Their achievements in joint military and civilian construction have suddenly been reported by CCTV, local provinces and Taiwan, but they can’t lag behind.

Tan Gu Mengmeng was arranged in the army support hotel.
This is a four-star hotel jointly funded by the military and the land, which is not fully set up and abandoned the luxurious and grandiose decoration of ordinary hotels, and chose a simple atmosphere style, which not only highlights the characteristics of the troops but also blends into the pulse of the times. In addition to receiving leading brothers and troops, the hotel is also open to the public.
Gu Mengmeng looked at this place with appreciation, feeling that people can’t see things with subjective consciousness. She still remembers that when she was on the train, she joked about whether this interview was going to live in a cave in northern Shaanxi.
Every time I arrive at an interview grass-roots unit, the officers are responsible for receiving them, and they are responsible for their daily life, meals and meals. This time, the reception is no exception. It is a captain of the Army Logistics Section.
Looking at the front desk to meet her Tan Jiying, all the officers Gu Mengmeng suddenly understood that the earth is round.
It’s really hard to meet each other in life
Gu Mengmeng is Younger Gu Mengmeng, who is not the same school but the same student.
Gu Mengmeng touched his nose and smiled. He shook hands and said he was my big brother.
Tan Ji laughed and made fun of a few words, so he left Gu Mengmeng Cenjie to sit in the coffee shop on the first floor of the hotel and continue to catch up.
Cen Kai’s name was brilliant in the reconnaissance special warfare major of PLA International Academy.
He doesn’t wear the name of a romantic master sought after by several young people in the 1970s, and his military talent and super fighting ability are praised as a great god. Gu Mengmeng has been in the department of professors for a few years because of his love of photography, and he has been close to his brothers and sisters for several years.
The National Academy claims to be the former Shijiazhuang Army Academy, the cradle of China’s special system. It also claims that by the time of Brother Cen, the Southern Academy of Hokuriku had become the only academy in the army to recruit special warfare commanders. It can be said that all military special warfare officers were here.
After graduation, Brother Cen was sent to foreign special training institutions for intensive training. After graduation, he returned to China and became a color officer in the special forces.
It’s a pity that he later
Brother, how’s your leg? Gu Mengmeng looked at his right leg and asked softly.
Cenkai smiled and said nothing. You see, I’m not still in the army. Chapter 56 Story of Brother Cen.
The more he said that he was smiling, the more he made Gu Mengmeng feel bitter. She knew that the pain that Brother buried in his heart was no less than that of those who suffered from the disaster, because Brother suffered more than the disaster.
His leg had an accident during an execution, and a sharp wooden skewer penetrated his right leg. The doctor rescued him for nearly three days and nights, pulled him back from the line of life and death, and announced the end of his career.
He thought that his faith and passion were destroyed.
Everyone who is familiar with others is better than sorry. A military commander is so handsome, and a young man is so smart that outstanding special warfare players are lost in an accident that should not have happened.
She will always remember.
The senior brother transferred from Beijing Military Region kept it from her fellow brother, Professor Biesi, to teach his mistress.
The seven-foot man held Professor Si in tears and cried like a child, which frightened Gu Mengmeng, because her brothers all knew that they all didn’t like to cry and didn’t give in to fate easily, so they talked to each other, and they were sent to make a heap by Professor Jenny’s joke.
Many times Gu Mengmeng thought
If Brother Cen hadn’t left a message with a broken leg, he or she would have been transferred from Beijing resolutely. It is not impossible that something might have happened to him or her.
Because she knows
There are not many people in this world who make her respect and fear.
And cenkai is embarrassed.
But it counts as one
MengMeng, I’m married, and your sister-in-law gave me a little girl this spring. Brother Cen smiled and looked at the memory. Family treasure is still so pure and delicate.