Ye Xueyue trembled slightly after SiTuHao’s right hand swam gently, and her breathing became heavier and heavier.

Two people gradually entered a good situation.
Situhao’s left hand also swam quickly, and his hands touched the string of pink Chinese-style chest covering.
Hands wandering at the same time, he has solved her Chinese-style chest covering in his mind.
Situhao is not in a hurry to take off Ye Xueyue Chinese-style chest covering.
He is a very reliable person, Ye Xueyue, although she has already reacted to his teasing at this time, she is not completely immersed in it.
He’s going to continue a series of actions on her body now, and then he’ll take off her defense when she’s drawing.
You can’t eat hot tofu. Situhao is quite white.
When Situhao’s hands swam forward after Ye Xue moonlight was clean, soft and tender, his head gently fell on her sweet shoulder and his lips gently kissed her pink neck.
Mouth gently swam slowly to her earlobe, lips gently bit her earlobe, and from time to time stick out your tongue and lick it gently.
Ye Xueyue’s breathing is getting heavier and heavier. At this time, she has slightly closed her eyes and enjoyed the wonderful feeling that Situhao brought to her.
Lips kissed in his ear for a while. Situhao gently moved his head and his lips swept her jade-like cheek and kissed her lips.
Ye Xueyue obviously doesn’t understand this aspect at the beginning of her experience. At this time, Situhao’s lips are printed on her lips, and she is still tightly closed with rosy lips and eyes tightly closed, enjoying the extreme stimulation that Situhao has brought her.
Situhao is no longer the rookie of the year, but he is quite familiar with such things. However, due to his bad life, he met two father-in-law Gong Sunrelin, who had less than ten times of Zhuge Qinglan’s love. These two Xiao Ni were forcibly taken away by those two damn father-in-laws, and he almost died at the hands of these two father-in-laws.
Yu Mu Ling is even more wronged. He is a master who can see but can’t move. He can have a dry addiction every time.
Counting up, Situ Hao has been in love with women for less than ten times.
If Ye Xueyue can be overthrown, he will change his fate from now on, and his fate will come at any time.
After all, Ye Xueyue’s dad has been killed by him, and no one can take care of him again.
Pushing down Ye Xueyue’s sexual life is thus.
See Ye Xueyue SiTuHao experienced closed lips, he immediately reached his tongue and gently licked his closed lips. Chapter 5 Suffering 5 More.
Situhao’s heart is really angry. He wants to curse, but he is cuter than Xiao Liuli when he comes to disturb him. He can’t bear to scold her even in his heart.
Situhao flashed into the hall and turned into a flying insect. He didn’t leave.
He wants to see coloured glaze this xiao ni crying in the middle of the night to Ye Xueyue here exactly.
Boo-hoo, sister. Boo-hoo door.
Coloured glaze cried and knocked at the door while shouting to listen to her voice. It was really sad to cry.
Ye Xueyue was earnestly wearing pajamas in the bedroom at this time. Situhao looked at Ye Xueyue through the gate and saw her because she was too big to move when she was wearing clothes. Her chest stood round and bimodal, and she couldn’t help jumping in the middle. His fire burned again.
Didn’t coloured glaze this xiao ni cross to kill him at this time has been in this pair of extreme charming body movement.
Thought of here SiTuHao couldn’t help dark scold yourself again.
In fact, Ye Xueyue has already reached a state of law-drawing, and he can act early. At this time, he must have broken her. Now he hates himself for doing so many things.