She carefully picked up the leaves and said, Mr. Fish, I will hide it and never lose it.

I she sat on the grass and sat on the bodhi tree.
She peeled loquat for me to eat, and when I ate a good one, she peeled one for herself and then peeled another for me.
She said that Mr. Fish grew up here? Very happy.
I said, Shengmei, if only I hadn’t read it when I was twelve years old. I have been reading notes left by my ancestors since I was a child. I should have been living in the mountains, reading the ancient books and painting.
Shengmei said with a straight face that if you don’t go, you won’t find Shengmei’s master. Mr. Fish, you should accept your fate with joy.
My wry smile is that my parents are so cruel that they forced me to find the master of Shengmei.
My parents are in a mountain village, not to mention a scattered folk house. There are more than 20 people living here, and the distance between them is also very far. My home is at the foot of the mountain, and the nearest family lives in the middle of the mountain, which is 500 meters less.
The mountain village hasn’t been connected yet, and it hasn’t come to the water base, which can be isolated from the world to form here.
It was seven o’clock in the evening when my Shengmei arrived, and the afterglow of the sunset sprinkled on the courtyard fence, dragging mottled light and shadow
I pushed the gate into the courtyard and shouted, Mom and Dad, I’m back.
Human response
I walked to the front of the door, and the door was unlocked. I still put a wooden stick across the handle like that. This is not a thief prevention. In fact, there is no concept of stealing here. I do this because I am afraid that dogs and chickens will run into the house and make the house dirty.
I pushed the door and crossed the knee-high threshold into the room.
Shengmei followed me and looked around curiously.
I called several times and finally looked on the second floor, but there was still no one.
Home furnishings are still so familiar.
There are many yellowed calligraphy and paintings hanging on the wall. There are several old rattan chairs in the hall, which will creak when you sit down. The fairy table is still so old and a lot of paint has not been repainted. To the north of the fairy table is a shrine dedicated to ancestors.
There are porcelain vases in the corner of the room, and the faint fragrance of lilies is scattered in the room.
I went back to the main room and saw Shengmei tentatively sitting in a cane chair.
She’s funny like that, just like the first time I saw a wool ball kitten.
I said mom and dad went.
She asked her parents where they had gone.
I said I didn’t know when they would go fishing and when they would go for a walk.
Shengmei said that she should be back soon after walking.
I am depressed to say that you don’t know that they usually walk for more than ten kilometers and usually walk for five hours.
I want to light a cigarette.
Shengmei immediately scolded me for not smoking when I went home.
Is this her home or mine?
I really wanted to ask her this question, but I dared not. Finally, I went to the yard and smoked against the fence door.
An old woman hunched her back and walked past the front yard.
She was wearing a black dress with a towel wrapped around her head. I saluted respectfully before I put out the cigarette. Do you know where my parents went?
My mother-in-law looked at me for a long time before she said, isn’t this a small fish? You’ve grown so big. You were still a doll when I hugged you yesterday.
I said, grandma, where are you going? I’ll help you.
My mother-in-law says I’m going home. It’s just ahead. You don’t have to send me.
I asked my mother-in-law where my parents went. Do you know?
My mother-in-law said she went to the mountains. It was too hot to go to the mountains.
I said, mother-in-law, wait a moment.
I went back to the car and packed a bunch of loquat mother-in-law. Take the loquat back to coax Xiao Sun Sun.
Mother-in-law smiled and her face was wrinkled, and her grandchildren were all in the provincial capital, and all the departments and villagers went to the city.