Oh, leitian is noncommittal

What’s more interesting about you than Luo Xiu? Leitian listened to Gao Yingjie’s inquiry but stayed here. Gao Yingjie Root is like an unsophisticated guy. How can such a thing be said easily?
Come on, come on, I’ll give you the scissors
Leitian this time instead of surprised Gao Yingjie seems to be red thought what you say what you don’t have to play nn calculating.
In this realm of Gao Yingjie, it is not easy to promise that he will exchange the strange scissors for the secret. The scissors belong to Inleitian, knowing that the owner can deprive the enemy of the fairy equipment and even the spirit can’t escape.
I don’t know my predecessors. I can’t tell you all the secrets for you to analyze. For the sake of white, Gao Yingjie wants to talk and interrupt him quickly.
Gao Yingjie looked at leitian smile weird.
For the sake of white, he doesn’t talk because he looks at himself and laughs at what this pervert wants to do.
Chapter two hundred and eleven Heaven God will
Gao Yingjie patted leitian shoulder and said, I think you’re still a virgin and don’t practice Daoism in exchange for a secret, okay?
What, you’ve got Luo Xiu? According to my instructions, the strength of Luo Xiu will be superimposed together. If you two join hands, it’s equivalent to four immortals plus your double strength. None of the false immortals will be your opponents.
A bad answer is a bad answer.
Ga noodles are tender
Compared with the older generation, the younger generation has a delicate face.
You said I was thick-skinned
It’s more than thick. It’s as deep as the earth
Oh, your swearing level is really not a thing. Get out of here. Gao Yingjie will kick the cabin with a foot of anger
Leitian releases the heavy burden. This Gao Yingjie temper is really reassuring.
See white Luo Xiu worry ask ShiShu do?
There’s nothing to talk about. I was rushed here
That’s good. Luo Xiu patted N mouth and breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that Luo Xiu is also wary of this ShiShu for fear that Leitian will be brought down by that ShiShu.
Leitian hesitated for a while. Uncle Luo Xiu said that if our double-cultivation club’s combat power rose to four times.
Luo Xiu’s face turned red. Listen to his nonsense. Most of our double cultivation methods in Qingcheng Mountain are not good things if he teaches you.
Dao Bai’s starting point is to nod Luo Xiu. The achievement method in Qingcheng Din faction is not confidential to her. If Gao Yingjie gives something to himself, it is definitely not Qingcheng Daoism. I don’t want to be seven bad things.
He didn’t see Luo Xiu’s expression from the perspective of Taoism, otherwise.
In fact, couples who tie the knot must double-cultivate. Most of the double-cultivate methods are based on luck and meditation. J, the behavior of ordinary couples has never happened to Luo Xiu, and there is no need to rely on this to promote their strength. Two people have not studied the double-cultivate methods.
Today, Gao Yingjie said that he was motivated by leitian’s idea that he felt that Luo Xiu’s intimacy was too much with his double major. I wonder if Xiaoyu would be very angry.
No matter what Luo Xiu thinks in Leitian’s heart, she took Leitian to the bow to enjoy the scenery. When she came to Leitian’s realm, ordinary penance didn’t help, and all that remained was to wait for the opportunity to prepare for an impact on the immortal realm.
The flying boat with a hundred feet in the sky is not too white, but I know that the flying boat is very safe. Even Jin Xian can’t destroy the flying boat in one fell swoop. It is the Qingcheng Fairy who has no fairy in the flying boat. Leitian feels the power of the fairy yuan but does not release it. Gao Yingjie can absorb the fairy yuan in the flying boat.
After this flying boat fairy is not afraid of losing strength after leaving the blessed land dn.
In the flying boat leitian, even if the mind is solid, there are many feelings.
Luo Xiudao, you’re not nervous. That white yu Jing is the outer mountain of Kunlun. N is far from Kunlun Mountain on the west side of Dingxi River.
Leitian embarrassed smile is worried about encountering light rain and I don’t know where it is.
Kunlun Mountain is incredible, but Kyushu is also a dust to the universe, and we monks are in vain.