Chapter two hundred and thirty Immortals

Chapter two hundred and thirty Immortals
As if to urge the fairy to start work, the bald demon family took a huge gold pagoda and threw it at the magic door to cover it.
The magic door fairy can see that the magic door alchemist is stronger than the bald demon family, but the bald demon family has fairy wares in their hands, and Dan Yuan is sufficient. You should know that it takes fairy Yuan to stimulate the fairy wares, and the consumption of Dan Yuan is very horrible, which is why most alchemists can’t afford it because they don’t want to.
And this demon family refined gas is the ultimate realm of the elixir, and the force of the elixir is very carefree, releasing the pressure of the fairy.
This guy must be a powerful fairy’s brother and nephew.
It was once upon a time that this magic door fairy wouldn’t care about turning around and leaving, and wouldn’t offend such a person, but he has just been in trouble after his soul has been tampered with. I don’t know how big it will be. How can he care about this bald demon family background?
Blindly, the stick in his hand pointed to the bald man’s head, and a mass of purple gas enveloped his head, and his eyes suddenly burst and turned gray
The gas refiner who was suppressed by the Golden Pagoda suddenly came and presented a disc. The disc released six different forces and destroyed the magic door. Then the gas refiner added a violet to his foot.
Magic door fairy sneer at a trap.
These two guys just pretend to fight to attract themselves, but they didn’t expect that their cultivation was a verbal attack, and all traces could be followed and no flaws could be found.
It’s stupid for two guys in the golden elixir to try to figure themselves out.
The magic door fairy found a flower at the moment and was taken to a piece of Wang Yang. He swept away his knowledge and immediately assured that the Wang Yang was 30 thousand miles in size.
It’s the feet. Why is it so hot?
The magic door fairy discovered that the viscous liquid on the foot was thunder water.
How is it possible that this magic door fairy was surprised and yelled? His perception was blocked by an alchemist in the then period.
You idiot, I think you brought it to the advanced fairy without a suitable prop. If it weren’t for a fairy, I wouldn’t be sure.
It’s not uncommon for him to be dressed in a blue cassock and refine his spirit. He successfully shielded the magic door and fairy perception, and at the same time released the demon gourd hidden in the channel.
The magic door fairy’s face turned pale and leitian has released him. Then he is fuelling the advanced false fairy in the thunder pit of Qing Di.
Don’t be a gas refiner. I’m sure I wouldn’t dare to be so advanced at the current time of the enemy, but Leitian is different. When he advanced the false fairy in Qing Di’s thunder pool, everyone was mobilizing the strength of the thunder pool to attack the body. Whoever was close to him would be directly attacked by the thunder.
This power of robbing thunder is not the time when the thunder pool was first formed.
How could the magic door fairy be willing to do nothing? When the wooden stick in his hand was raised, it was immediately touched by a blue-gold thunder water, which released the thunder power directly and repeatedly in this wooden stick.
At ordinary times, you can release a thunder and thunder water. This time, you can release hundreds of attacks in a row before dissipating.
The wooden staff has a black spot.
It’s a fairy. It’s enough for a fairy to escape from a true fairy attack. This fairy has almost never met an opponent with the same level of fairy.
This time, the fairy was burnt by the thunder water of the other side, and this place was a little scared.
He can’t even lock the leitian position, and when he lets go, he will be entangled and burned by thunder and water. The painful feeling seems to be that he has to bear the fate when he is in the advanced fairy position.