Thought of here Yi Yu couldn’t help lamenting "fix true! I don’t know if you are creating immortals or distorting human nature! These people who have abandoned almost everything become immortals don’t know what it will be like after they become immortals? " Although I think so in my heart, Yi Yu has no intention of jumping out of the fix-true world. After all, he can’t give up his immortality and great power.

Yi Yu laughed. "My brother just said that the master is kind! Master’s broad mind really shames my brother. "
Zhu Mei smiled, but stopped talking. Suddenly, she stopped talking. "What does her know that so many other disciples like you?"
Yi Yu thoughtfully for a moment to tell the truth, he really didn’t know what Zhu Mei would be so fond of him. Now Zhu Mei asks about it, but it’s not good. Hu said that Yi Yu finally shook his head and said, "I don’t know why my brother is stupid, but please show me."
Zhu Mei sipped his tea ceremony. "In fact, it is said that the master is not pampering you, but cherishing more indulgence for you!"
Yi Yu a slight ash slightly recall andao "it is true that if you say how much the master dotes on me, it may not be true that I am now a magic weapon and status, and I am trying my best to get it back. It is really appropriate for him to indulge me and let myself live and die."
Yi Yudao "Please also show me"
Zhu Mei laughed. "I have long seen that you and I are selfish, greedy, heartless and ruthless, and there is no need for others to control you. If you can come, you can quickly become a top player in life and death tests, but if you die unfortunately, you can also be a good seedling."
Yi Yu smiled a little and immediately said with a smile, "Is the master brother here now?"
Zhu Mei looked at it and laughed. "You? There is still a long way to go! If you rush out of these disasters, it should be enough. But you are too small and playboy, and you really have some means to get these means. High-strength beauty came over with many thrills, but it was a wave of opportunities. Well … If you can survive this big robbery, maybe you can even make it. "
Yi Yu smiled. He didn’t agree with Zhu Mei’s statement. After all, no one wants to pin his head on his belt. Yi Yu said, "Master, let’s talk about the Qingcheng School. My brother has smelled a little blood."
Zhu Mei laughed. "What? Don’t want to talk about you anymore? Afraid I know you better? "
Yi Yu smiled and shook his head. "Master misunderstood you. I am both a mentor and an ally. How can I have this idea?" And you and I are two generations, so we shouldn’t be competing. I don’t think we will be enemies, or I’m afraid that when my brother grows up enough to compete with the master, you will have soared to the fairy house. "
Zhu Mei ha ha. "Yeah! I’m afraid you and I don’t have a chance … "No chance to do what Zhu Mei didn’t say, but Yi Yu naturally knew the secret passage in his heart." I don’t know if there is such a cunning, ruthless and powerful master. Is it my blessing or my karma? "
Yi Yu shrugged his shoulders and said Naigen didn’t intend to say anything, and Zhu Mei went on without waiting for Yi Yu’s answer. "In fact, it’s no big deal for us Qingcheng School. Someone wants to come out and stretch when they have been suppressed for a long time."
Yi Yu laughed. "Oh? Come out and relax your waist? It’ s really not easy to make it difficult for the master to fight! " If you want to know the aftermath, please go back to Why.
The two hundred and twenty-fourth reason
Mei and Yi Yu, the pair of apprentices, are a rare combination of old scoundrels, unbelievers, cunning and harmonious apprentices. And that ruthless disciple is always on guard against falling out with each other, Master, but the strange thing is that this pair of master and apprentice have been getting along very well so far. Perhaps it is because of this that they can’t guard against each other’s opportunities and be careful that they have achieved today’s harmonious coexistence.
Zhu Mei casually spoke of the current situation of Qingcheng School, but obviously Yi Yu didn’t believe him. He laughed lightly. "Oh? Been suppressed for too long. Want to stretch out? The shape of the master is very interesting, but it is really not easy for the master to get into the embarrassing situation just by stretching a little! "
Yuer picked up a small handless cup and shook it. She sniffed the faint scent of tea for a moment before she looked up and said, "Yuer, who do you think will come out and shout?"
Yi Yu laughed. "The master has to take an examination of his younger brother. Although my younger brother doesn’t know much about the situation in teaching, it is not difficult to imagine this problem."
Zhu Mei smile andao "smelly little also dozen careless eye Qingcheng Mountain with me what can I do is you don’t know? You stay at home, that little fox still has a hand, and that little girl in the rain is not a dying role, but it’s also a small thing that you actually make Nanqi that girl post posts all day long, not only trying your best to be considerate, but also looking forward to your return every day in the bamboo forest outside Luoying clause. I’m afraid that old Bai Guyi is going to be angry. "It’s Zhu Mei, but I don’t know that Yunanqi already has an Yi Yu child.
Zhu Mei’s mouth naturally can’t say "oh? In that case, why don’t you tell me if it’s not hard to imagine? "
Yi Yuyi fuels, saying, "Master, although I am a Qingcheng School now, most of the strength is naturally in your family’s control of bliss. Although his granduncle has a high prestige, he has a great plan in his heart and naturally won’t self-destruct the Great Wall. So it seems that there are only a few people who have been suppressed for too long. If you want to stretch out and push Uncle Jiang Shu from this, it is the most in line with this article. But to be honest, Uncle Jiang Shu’s strength is not bad and his ambition is not small, but when it comes to politics, he is far from being your opponent."
Zhu Mei smiled and sighed, "I don’t know if you are hurting me or praising me?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "The master joked and my brother naturally praised the master’s admiration!"
"Hum! Come on, you haven’t told me who it is after a long time. If you don’t tell me many characteristics, I will recognize you. I really know not to be careless with me. I will never tell the name of that person myself. This euphemism is not for me. "
Yi Yu quickly kowtowed to "Master’s wise brother can’t escape any small measurement from Master’s eyes. In this case, that brother just guesses …"
Zhu Mei heart way "guess? Joke: I’m afraid this little monkey cub has got the exact news early or has inferred something through various clues, but he is still playing Tai Ji Chuan with me here. "Despite this idea, Zhu Mei is completely unaware that he is smiling and waiting for Yi Yu to talk."
Yi Yu said slowly, "No one in the school can have the strength that makes it difficult for the master …"
Zhu Mei suddenly interrupted Yi Yuyan laughed. "Why didn’t you just be one? Now I’m very afraid of your strength. Although I lost my flesh, I’m afraid that few people in heaven are her opponents, killing elves and ghosts. Tang Wan’s strength is becoming more and more mature, and the little fox in green doesn’t know where you came from to fix it, and it’s absolutely possible for me to compete with other people … Oh! By the way, today, a lady named Bao Xiang of tian hu who survived the Armageddon has been added. Today, your strength is really embarrassing! "
Yi Yu smiled and said, "I have some strength when you are a master, but how can we make it difficult for you?"
Zhu Mei laughed. "I also hope that you will always be our good brother."
Yi Yu hurriedly said, "Master, this is something that makes people feel bad. My parents have been in our Qingcheng School since childhood. It is naturally my home, and Master just said that my brother is very strong. I’m afraid Brother Ji Deng may not be able to compete with him after Master’s soaring in the future!" If my brother can learn from you in the future, how can he have any other ideas? "
Zhu Mei was a cold so way "on her what are you implying to me? Don’t you get it? Master but never threatened. "
Yi Yu don’t panic light way "master don’t worry brother is definitely not a hint, not a threat brother is expounded a fact, I’m still young, I can wait until the master to recognize the right time …"
Zhu Mei suddenly laughed. "What if I don’t think you are suitable?"
Yi Yu also laughed. "I’m afraid if my brother said that he would be at ease to assist his senior brother and master, would you believe it?"
Zhu Mei shook his head. "You? ! No way! And Deng Er doesn’t miss you. "