What pressure do you feel? People feel breathless and stressed? Aunt, you are also a magician. You feel one of the magic elements. Oh, Kathleen, let go of her spirit and feel the magic element in the air as usual meditation. Just now, the magic element has established a huge connection to resist depression. The magic element is usually very silent and has no vitality. This feeling is that people feel like being overwhelmed by a mountain.

How about aunt? I felt something was wrong. Why did this happen? I don’t know if Ji Na just said that miracle. Will he go and see my aunt and nephews coming to my residence in the courtyard? Before I arrived at the hospital gate, I saw Airy four people guarding the door with many orcs, and all kinds of Warcraft came to surround my residence and saw two people coming. Airy four people greeted me.
Miss Cojna, Miss Kathleen, you haven’t rested so late. What’s the matter? Well, I just heard Ji Na say that Mr. Leech is here. Come and have a look. By the way, have you seen Ji Na? Ji Na flew into the young master’s room, but we can’t let you into the young master’s room to talk about the young master’s affairs. You can rest assured that there is nothing that the young master may fall asleep again. You should have heard the story of the young master. Our young master will fall asleep from time to time. I think he will fall asleep again.
What about Ji Na? If she can fly in, she can fly in. It won’t matter. You’d better go to rest.
When will Mr. Richie wake up
It’s hard to say this, but the young master said he wouldn’t fall asleep after this time. I don’t think he should wake up soon in a few days. Don’t worry about going back to rest. We have to guard the young master. My aunt and nephew can’t go back to their rooms in half.
How’s Ji Na? I don’t know if you can connect with Ji Na. I can’t feel her when I entered that hospital from Ji Na. How can this happen? I don’t know what we should do, young aunt. We can wait for Ji Na to come, waiting for our aunts and nephews.
In the course of enlightenment, I relived my past life of more than 10,000 years’ cultivation. At that time, my teachers and nephews were my friends in the world, and their images were so clear and slowly they disappeared. These were all my past feelings, not this life, and I was fair. No one can go back to the past, even Luo Jinxian. Those feelings are not in this life, but I am not in my past life. Those are my experiences, which can not replace this life’s feelings. I live in this life with my past feelings. Is that reincarnation today? My true self is ten years old, and my 10,000-year-old memories flash in my mind and then disappear. They are not forgotten by me, but I look at them from the third person’s point of view. They are the same as my experience and knowledge. They can bring reference to my future life instead of influencing my life, while all kinds of knowledge in previous lives float in my mind more clearly, and even some forgotten things are remembered.
Ten thousand years of life flashed in my mind one after another and finally stayed when I opened my eyes for the first time in this world. I really finished my reincarnation now. At the same time when I opened my eyes, Yuan Ying also stopped absorbing the vitality of heaven and earth. I was frightened by my exercise. No wonder it is said that enlightenment is a rare opportunity to cultivate truth. This time, I have entered a distracted period from Yuan Ying and crossed two realms in a row. At this rate, I will definitely go to Du Jie. This is too fast, but I think it will take four years anyway. I have a greater grasp of meeting the two families of ghosts and gods.
I must have been interrupted by a sound when I got up. I followed the sound. I looked down and saw that little guy Ji Na was stretching. She was in my leg, but what surprised me was that when I saw her before, she had two wings. Now she has four wings. I reached out and lifted the little guy from my leg. I said to her, Ji Na, why aren’t you in Cojna? The little guy struggled as soon as he was caught. He stopped struggling as soon as he heard my voice. After listening to my question, he said to let me go first.
Ji Na flapped her wings to fly to my face, and just flapped two times, she screamed. Don’t look at her body’s small voice, but it was not a small sharp sound. Everyone heard it. At this moment, the door slammed and rushed into a group of people, led by Airy, followed by Cojna Kathleen and Wells. Angry than seeing Ji Na, another scream came from the crowd, but this time the scream was Cojna. I quickly shouted to stop. Don’t call anything. When I picked it up, I said before.
Everyone went back to the front living room and left me to wash and comb in my room. Ji Na was taken away by Cojna. After washing and grooming, I also came to the living room. Everyone was in Airy. Four Cojna Kathleen Wells were all in the living room. After I sat down, everyone asked me something. I haven’t been white yet. Ask me who I asked, so I said yes. Let me say first. I face Cojna because Ji Na is on her shoulder.
Ji Na, what are you going to do at my place? You suddenly have two wings. When you heard me ask her, Ji Na immediately flew from Cojna’s shoulder to show off and flew a few laps in front of me. Then she said to me, Richie, let’s have a look. I’m a big elf now. I dare say that I am the youngest big elf in the history of elves. It usually takes more than a hundred years for us elves to become big elves. I’m good at it. I can’t say with a wry smile that Ji Na is the best. You still tell me how you came to my place and associated with the rapid growth of Yuanying. I vaguely know what Jina will have two wings. Ji Na has evolved that huge vitality, but my two realms are an elf evolution, and it should be natural. I don’t know how he got to me.
I suddenly felt that the magical elements in your place were very chaotic when I ate the water you gave me, so I went to have a look, because I never felt this kind of chaos. I heard the elders say that the magical elements can produce chaos, which requires strong power and less god power. Of course, I will go and have a look, but when I arrived, I didn’t feel that the magical elements were chaotic, but I felt depressed and felt a strong pressure. At this time, I felt that it was your body that I felt so comfortable and wanted to sleep, so I fell asleep in your leg, and I became a big elf. Great!
Ji Na, am I not good to you? Why do you always want to go back to the fairy country? Cojna asked
You are very kind to me, but I am so lonely alone. I really want to live in Elf Country. So many partners are so lively. Now I am an Elf. You are borrowing my strength, and you will be addicted to it. Because you can’t control this powerful magic, we must go back to Elf Country and find Elf King to terminate our contract, otherwise we will both be in danger.
I know I hate to part with you, Cojna said.
It’s not like I’m leaving without a horse. It’s almost winter now. It’s not possible to leave now. You can’t lend me strength at this time, and I’m not hiding in your body. The elf can take it outside, Ji Na said
Miss Cojna, since this incident is caused by me, we Hidden Dragon Merchants will be responsible for protecting your safety until you find a new contract elf. What do you think? How dare I say this to Cojna? Kathleen said at one side, after all, it’s because of me that Ji Na is like this. Although it’s a good thing for Jina, it’s not for Cojna. We are responsible for the situation. I also want to visit the elf town and take care of each other.
I told Ji Na again that I’m going to Ji Na to meet you in Elf Town. Really? You’re going to our Elf Town. Great. When you come back with me, I’ll take you to eat the best food in our Elf Town. Ji Na said to me, I smiled and shook my head. This elf is really naive. That’s why I made her feel a little like my own child.
I turned to ask Airy, I slept for a few more days, and the young master has been there for three days. So what happened to the investment promotion meeting? I, Mr. Wells, informed all the businessmen that it was postponed because the young master had a little physical problem. I turned to Wells, angry and angry, and thanked them both. Wells said that it was very kind of you, and we were not in love for two days. If you feel embarrassed, just give us more sales. Anger is fatter than that, and the interface said yes, yes.
It’s no good selling more to you, or my investment promotion meeting will become a joke, but the number of merchants can be enlarged for you. You’re so stingy. Wells said that you don’t pretend to be pitiful and enlarge it for you, so you can steal to laugh. You’re complaining about nothing. Don’t, don’t, we won’t talk about it. Fat anger is even more important than pulling. Wells muttered to each other.
Mr. Richie, since we are talking about business, we should also have a good talk. Our purple rose merchant is the largest merchant in the empire, and we sincerely miss your business. Do you think we can have a good talk?
Well, this is another way for me to accompany Miss Cojna. I will give you a new glass empire for sale, but you should strive for it in other places by strength. I want my products to spread all over the continent. In the future, we will cooperate in many fields, and the China Merchants Association will recruit specific matters. I will announce the conditions at the meeting and we will talk about it after the meeting.
Well, Kathleen had to promise, but she was so happy that she got the sales of the new empire. It’s amazing that Wells was angry and sour. When it comes to Gong Kathleen, she got the glass sales so quickly. We have been grinding for a long time, but Lichee didn’t give it to us. Kathleen gave me a look. Did it mean Mr. Lichee?
No, it’s cheaper to tell the truth. Did you two suffer? Otherwise, you can’t change with Miss Kathleen. Wells and the two of them quickly talked and gossiped for a while, and everyone dispersed. I have to prepare for the China Merchants Association. I can’t finish my work every day. It’s necessary to catch a big head like this. When will it be a head?
The China Merchants Association invited me the next day. It is very simple to expand the sales scope of our business and their sales channels. This is a matter of mutual benefit, and my product is in a monopoly position. I don’t think anyone will take the same product for ten years. What I want to do is to push my product to a big place according to these business capabilities. I want to confirm my conditions.
At the meeting, there were more than 30 merchants, big and small, in the empire, and the tender was invited except for other empires. After hearing my speech, the factory was silent first, and then there was a noise. The merchants present had long been angry with Wells than being able to sell my products. Because in the past ten years, two people have earned money. This is not the ability of two people for generations, but two people have found the color merchants. Now these people have the same opportunity. Can these people not be excited?
My condition is very simple. Because of the monopoly of our business, I mainly consider different business areas. Most of these businesses have a long business history and their own business areas. This is what I need. I am an exclusive business. Every business is selling in every country. Everyone here knows what this situation is. That is to say, they have touched the edge of Jinshan. Of course, I still have some restrictions on the highest selling price. Because I ask for a trademark, it is my hidden business problem, which has an impact on my business reputation. I have made all these considerations.
For the next ten days, I was so busy that all the merchants, big and small, tried their best to win the sales. Even on weekdays, they looked down on the orcs. All the merchants bribed the orcs around me so much that Airy hid in my living room at dawn. These people were so amazing that no matter where they went, they could be found by these people. When I did announce that the bribe had lost its bid, these people stopped, but they soon found a countermeasure. In this town, small businesses merged to form a big group. Wells was angry and fought against the purple rose merchants to win the sales. Ten days have finally ended, and the first tender meeting of Hidden Dragon Merchants has finished. Pick me up and give it to Airy, who is the person in charge of my booking. He has never done it before, and he can’t take his time. No one can do one thing naturally. But Airy has been in charge of the villa for years, and I have worked very hard. I will tell you in detail that he can do a good job and get it right. He can have a discussion.
Purple rose merchants also got several sales. Of course, I promised imperial glass sales, and they chose to sell glass jewelry because their jewelry sales and business projects were all spar gold and silver. They also got glass jewelry sales in other empires, which always made a big profit. These days, I was fine, so I talked and laughed with Ji Na, so I got to know that Kathleen was Cojna’s sister-in-law, Cojna’s mother was the eldest son of a purple rose merchant, and her father was an imperial noble family brother. Two people, Cojna’s daughter, Cojna’s mother, were hidden behind the scenes and pushed her daughter to the front desk early
This time, it was also Cojna who made the decision to attend the China Merchants Association. Cojna felt even more so these days. The Emperor and his countrymen all said that this man was a magical boy, but only through contacting her these days did he know that the real person was more magical than saying that he had seen magical things these days. It was even more amazing that this boy felt as if he could not just find a chamber of commerce here, which was not surprising. She already knew that the first merchant in the empire would no longer be a purple rose merchant in a year or two, and he could see the huge development potential of the hidden dragon merchant. Now, Ji Na is so good that he is jealous of himself. This is really a magical boy.
The negotiation on the details was quickly completed. Airy, the foreman of the villa has not done these details in vain in recent years. I am still very good at it. I am an old man. When the details department finished talking about the details for more than a month, I also took this opportunity to determine several companies to expand the production of materials such as long lamps, spar and so on. Otherwise, the big and small businesses have left Songfengling Town, and the purple rose merchants are also preparing to leave me. According to my previous promise, a small team of 100 people have been transferred from the villa. Orcs come to escort Cojna and others back to the Imperial City. The headquarters of Purple Rose Merchants is not in the Imperial City. However, due to the large number of business people in the Imperial City and Cojna’s father who is from the Imperial City and some friends in the Imperial City, I can just send them to the Imperial City. According to Kathleen Cojna, I can’t find them with enough people in my firm. They are still sitting under my escort. I sent a four-wheeled car to Cojna, leaving Songfengling Town and returning to peace.
Just after the purple rose merchant left Songfengling town every few days, a group of old men returned to Songfengling. This group of people is not the four goddesses, but also my eldest brother. Speaking of it, I haven’t seen my eldest brother for more than two years. Seeing my eldest brother again gave me a new feeling and a mature feeling. After staying in Songfengling for one night, everyone set off for Fenglin town. I also returned to the town territory with a large group of people and brought a dozen orcs to Cook Airy.
The town is still so peaceful. People live a quiet day. People here are kind and simple. This may also be because the old man has lived here for more than ten years. No one in the town knows that I have become an imperial aristocrat and acquired territory. Few people know that I have graduated from Fengzhou Magic Martial Arts School. In their impression, I am still that strange child.
Mother and father were very happy to see the eldest brother back home, but it was very late. The family of four women and the old man’s mother-in-law, Dai Li, celebrated together. After a meal, the eldest brother talked about his affairs. After the war, they all returned to the imperial city. Of course, it is the law to die. The emperor rewarded these people and asked them to continue to live in this war. All the people in the empire will not give up these talents. When the graduation ceremony of the eldest brother and others is over, the emperor will issue a will. These elites have a rest for the first time in winter. After the second year of the sun’s birthday, they have been arranged to report to various armies, but these people do not include the eldest brother and several of his best friends. These people are all big brothers and they are desperately rescued on the battlefield. According to the eldest brother, my snow jade cream has also done a lot, otherwise he will not survive without two friends. Otherwise, he will save more of his own.
War is cruel, which means that one will become famous. That’s the way. I know that the big brother’s friends are not guarded by the imperial army. It seems that the imperial army still doesn’t trust me. I don’t care if you don’t care. My big brother can be with me, but I’m relieved that there are fewer big brothers in my territory. Now that human beings are in the majority, it is unacceptable for the orcs to occupy the highest military leadership. It will be a problem if it takes a long time. I know how loyal the orcs are to me, but it is not so good to control evil. First, he is my own eldest brother, the supreme commander of the army. No one will say that this method is the most common in this era, but no one will say that my second eldest brother knows my position in the eyes of orcs. He is also familiar with these orcs, and at least four of them are familiar with arranging things to facilitate the third eldest brother. Although this experience has just come, it can be said that it is timely, but I don’t want to talk to my eldest brother here.
The old man’s eldest brother also said something about the imperial city. Eldest brother already knew that I became an imperial count in Songfengling Town, and I told him the details. Eldest brother said that I had left nonsense to transport food and easily exchanged it for the title territory. That’s 300 million kilograms of food, which can flood a small town in Fenglin. Is it easy for me? When I got home, my eldest brother was not talking about it. I took this opportunity to talk to my mother about something I want you to say.
Just say what you want, mother said
I’m going to travel far away after the birthday of the sun.
Go there. Go to Elf Country.
Ah what
People in the house were amazed, and my mother said to me, do you know how to get to Fairyland? No.
Then how do you go? Mother asked.
My friend, an elf, is her elf. I’ll go. We have an appointment. After the birthday of the sun, I’ll go to meet her first and then go to the elf town together, I said