With the increasingly fierce confrontation between the two forces of the body and the meridians, Yuan Ye’s meridians turned out to be overwhelmed and burst. This Yuan Ye suddenly became frightened and the meridians burst. This is equivalent to abolishing self-cultivation. Although it is now bursting a small meridian, the first one will be the second.
Mom, I told you that so many people’s common sense died, and I don’t live in Shuai Neng. My heart flashed with regret. Yuan Ye quickly fought back the terrible pain and controlled the green wood spirit energy to surround the purple statue soul energy and tried to move it out of the body again. However, this move seems to be futile, because the two spirits can seem to carry no one, but Yuan Ye can’t even pull the weak purple soul energy to the end, which is even more helpless to the powerful black heart soul. Therefore, although Yuan Ye tries his best to press around, it can make the fight worse and the energy is more and more terrible.
This time it’s really going to be over. I fucking finally practiced the dead mind and watched Wan’s body explode. Slowly, I felt a sense of weakness and a sense of fatigue quietly spread all over Yuan Yexin.
The two spirits can root out whether their master lives or dies, and they will not consider Yuan Ye’s feelings. Knowing that the opposite side is their sworn enemy, they must completely destroy him.
As time goes by, Yuan Ye’s situation becomes more and more miserable, because with the two souls attacking each other, it won’t be long before he gives a face with all his muscles and tendons broken, that is, he will be completely abolished and will be a dead end if he doesn’t give a face. At the moment, Yuan Ye looks like a skinned person at first glance, but as more and more muscles and tendons burst, the hot blood will rush, and in a flash, Yuan Ye will be contaminated into a blood person.
The appearance of Yuan Ye’s body is terrible, and the meridians are dry and twisted, and the plastic pipes are burned by flames. All kinds of organs are also severely deformed in vitro. This miserable situation directly leads Yuan Ye to be in a state of imminent death and serious injury, and a trace of chaotic consciousness is slowly drifting in the body at any time, and once this silk consciousness disappears, he can be declared dead.
Similarly, when Yuan Ye dies, two souls can lose their golden spirit, just like other souls can get along peacefully. It is the most terrible thing that souls can support themselves in martial arts. Without martial arts, they will not attack each other. Otherwise, so many souls in Red Soul Mountain can’t fight the sky.
Seems to feel that the fight is coming to an end, and the black Xin soul is also slightly excited, and the golden quarrelling firmly occupies Yuan Yezhu’s meridians, the golden awn, and the green light on the opposite side will be constantly oppressed.
It’s really humbled to die like this. The consciousness is getting thinner and thinner, which makes Yuan Ye still step into a world full of darkness. It’s extremely weak and mumbling. With that last consciousness, it quietly dissipates. At the moment when Yuan Ye’s consciousness steps into darkness, the purple soul energy is also squeezed to the limit, and finally it seems that he has exhausted his last breath and was forced to retreat.
At the moment when the purple soul can recede, the black soul seems to be greatly encouraged, and the sudden change is also to make Yuan Ye’s meridians, bones, blood and muscles continue to shrink again. However, when the purple soul can completely retreat from the golden spirit and the surrounding area is completely surrounded by green spirit energy, the black soul finally wins and is no longer driven to death. The strangeness reappears.
Wood spirit can help to grow stronger in purple. The core strength of wood spirit is vitality, which constantly repairs Yuan Ye’s injuries.
I have just experienced the great destruction of life and death, and now I am born again. This repetitive cycle is endless. The new life produces severe pain, which is almost unbearable. Fortunately, at this moment, Yuan Ye has entered a state of suspended animation due to frequent death, so he doesn’t feel any inhuman pain, otherwise he may be tortured into a madness by this severe pain.
Destruction, rebirth and transformation
This transformation may be a narrow escape, but there is no doubt that once born, it will be like phoenix nirvana, and it will definitely be reborn
I don’t know how long it will take for all the dark and chaotic worlds to regain consciousness. I’m still alive in the moment when I wake up. A tiny murmur quietly sounded in this dark world, and then a sudden sharp delay in the dark world, and then a sharp pain once again woke up the master of the sound, which made him slowly open his eyes.
In the strong black light, weak purple light, Yuan Ye’s fingers suddenly trembled and his eyes suddenly opened.
Open your eyes again, and Yuan Ye will see the spirit beast sitting motionless in a plate. Obviously, the spirit beast has changed and Yuan Ye has been guarding it.
Difficult smile to the soul beast Yuan Ye immediately looked down at his body in a daze, and there was no damage to his five fingers, and he slowly grasped a force that had not been enriched before.
In addition to unwarranted great pain, others turned out to be several times better than their peak. Yuan Ye immediately closed his eyes again and instantly saw things clearly.
That before losing consciousness has become distorted burst a lot of meridians at the moment of their glittering and translucent get rid of spacious pipeline in the body with a light Chu Guang although nothing moved, but he can clearly feel this body the meridians to compare whether toughness or degrees are a leap to shed Chapter DiYiJiuSi king strength.
It’s not that there is no weakness in the body, but this body is almost different before it loses consciousness. He is thinking that this wielding combat power alone will be more powerful and scary than before and after quarrelling.
By the way, the two souls of Zunjing can move their hearts violently and walk instantly. Now Jin’s spirit is still cultivated to the peak after the abdomen. It seems that there is no change before the black Xin’s soul or the black Xin’s soul, but Yuan Ye is instantly dull when he sees Mu’s spirit.
Wood spirit has made such great progress that it is not far from the peak. Yuan Ye is more surprised than his own wood spirit, that is, he has just cultivated for three turns, that is, he has just broken through a few months, and wood spirit has almost cultivated to the peak. Yuan Yexiu also climbed all the way to the boundary point of the three turns of wood spirit, and I am afraid he reached the three turns when he didn’t know it, and the purple soul energy was also quietly suspended in this huge green energy.
It seems that the purple statue of the soul can be much weaker. Yuan Ye feels that the statue of the soul can be almost negligible now, but a very small one hundred souls can be limited. The ordinary statue of the soul can disappear once and for all, but Yuan Ye does not know that if it is not for the purple statue of the soul, it will not shrink back, even if it is later, it will already be dead.
I’ll try again. Although I’m immortal after one attempt, I’ve transformed myself. Yuan Ye is more powerful. This time, I’m bold enough to control the purple soul to enter the golden spirit area again.
We have just entered Heixin Soul to attack again, and at the same time, our meridians have been damaged again. This time, the purple Zunjing Soul Energy root has no resistance at all, and immediately it is back. It is already too weak.
At the same time, a green energy from the wood spirit will repair the damaged meridians once again.
Come, I feel reborn as a wooden spirit. It seems that these two souls can contact with one kind of energy at the same time, so that the black Xin soul can be in the golden spirit, and this purple soul can be in the wooden spirit. It will be fine. Yuan Ye suddenly turned white and looked forward to the first time in history to have two souls at the same time. How powerful will that be?
Take a long breath, Yuan Ye slowly spread his palm, and then suddenly hold it with his hand. Before Yuan Ye, there was a sudden fluctuation, and a group of golden green energy emerged strangely and finally suspended in his palm.
Dark eyes flashing strange light Yuan Ye shoulders a quiver soon the palm energy along the strange strange shot.
The mountains of Warcraft suddenly burst into a landslide, and a huge stone was shattered and blasted several meters deep. A pit in the mountains of Warcraft was filled with birds and animals.
Strong and casual blow, so his face was slightly absent. The sun shone on that mature and delicate face, and soon a radian spread quietly from his mouth. He knew very well what the power of this blow meant, which meant that he Yuan Ye also had a strong power beyond the king’s level from then on.
King level This is the highest peak of the first floor of the Wan Zun Star. In an ancient domain, the big six is not counted, and he is also a six-level master. Of course, this refers to human beings, and the first floor of Wan Zun Star is four big six, which is a little more than twenty.
The king level is the ultimate symbol. Before he faced the official Honglie, he might have escaped more than he wanted to escape. But now his strength is soaring. Although he may not be able to fight against the official Honglie of the King Cup, he has tried his best to protect himself. Even if the King Cup is terrible, it is no longer possible to kill him as easily as before.
And this is the gap between the ranks of the king and the rank of the king. Only when the eye reaches the rank of the king can it be said that it dominates everything.
The Big Six Big Three in Ancient China, Xiaoyao Mountain, Qingjian Sect and Thousand Lakes Island all need a king-level expert to sit in the town. Without a king-level expert, you don’t deserve a giant at all.
The only thing that disappoints Yuan Ye is that in the end, the purple soul of Heixin Soul still fails to blend and coexist, which means that he can display the strongest state of Jin Jianyuan, nine swords, but the strongest state of Jin Muxun, and it is impossible to combine them to produce the ultimate trick.
It is a pity that it is very difficult for Yuan Ye to master the second kill of the King’s Cup.
Alas, even the seven spirits of heaven and earth said that their strength needed the assistance of their souls, but they didn’t dare to say that they should be integrated with their energy. Now I want to integrate the golden spirits and wooden spirits, which are some bold ideas, but I will never give up a certain way. Yuan Ye’s eyes are shining with unyielding light. He knows that copying the snow-fighting skill may make him a great statue, even a great one, but it is impossible to reach the height of the Buddha in years or years.
Tian Zun said that if you want to be strong, you must go your own way. It must take years for Tian Zun to practice. He has changed his practice according to his teacher’s skill. Tian Zun has created his own strength. Yuan Ye is doomed to become strong when he has no way.
Yuan Ye is a man who wants to be a Buddha.
At this time, the spirit beast bobbed and walked over, but the spirit beast looked at Yuan Ye with different eyes. It felt that Yuan Ye’s strength had soared to a new height in just a few hours, although it might not be strong. He was already at his level.
Hehe, Brother Soul Beast, dude, I’m lucky this time. Let’s go into the core of the Mountain of Warcraft to find the red stone in the third prison. There should be no problem, right? Yuan Yexin smiled at the Soul Beast.
Roar roar soul beast is a series of growls Yuan Ye also don’t know what he said is a wave.
Let’s go, man. Find the third prison, refine the stone, refine the weapons, and find the official Honglie to drink tea. Chapter 195 Duguyue
In the evening, Yuan Ye’s soul beast went directly into the depths of the Mountain of Warcraft.