Su Changqing was shocked by Gu Mengmeng’s ability to guess Conway’s movements. On the one hand, he urgently gave instructions to Conway, which was still stranded in the rear. On the other hand, he comforted the chief and didn’t worry too much.

In a moment, Gu Quntang received a position report.
The location is actually in the dormitory building of the military logistics department.
Conway rushed to the unit road in a hurry after receiving the instruction. He sent a message to his familiar comrade-in-arms and asked him to go to his dormitory to see his wife now. His comrade-in-arms were surprised and said, Gu Ji? She just said that she would take something to your dormitory. Director Kang, are you looking for her?
Chen, I order you to go to the dormitory at once and play for a second, and don’t delay wearing a black suit and being cold and anxious.
Officer Chen was shocked by his tone and hurriedly agreed to run away.
I don’t know how many red lights Conway ran here. Finally, I wished I could fly to the place with my wings. Finally, I saw the office building of the logistics department approaching.
A white ambulance played the flute, and he entered the hospital almost at the same time.
He rushed to the dormitory before the ambulance.
The dormitory is on the third floor, and the window is big. Without thinking, he jumped directly and climbed quickly along the outer wall to the window.
The doctors who rushed to the big army behind them exclaimed when they saw such a thrilling scene.
Mao Mao Mao Mao Chen officer still outside anxiously hit the door, but he saw the window quietly lying MengMeng Chapter three hundred and twenty Hope arrival.
Help her, help her, doctor, please. The pain seems to be rising in his chest, making it difficult for him to breathe.
The doctor looked at him with a straight face and said, I’m sorry. We did our best.
Watching the nurse slowly cover his beloved MengMeng with a snow-white sheet, there was a deep wail in his throat.
No, MengMeng, no.
Teng Diyi suddenly woke up from a nightmare and sat up.
Like a doctor’s office, he was lying in a mirror opposite a long white sheet bed, and his face was almost distorted clearly.
A needle nurse looked at him in horror and didn’t know what to say.
He Huo Ran jumped out of bed and asked me why I was here.
The nurse said in a trembling voice that Dr. Qin wanted them to help you to rest here. When she saw him frowning his eyebrows tightly, she quickly added, Oh, the doctor said that you are all right, and it was overstimulation and fatigue that caused dizziness.
What about my wife? Now she remembers the thrilling scene before, and with the tragic scene in her dream, her heart is hanging high again.
The nurse looked a little loose and said she was fine and had been transferred to the gynecological ward.
Conway’s big ash couldn’t help but stop. After learning that Gu Mengmeng was hindered, he was dizzy because of his sudden relaxation. What happened in this period?
He tried to keep the tune unchanged and asked the nurse if she was diagnosed with gynecological diseases. What should she transfer there?
The nurse looked at him with a little surprise and said, don’t you know that your lover is pregnant for months?
What? Say it again. His eyes suddenly became bull’s-eye.
The nurse was not afraid of him just now, and she trembled all over again.
Your lover, she is pregnant.
Ow, he didn’t wait for her to finish again and let out a howl and ran to the ward.