buddha magic’s ghost II was caught by a huge force. I wanted to attack each other, but I couldn’t get rid of this strange force derived from the sky.
In the palm of Li Yueling’s hand, it is clearly visible that a golden light beam condensed by pure fairy force keeps flowing into kunlun mirror. In his limit, kunlun mirror finally made a great contribution to Swire Lingbao after a long time of dust collection.
Countless shadows emerge in the sky’s divine light. Although it is faint, it can be vaguely distinguished that it is a variety of huge runes. It is already huge and very attractive. After these huge runes are generated, the multiplier grows up immediately. Even though buddha magic’s ghosts are fighting against each other, the pace is gradually dragged and gradually displaced towards kunlun mirror.
What makes them depressed is that the magic weapon of the two of them has lost its effect after it shines through the sky, and the seven stars of Xuanyin or the holy lotus of magic blood have all become a waste.
And even the Yuan God can’t fly away. It’s like a huge cover that wraps the two of them, and their resistance is nothing but waves and strength. The horror in my heart is really huge.
This is the true power of kunlun mirror. Everything is under its control, and all resistance is futile. Of course, before this, it is necessary to have a powerful magic weapon to support it.
This kunlun mirror is a vampire even more than a vampire. In fact, Li Yueling is not easy, but it is just a few breathing things. He has been stripped of his strength. If it takes a long time, some immortals will dry up.
Swire Lingbao is so powerful that it has nothing to say, but it is also a double-edged blade. Take a deep breath. Li Yueling will bite his teeth and simply ignore everything. There is not much immortal power left to infuse kunlun mirror at one time.
Kunlun, if you don’t balance the two of them when you are half-scented, I will die to show you.
Don’t worry, the magic weapon was too cool just now. In fact, I could see them both ingesting the world in the mirror before, and they were imprisoned. Hey, hey, I almost forgot.
Kunlun mirror’s response almost blocked Li Yueling’s breath in his chest. This is still a magic weapon. It’s simply a personal essence. It should be a treasure essence.
Just as Li Yueling was complaining in the dark, kunlun mirror always had enough fun. The mirror body spun like a gyro, and a huge inexplicable suction rose in the overwhelming sky. The root was the flash of light and shadow. The ghosts of the two great saints, buddha magic, were ingested into the mirror, and even the trace that used to be here could not be found.
However, the two of them put two magic weapons, Xuan Yin, seven stars, magic blood, holy lotus, which fell from it after losing its master and was conveniently taken into the bag by Li Yueling.
Although these two magic weapons, such as kunlun mirror, are incomparable, at least nine days yuan Yang ruler is considered as a good thing at the same level, and others are not cheap.
Kunlun mirror fell into the palm of Li Yueling’s hand after ingesting the two holy kings.
Come to Li Yueling, kunlun mirror, such a talkative treasure, and take great credit for it after completion, but don’t want it to be completely silent.
I don’t know why, but now Li Yueling has more important things to do. The stunned Taigu Jin Xian is still waiting for him to woo. It’s best to save yourself from being too busy if kunlun mirror doesn’t talk.
Kunlun mirror Li Yueling drove Yunfei in front of all the immortals in Taikoo, smiling and blooming with his own hands. The second devil has ruled over all the immortals with the emperor Taiji Xianxing, but he has something to say.
Li Yueling’s reply to the ghost of the buddha magic Holy King is nothing but a rabbit’s rise and fall, which can handle such two things in a short time. In Taiji Fairy Star, they are all very powerful and very guy. Anyone should be surprised.
What’s more, all the immortals in Taikoo also recognized that Li Yueling and kunlun mirror were Taikoo’s innate treasures, but they had a good impression on their rehabilitation.
After all, all the immortals in Taikoo know that they are born by destiny. The theory of immortals is the chaotic robbery in Taikoo, or they all participated in the fairy war in those years, and they know many secrets clearly.
Seven clever real people just asked Li Yueling to fix the Second Saint Queen before they were willing to lead a group of swire Jin Xianshun. In fact, as soon as he came, Li Yueling, the new heaven emperor, really didn’t really think that Li Yueling could succeed on his own when it came to the critical moment. Swire immortals were determined not to stand by.
But the knot is surprising.
Today, I heard Li Yueling’s words, and all the immortals in Taikoo took the lead in respectfully saluting and prostrating together, saying, May God be honored, May God be honored.
Things have come to this point, which is actually better than Li Yueling’s period. Thanks to kunlun mirror’s blessing, Li Yueling, a loyal minister of Taikoo Jin Xiancheng, finally got a big laugh.
One by one, the swirls of Taikoo Jin Xian will be lifted up and pointed around, and they will still be held by Tai Chi map. They are also considered emperor Tai Chi Xianxing people, but the former devil blinded them. It will be good for the emperor to guide them.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-nine Priesthood
Crossing the fairy city symbolizes this supreme power. Li Yueling sits high at the first door of the building Taikoo Pavilion. Two older brothers, the poisonous shadow and the small seven are separated. Twenty-seven Taikoo Golden Fairy Seven Clever people bow their heads and respect the Zhuo Ligue.
After the Battle of Sand, the buddha magic Holy King, the ghost holy king, was both entered into kunlun mirror by Li Yueling. In the middle of the battle, 100,000 demon soldiers and demons were all headed by dragons. Of course, a large part of this was due to the Taiji figure in the hands of the seven clever real people.
The tens of thousands of demon soldiers and demons will follow buddha magic’s ghosts, the two holy kings, because they are fierce. In addition to their swing attributes, they have been perfectly interpreted. What’s more, Li Yueling’s identity as a celestial emperor is also a sincere invitation. In name or in terms of future treatment, it is definitely better to follow Li Yueling, the celestial emperor, than to follow buddha magic’s ghosts.
Plus, these tens of thousands of demon soldiers and magic generals have suffered from Taiji in the hands of seven clever real people. After seeing with their own eyes a group of Taigu Jin Xian’s deference to Li Yueling, they dare not expect anything.
The only thing that didn’t escape was buddha magic’s hand, the ghost of Mundus, and the big Yin Division. At that time, when they were busy taking pictures of buddha magic’s ghost in Li Yueling, they saw the situation and ran away. It really let these guys run away.
However, the overall situation has been decided. For Li Yueling, they are just clowns. If they are released, they will be afraid that they will be arrogant.
Being able to treat Tai Chi Fairy Star properly in such a short period of time made Li Yueling feel great. Before going to meet Sun Ge in the world, maybe it’s ok to take a trip to the magic field to pick up Shi Jie.
Li Yueling, who is now in Taikoo Pavilion, is going to arrange the aftermath. Although Tai Chi Fairy Star seems to have been completely under his control, will it be a few days before the chaos is over?
Fortunately, today, all the Taikoo Jin Xian are loyal to Li Yueling, and with such a wave, Li Yueling needs to be a shopkeeper of cutting and understanding Tai Chi Xianxing.
He is a very busy man. Even though he has planned to mix Taiji Xianxing with Yuan Zong in the future, it is impossible to stay here for a long time. This is also the reason why he brought poison shadow Xiaoqi together this time.
These two intelligent brothers are here to add a group of Gu Jinxian’s concerted efforts. I believe that it would not be possible if the three holy kings were not resurrected and Tai Chi Xianxing wanted to mess up again.
Today, tens of thousands of demon soldiers and magic generals have returned to wait for orders, which is really an unstable factor. The emperor still hopes that all the immortals can help me solve my worries. Li Yueling swept the temple indifferently, and all the ancient Jin Xian channels.
Snow killing real people is an acquaintance of Li Yueling. First of all, step in the previous step and respectfully say that those demon soldiers and magic generals are all wild at heart, the former three saints.
Sooner or later, it will cause trouble, not just by the Emperor of Heaven, you will put them all into kunlun mirror, which is the most secure.
Li Yueling can even kill buddha magic ghosts. It is easy for kunlun mirror to take pictures of those demon soldiers and magic generals in the eyes of snow killing real people, but he doesn’t want to think that if Li Yueling really has this ability.
I will be generous and spare those demon soldiers and generals in the sand.
Seven Clever Reality is indeed ashamed of a delicate figure, Snow Killing Reality, who just finished his sentence. How ridiculous the naive elements in his speech are, but it’s not good to thin his brothers’ faces, and secondly, he can’t embarrass the Emperor of Heaven. He simply laughs in the previous step and kills the Emperor of Heaven with a kind heart.
It’s not that he can’t take pictures of those demon soldiers and magic generals, but that he can’t bear them.
Snow kills real people. I touched my head and said, "That’s the way it is. Why didn’t I realize the advantage of the Emperor when I crossed the fairy city and killed the Buddha?"